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Description 1 x $50, 1 x $30, 1 x $20 PayPal Credit or Gift Card + T-Shirt
No. of Prizes 3
Total Prize Pool $100.00

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Mother's Day is Sunday, May 13.

We've setup a Mother's Day page which lists any Mother's Day related deals however if you're like me and find it difficult to buy for your mum, then you need all of the help you can get.

What are you getting/doing for your mum this Mother's Day OR if you are a mum, what would you like to get from your kids on Mother's Day?

  • Moderators will judge all entries and select the 3 best entries.
  • Each user/person can only win 1 prize (e.g. 1st, 2nd or 3rd).
  • Submit as many entries as you like.
  • Entries need to be a comment on this page.
  • Entry is only open to Australian residents.
  • 1x $50 gift voucher + OzBargain t-shirt (Coles, Wish, JB Hi-Fi, Paypal etc) (Best Entry)
  • 1x $30 gift voucher + OzBargain t-shirt (Coles, Wish, JB Hi-Fi, Paypal etc) (2nd Best Entry)
  • 1x $20 gift voucher + OzBargain t-shirt (Coles, Wish, JB Hi-Fi, Paypal etc) (3rd Best Entry)

Winners are:

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  • -2

    All those free Zapals things are finally going to use. Wonder how that kazoo will sound.

  • -2

    Wait, do we count as associated since we have a stake in the store staying up (eg we "lose" money)?

  • -2

    "Entries need to be a comment on this page."

    This page or the Mothers day page?

    OK this page :-)

  • -1

    I'm taking my mummy skydiving. She just doesn't know it yet.

  • My mum had to leave me and my sister and dad over a year ago, to go to Japan to look after my grandma. So I won't be able to spend time with her this mothers day. To make up for it I plan on sending her a few bottles of her favourite Australian wine, and facetiming her on the TV with my family so we can have a meal as a family again :)

  • She recently broke her elbow (shattered it) and I am moving out that weekend, so she gets to be the lucky one out of the whole family that does not have to help move things, she will be in charge of answering the door for deliveries!

  • I’m surprising my mother’s with getting her ring fixed by the jeweler which hold irreplaceable sentimental value to her.

  • What I want is presence rather than presents. Hubby inevitably buys things on behalf of Miss 8 that are way off the mark, whilst I appreciate the effort, I would rather he go and see his mother (meaning I don't have to) and leave me with my little one

  • As the mum of 2 beautiful, but needy preschoolers, I'd love a sleep in followed by brunch.

  • +1

    My mum has spent most of her life caring for others; my brother and I as a single parent, her mother until she passed away, and now in her pre-retirement years cares for people as part of her job. Caring is in her nature, and remarkably she never complains or expects anything in return.

    So we've decided this Mother's Day in particular, we're going to care for my mother. She will not have to worry about the grocery shopping for the week as we will fill her fridge and pantry. She will not have to worry about her car being low in fuel, as we will fill her tank. She will not have to worry about the house being a mess as we will clean it for her. She will not have to worry, and instead can focus on herself for once when we treat her to a relaxing day at the day spa, movies and then dinner with her family and loved ones who admire, love and respect her so much.

  • All I want for Mothers Day is cuddles with my 10 day old & toddler :-D

  • I'll be away from my mum this Mother's day also! I wish to pass my rest of the life with my mum. If I had the option to ask anything from God, I'll ask her longevity! Happy Mothers Day Mum. Your son is adult enough to stay alone, but can't live! I will talk with my mum over a video call whole day on this Mothers day, and for this reason, I am taking a complete day off from all my daily activities.

  • +2

    By my calculations:

    I lived at home until I was 25

    That's a total of 9,125 days

    My mum cooked an average of 2 meals a day for me

    That's a total of 18,250 lovingly prepared and always delicious meals

    And she has never, ever asked for anything in return

    So the least I can do for my mum this Mother's Day is make her a homemade feast, and put as much love and effort into it as she did for me!

