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65" Ultra 4K TV $699, LED Bulbs from $2.99, Smart Bulbs $12.99, 5M LED Strip Light $39.99 + More @ ALDI


LED Dimmable Bulbs $2.99

  • Available in 6W & 9W
  • 1 Year Warranty

LED Dimmable Bulbs $6.99

  • Available in 11W, 13W, and 15W
  • 3 Year Warranty

LED Smart 8W Turn Off Delay Bulb $12.99

  • Light remains on up to 30 seconds.
  • Available in ES and BC
  • 1 Year Warranty

LED Smart 9W Color Change Bulb $12.99

  • Colour Change From Warm to Cool White
  • Available in ES and BC
  • 1 Year Warranty

LED Smart 9W Motion Sensor Bulb $12.99

  • Light turns on when Motion is detected.
  • Available in ES and BC
  • 1 Year Warranty

LED Strip Lighting 5 Metres $39.99

  • 5 Metre LED RGB
  • Dimmable
  • 1400 Lumen Output
  • Multifunction Remote Control
  • 4 x Reconnection Strips
  • Power supply included
  • 1 Year Warranty

LED Candle Bulbs,Mini Dimmable Bulbs, or Downlight $4.99

  • 6W E27 or E14
  • 6.5W GU5.3
  • 6.8W GU10
  • 3 Year Warranty.

Led Sensor Strip Battery Operated 1 Metre $14.99

  • Self Adhesive Strip
  • Can be cut to length every 3 LED's
  • 1 Year Warranty

65” Ultra 4K High Definition LED LCD TV $699

  • Resolution 3840 x 2160
  • Panel Native Refresh Rate 60Hz
  • Brightness: 300 cd/m2
  • Contrast ratio: 4700:1
  • Response Time 8ms
  • Viewing angle (H x V) 176 X 176
  • HDMI version: 2.0
  • HDCP version: 2.2
  • Aspect Ratio 16 : 9
  • HDMI x 4
  • Component & Composite AV in x 1
  • USB x 1
  • Optical x 1
  • Headphone socket
  • Multimedia Playback Format (under USB Mode)
  • Videos AVI, MPEG, MPEG-4, TS, MKV
  • Music: MP3, WMA, AAC
  • Photo: JPG/JPEG
  • Text: TXT
  • Power Source 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz
  • Power Consumption <220W
  • Dimensions With stand: 1462 × 305 × 892 mm ( w x d x h)
  • Without stand: 1462 x 88 x 840 mm ( w x d x h)
  • Weight With stand: 22.3 kg, Without stand: 22.02 kg
  • 1 Year Warranty

60 Day Satisfaction Warranty

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    • +33

      Yes you should buy one, highly recommended.

    • +50
    • +8

      Make sure you have space on your TV stand. Also, no, this won't fit in your Yaris/Mazda2/Smart.

      • +2

        or commodore, or falcon…

      • +2

        It did fit on top of my Echo just fine.

      • +2

        Mmmmm 2km in a shopping trolley.

        • +1

          and then drag the trolley all the way back to get your $2 back.

      • I've fit an 65" in a VW Polo. Back seats down and take the front seat head rests off.

    • +18

      On a $ per kg basis, a second hand 80cm CRT provides much better value

  • Damn that's the cheapest 65" I've ever seen.

    • +1

      There's also this one w/ a CC Ultra for $684 w/ "PRAISE". Not sure on the differences though.

      ALDI have a very good and easy return policy.

      • +42

        No 65inch tv is an easy return

        • lol

        • Unless you're the Incredible Hulk, in which case you just smash it and still get your money back out of pure fear.

  • +7

    LED Dimmable Bulbs

    These are good and dim smoothly, bought 6 of them for my lounge from their last sale.

    • +3

      Did affect the overall comfort though?

      • +13

        No, but the seductive ambience makes me feel sexy.

        • Can I can round?
          We can be sexy together

        • @Sjfilly:

          Broke back mountain right here on OB.

        • +1

          No, but the seductive ambience makes me feel sexy.


    • +1

      For a second there I thought you meant the 65" TVs. A 3x2 array of them would be something to behold!

  • Anyone know if the LED GU10 bulbs are dimmable?

  • Do the motion lightbulbs turn off after some time when there isnt any motion?

    • Yes

  • So how’s this tv compared to Samsung’s? How smooth does the frame rate run and does the tv UI lag? It seems to be better than Soniq TVs.

    But I do like the 60 days used return policy, maximise the usage, any problems return guaranteed within 60days.

    • 60hz refresh.. you might notice image refresh lag/jerky motions in panning scenes. other than that should be fine

    • It could have RGBW pixels, that scared me off of considering the 49" Bauhn.

      But at this size and price point, that might not matter too much.

  • +1

    Can't see the LED smart bulbs in the attached catalog… are they app controlled / wifi etc?

    • +1

      Nope. They change between cool white and warm white using the switch.

  • +9

    I'm guessing we will see the bogans lining up and fighting for the 65" TV on the news…

  • are the smart bulbs programmable?

    • +1

      Based on last year, no. One detect motion and turn on, stay on for a few minute then off if no motion detected. One change colour if you double click your switch, from warm white to blue white but blue white is a bit yellowish due to lower temperature than other single colour type. The third one has rechargable AA/AAA batteries inside and can stay on in dimmer settings for 30s after being turned off. All of them dont have network connectivity.

  • Any idea what the model number is on that TV? I can't find it for the life of me…

    • +2


      • Thanks nocure.
        Any idea if there's any official pdf's or anything on this model? I've googled that number and can't find a damned thing…

  • How does the smart bulb compare to LIFX? these seems to be so much cheaper

    • +10

      They're much dumber.

    • They dont have network connectivity feature, only operate based on builtin program.

  • The 1 year warranty is abit of a deterrent for a no name tv…

    • +5

      Most Sony TV's costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars more also only have a 1 year warranty (search for television on this page: https://www.sony.com.au/microsite/support/Consumer_Product_W...). Same for Samsung (http://www.samsung.com/au/support/warranty/). Seems to be the same for Panasonic (http://www.panasonic.com/content/dam/Panasonic/au/en/support...).

      At least with Aldi you get a 60 day satisfaction guarantee so you can return it with minimal hassles. For such a cheap TV its unreasonable for you to expect a warranty greater than 1 year given that all the bigger players are also only providing a 1 year warranty.

      • +1

        It doesn't matter that says it has a 1-year warranty, legally they have to provide a 2-year warranty under Australian Consumer Law (search ACL), as any such item as this, would be expected to last longer than 1 year.

        As long as you are buying from a local retailer, you're covered.

        • Yes I am aware of that, but even the ACL may consider a few factors such as the cost of the item, its condition etc, how long you've owned it for, etc. They may be more willing to extend the warranty to 2 years to cover defects on a $2K-4K TV than they might for a $700 one.

  • +2

    Low brightness and no HDR from what I can tell so no go for me, but if you want a cheap large 4k tv, then why not!

  • generally are the aldi tv's any good?

    • +6

      Not sure of this model but IMO, these are a bit of hit and miss.

      I bought one in late 2016 and returned it 3 months later for a full refund, and bought a Hisense instead.

      My experience:


    • The parents in law keep buying them and I am always disappointed.

      The first one you had to sit front on to be able to see the picture, the current one the sound is so whack you need to have it at full blast to make out the