  • +2

    im giving my mum "love"

  • We make sure Mum gets a bargain mother's day, because we don't do a once-a-year deal!
    They may be small gifts sometimes or cooking her an old favourite of a meal, but its the little, frequent things we believe count.
    By the way, if she doesn't want the OzBargain tee, I'll wear it happily!

  • I will be making my Mum breakfast in bed. The surprise is the best part when I rock into the bedroom with the tray prepared with freshly squeezed orange juice, vegemite toast soldiers, scrambled eggs and crispy bacon. All topped off with clean dishes in the kitchen when she finally eats through all of that!

  • Taking my mother out for the day, the choice of activities will be her say, dining, movie, pokie play, we’ll spoil my Mum her way!

  • I will be giving my Mum a surprise visit on Mother's Day, she thinks I will be on holidays but I am going to knock on the door first thing in the morning with her beautiful granddaughter and her favourite son (me) so we can spoil her for the whole day

  • +1

    Mother passed away in February but I still like to plant a Rose garden in memory of her. She was a good mother till dementia changed her to something evil but I like to remember her as she was when young. Pink Roses are her favourite.

  • My Mom is going to drag me to church on a Sunday and I’m going to scroll through ozbargain and yell Amen! If I find some good deals. Nothing beats embarrassing my mom.

  • Nothing, but the time we have together making brunch. I will bare her judging asian eyes, and she my less than stellar profession. We never were the most emotional of families.

  • My partner and I decided to do two things this year. Firstly we got her a Pandora charm because she just got a bracelet. We also organised to take her on a picnic with my dad, my brother and his girlfriend so that the whole family is together again. Since we just moved interstate (SA -> VIC) it will be the first time since we have hung out as a family like this so she should really appreciate it!

  • I got my mum tickets to mumma mia in Perth. $100 spent well, Fast food doesn't pay well (especially when young) but my parents have done more for me then a $100 ticket to mumma mia :)

  • Out to lunch in the swan valley, cleaning the house and then getting out and about to give my parents some privacy!

  • Buy her a year of weekly cleaning services from a part-time maid


    the Xiaomi robo vac

  • This mother's day, l am getting my mum a Shiseido cosmetic set from Myer, hope she likes it.

  • I am going to assist my mother with life on the farm. Maybe take her to buy some plants, since she enjoys that.

  • Finally moving out.

  • I've booked my mum and I into a Ikea Mothers Day Workshop (for free) and I've bought her a bottle of Bird in Hand Wine (using a discounted wish e-gift card) Bargain! Cheers Mum!

    • +1

      Should also buy her a set of allen keys.

  • +3

    A google home mini so she can yell at something else.

    • +1

      and a $20 coles gift card so she can buy me more snacks.

  • +4

    $50 gift card and t-shirt from winning this competition

  • Mum worked hard her whole life, to ensure that her family has got the best of everything at home.

    As she would have officially moved into her new mansion, we'll be organising an intimate home party at her new place. Think high-end buffet catering, fancy party decorations, waiters/ waitresses, and maid service. We'll also be inviting her siblings, friends and other family members to join us, so she can show off what a great life she leads.

    She'd love it.

  • Taking Mum to see The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, and lunch out. And I'll buy her the handbag/pair of shoes that she wants. And I'll make her a Mother's Day card - she's keen on making her own cards, hope my attempt doesn't disappoint!

  • Mumsy loves to cook and shes a fantastic cook at that, I wont even bat an eye proclaiming that. But sometimes even heros need a break and we're taking her to her favourite yum cha outlet. She'll then carry on about how she can make better, so we've bought her a Japanese Gyuto to help her with that.

  • Free 15 of 5x7" photo print and 1 half price 8x12" canvas from Harvey Norman Photo Center. Memories… Priceless.

  • Something at 4:59pm on Saturday night just before the shops close- that's the moment I remember mothers day is this weekend

  • Will give mum the photobook i've received for free from Optus Perks.=) match it with a bouquet of flowers on special at Aldi. Mother's Day Ozbargain way! =)

  • I'm treating her at a seafood restaurant - it's her chance to be shellfish for a change :) Besides, she's always kraken us up and checking in to see how we're eeling. It's the least we cod do to tank her!

  • Buying her flowers and some fancy looking microwave.

  • I'm getting her winter pyjamas, hand mixer and kitchen scale. She's suddenly into baking nowadays.

  • +1

    I'm getting my wife (new mum) - a new clothes line to help her with her chores…

    and then making myself a will

  • I'm getting my mum, lotto tickets to the 20million draws in the next couple of weeks…

    cause… asian…

  • I will call my mom back home in India and wish her and ask her how she's doing as this is the only thing I can do at the moment. :(

  • It is going to be one BUSY Mother's Day for me:

    1. Brekkie with wifey's mum at 8 am, then taking her for a "Tarot/psychic reading appointment" to show our gratitude.

    2. Will be taking off all beautiful roses from our garden early morning and will make a bouquet for my missus as its her first Mother's day (Bub's only 3 months old!)
      Have bought Pandora charms as a gift from the bub, with Bub's alphabet charms on it :-) . Oh and taking her out for lunch at one of her fav. cafes!

    3. Will head home and cook dinner for the strong, selfless and hard working mum. Have already bought clothes to appreciate all the love I've been given over years

  • I will be getting Mum a wash, cut and blow dry at a quaint hairdresser with good reviews near my place. She's always scrimped and saved and only gotten cheap cuts for $20ish.

  • being an avid ozbargainer i bought a massage coupon from this deal:


    the clincher was the 20% as groupon is normally in the 10-15% discount range.

  • -1

    My mum is an addict,alcoholic & a hooker. I'm buying her a new pipe, a 1L bottle of metho and a mattress.Happy Mother day.

  • I won her 2 tickets to see Stomp and 2 double passes to see whatever movies she likes… oh and the $5 letter C necklace from a deal here that she has to wear as I gave the same to her 5yr old granddaughter.

  • I would like to buy a foot/calf massager for my mum to see if that helps in reducing pain/numbness in her lower leg. I don’t really need to win a gift voucher because regardless of the outcome of this competition, she will get that from me anyway. Thanks mods for the meaningful competition though!

  • A new spittoon.

  • I made her a card and left the link to Ozbargain website as a present as it is the gift that will keep on giving.

  • My Wife is a hobbyist photographer. Over the years she has purchased various cameras and accesseries through deals from Ozbargain.
    For my Mother she previously took an incredible photo of her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. We have since got it on a Canvas Print from an Ozbargain favourite Fabness at 75% off their regular prices.

    For my Mother in Law we purchased one of her favourite artists albums Keith Urban - Graffiti U from JB Hi-fi of course, she still loves the old fashioned way of listening to her favourite artists on CD.
    We also purchased her a bottle of wine from the local high school to support the local community.

    We will then be topping it off with an afternoon at the local pub using A Gourmet Travellers Restaurant Gift Card @ 5% off with Woolworths Gift Cards and the extra 20% off they had this week for a Mothers Day Promotion. Therefore everyone will be receiving it approx 24% off their meals and drinks. Paid up front and will be sorting out the financials afterwards.

    Should be a good day with a lot of saving all round!

  • +2

    My mom has the hardest job, she works 24/7, with never a day of rest.
    This mother's day, i'd have a trail of messages, like a treasure hunt, with one hint leading to another, with the end of treasure hunt to be a big fat photo album, with a picture of us. One of the hints of the treasure hunt will have a piece of puzzle to be put together, to show the location of the restaurant for thi night where it'll be a cruise, as she likes the ocean and the night view. Above it all, my mum enjoys our company, given that we live in all different parts of the world, a week where all of us are gathered together, will be the greatest gift.

  • +1

    For mother’s day, my siblings and I are taking Mum to an exclusive garden party with long table luncheon and a classical quartet playing. While we are out we’re having her entire house and garden tidied, cleaned and scrubbed by a professional service and we will return to a sparkling place and special surprise party at night with her neighbours and former work colleagues. Love you Mum!

  • +1

    I'm flying my mum over from Brisbane to Perth for mothers day with flybuys points I have converted to velocity points! A true ozbargainer!

  • We are going to Bali with her in a month so our gift is an 8-course dessert tasting menu for her & dad in Room4Dessert in Ubud, featured in last season Chef's Table on Netflix. Can't wait to see how excited they will be! Also the whole thing would only cost us around $80, what a good value for money :)

  • +1

    Yup, mum's are definitely difficult to buy for. In the last year I started a new trend, buying my mum holidays. It works out like a mystery flight (only difference is I get to pick the location). I get a lot of joy out of it also so it's a win/win situation. Ozbargain have provided me with a links to those flights and even accommodation (cash back from booking through a site). Mum has everything she needs, so to give her the gift of exploring the world has been a treat.

  • +1

    We will be introducing mum to OzBargain and creating an account for her on mother's day. And of course, she'll choose a gift from the mother's day page, or even better, selecting a 'deal' by herself —> making her first OzBargain post!

  • I'm taking the other half out into the goldfields to hopefully find some gold, priceless.

  • Taking mum to the Lyric theatre here in Syd to take a crack at the Book of Mormon lottery (show up 2 hrs before showing and enter a draw to purchase remaining front row tickets for $40 ea instead of $200+) if no luck we're in the city anyway so we'll grab dinner, so let me know a hot tip for any great restaurants around there.

  • Home cooked pecking duck and the hugely "popular" $499 dyson hairdryer which turned out to be about $400 after using the eGift card and staff discount

  • With any luck, a $50 gift card and an OzBargain t-shirt.

  • My mum's phone battery has been giving out recently - so instead of giving Apple 120 bucks to replace the battery, I'm taking the ozbargain route and got her a Xiaomi Power Bank 2 for $19.95 :)


  • I need the vouchers for a pasta necklace and finger paintins…….

  • Actually, I was watching Osho videos, and after four coffees told my mom our identities were a fiction/ legal fictions. oops…

  • Mum's overseas on holiday in Europe- so she is going to be surprised with a gondola ride with Dad in Venice.

  • +2

    I bought for my mum a set of universal motorcycle foot pegs.

    No, she doesn't have a motorcycle but she does have advanced dementia. Years ago when she could still comprehend what was happening, I promised to take care of her for as long as I am able to. I bought her a rollator two years ago when she started suffering from mobility problems. A wheelchair would have make my life easier but mum would have become dependent on it and gave up walking altogether, and the day that she stops walking will be the day that she moves into a nursing home.

    As mum's condition worsens, her ability to walk and stand declines. Nowadays I often have to use the rollator as a makeshift wheelchair, or else we could be stranded in a shopping centre unable to walk back to the car. But a rollator, by design, is a poor substitute for a wheelchair. Besides its lightweight construction, its lack of a proper seat and armrests, and the backwards facing seating, its biggest shortcoming is that there is nothing to keep mum's feet off the ground. Because of the backwards facing seat that has no seatbelt, as soon as her feet touch the ground she would fall off the rollator. This is more than an embarrassment as it might happen in the middle of a pedestrian crossing.

    This was becoming a big problem for us and I went looking for a solution. Firstly I found this brilliant Hugo Navigator rollator available in the US but not in Australia. Secondly I found this lady's invention of a footrest, but it will not help keep mum's feet off the ground. Thirdly I found this US$50 foot rest based on a swing, but it only works if mum can keep the straps in tension, which is doubtful given her condition. Lastly is this lightweight wheelchair that ultimately lead to the motorcycle foot pegs. When I saw its fold-up foot pedals, Eureka!, I remembered the foot pegs on my motorcycles also fold up in a similar way.

    I went to the garage and saw the pegs on my motorcycles are welded to the frame and are non-removable. Then I remembered the custom mod bike crowd are big on aftermarket chrome accessories. A quick search led me to these beauties. As an OzBargainer I should have waited for an eBay site-wide coupon and bought the same thing for less, or I should've bought an equivalent pair from China, but as a carer I cannot afford to wait a day longer. I drove to my local motorcycle accessories shop and had a pair fitted to the rollator for $57.56 (the shop gave mum a 10% discount).

    Mum hasn't fallen off the rollator ever since the pegs were fitted a month ago. As April is neither Christmas nor her birthday, I am calling the pegs her Mother's Day gift. Yesterday, I wheeled mum to her medical appointment and another carer approached me begging to know where she can buy this "rollator with foot pegs" for her mum. I am glad that my idea is beginning to spread.

  • +1

    I would just love a day at home with my family. If they made me a meal and did the dishes that would be amazing. 😊

  • Last weekend my girlfriend and I bought two different pairs of Victora's Secrets underwear for her mother as a funny prank Mother's day gift who is staying with us at the moment from overseas.

    She laughed as we gave her the two pair of Victora's Secrets underwear and then whispered to her daughter that she really needed more underwear.

    In the end, a harmless prank gift became something she really needed.

    If Sydney weather doesn't stay bad for the rest of the weekend, I might take her to a nice restaurant to celebrate.

  • I gave my mum a hug

  • Celebrating mothers day with mum with dinner at a restaurant she's been wanting to go to. However we wont be doing it on the day as it would be too chockas.
    Also taking my wife who is a new mum to a Japanese Onsen to relax and revive after looking after the little one without a break

  • Will bring my mummy for red leave picnic tomorrow because i have spent big portions of my saving on those ebay deals.

  • i just want what i always get my burnt toast cold coffee and a 3 second foot massage

  • Getting her to sleep in, breakfast in bed prepared by me, brother and dad. Giving her the presents we lovingly picked out. Taking her out to a cafe, as that is all that she asked for. Treating her like a queen for a day so then she doesn't have to do anything.

  • well to be honest my mom means a lot to me she has never asked for anything and now that i am working i have to give her a beautiful day i have already made bookings:

    • first 12 o' clock i will wish her with favourite, my handmade chocolate cake with her fav tea.
    • then next morning i am going to cook her fav indian breakfast
    • i have booked an online movie ticket for her and dads date
    • till she enjoys her date me and my brother have been preparing an amazing lunch date for mum and dad at home
    • he fav continental dinner prepared by me and my brother with red balloons on the floor
    • her fav flowers in the vase
    • and a bottle of her fav wine (which i asked dad bought by me and my brother)
    • last she and dad are going to enjoy and evening at my mother moms house (my grandma) so she can wish her (gift bought for grandma too by me and my brother)
    • then at last at 11:50 me and my brother gift her fav perfume and makeup kit bought by me and my brother as a gift

    seems a lot but this nothing for a women who has sacrificed her career for 5 years just to take care of my brother and me when we were little
    and also not showing the pain and tiredness she suffers due to the pain of working day and night at work and home to support us

  • I've got her one of those leather flip cases for her phone that only mothers can rock

  • +1

    Ah crap, is Mother's day actually tomorrow

  • +1

    Mum hasn't been on a true holiday in years, this December we've finally managed to get her to come along to Canada on a family holiday. She struggles with flying so I got her a really nice Neck Pillow to aid with the flight. She definitely deserves it!

    Giving presents on mother's day is hard because it doesn't make up for all the time and effort she has put in, but I hope at least this will get her in the spirit to get excited for the trip and to celebrate how awesome she is! She sacrificed so much for me, and I try my best to give it back where I can.

    Thanks for this awesome comp guys, it's uplifting seeing all these comments!

  • I know I don't really want my family to buy me anything (maybe chocolate), I just want time to do things as a family, and a small amount of time to myself for a break.
    My list includes:
    Sleep (With a baby, a 3 year old a 9 year old, I have no chance.)
    No fighting (Ha! 3 and 9 year old are champion arguers.)
    Someone else cooking

    Really though, the kids get more excited by mothers day than I do. They're very excited about the gifts they've made and bought from the mothers day stall at school. Two of them have been very busy drawing and making decorations on scrap paper, which I'll need to clean up after mothers day.

  • My mother lives in Seattle and I'm using my AAdvantage miles to fly there on Monday and show up on her doorstep! I haven't worked out yet what I'm giving her besides the present of my presence ;) I like the look of those whiskey glasses on the ozbargain Mother's Day page, but they'd be annoying to lug in my suitcase and anyway she'd probably end up using them to brew holistic elderflower kombucha or something instead :P

  • Visiting her with some flowers. She always liked flowers.

  • Getting her a week trip away because she definitely needs it after dealing with me and my siblings for all these years.

    Then she can rock around in her pyjamas, get many foot massages and sit in the spa with a drink all day if she so pleases.

  • +1

    I'm taking my mum to a surprise trip to Japan for Mother's Day which I booked from this deal (thanks TA!) - we're actually flying out tomorrow morning!

    My brother and I planned this way back when and as he currently lives in London, he has also secretly flown in to Japan and will greet us at the airport tomorrow. I can only imagine the emotional reaction! She will be so thrilled to see him as it's been a while and will be a nice mini family reunion whilst in the awesome country Japan is. Can't wait!

  • +1

    We're going to spend the day planting succulents together.

  • I'm bringing my mum to Dubai this Sunday. We will stay at the Atlantis resort, which provides a relaxing escape from the mundane systematic lives we've lived in for the past 2 years.

    Really excited!

  • +1

    I'd love the Google Home Mini on the OzBargain Mother's Day Page!… this is a prime example of why I visit this page daily! What a fantastic deal! $20 dollar cash back from The Good Guys! I've been dropping hints to the kids and have my fingers crossed… I also feel great knowing they got a great deal thanks to OzBargain! I've put my entire extended family onto this fantastic site! Thank you so much again!:)

  • My mum really misses my sister who moved to Canada last year, so I booked her a flight ticket so she can go and visit her next month! (Of course my sister and I both pitched in for that)

    But being an Ozbargainer, I also made her a Personalised Photo Book with this awesome deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/372456

  • +2

    Bit of a different story on my end but I do think the best Mother's Day gift is something that matters to your mum.
    My mum had been looking for my late grandpa's favourite cologne so that she could spray it on his urn at the family altar as her way of paying respect to her father (much like the burning of the paper luxury goods so that the dead could 'receive' it in Chinese traditions).
    It's however an 80s scent called Quorum and not that easily available from the mainstream shops, so she's not been able to find it back home.
    I have been keeping a close eye and after multiple calls and close monitor of online stock level managed to snap one up from none other than Chemist Warehouse, with an eBay 10% discount(!). Gave it to her earlier today and she cried… :)
    We then did an early Mother's Day dinner which I paid for using $20 from Dimmi's redemption (bonus 10,000 points from last booking promotion) and Gourmet Traveller gift cards currently 20% off at Woolies!

    A very happy Mother's Day to all mummies tomorrow <3

  • Photos of me on my last holiday that I went on after I sold a $45000 VW Golf car that I won and sold it for $40,000 brought a Kia for $20,000 then splurged and went to Africa. She has always wanted me to go there. So I know she is happy!

  • I am going to create an OzBargain account for my mum and sign her up to the newsletter so she can get the best gifts, surprises and deals every day of the year!

  • +2

    Honestly I would simply like to hear from my kids. They are 19, 22 & 23 yrs old and at that age where they may be hungover or somehow forget it’s mothers day! Lol. But I won lunch in a local Comp so I’m taking myself to lunch at the surf club with my dogs & couldn’t be happier. I’m sure my kids will Call at some point x

  • Happy Mother's day all.

  • +8

    Thanks for the entries everyone and hope everyone had a great Mother's Day.

    We're just going through all of them now (94 entries) and will pick some winners later on in the week.

  • +1

    Winners are:

    User Comment
    alvian Comment
    treeman Comment
    flying18 Comment

    I'll be contacting you shortly.

    • Aww… JK
      My mum is a hobiest photographer as well, but her 2000 dollar just sits in a cupboard collecting dust

    • Thanks Neil! Delighted with second place!

      Congratulations to Alvian and Flying18 for first and third.

    • +1

      My best wishes to the true winners in this competition, our mothers.

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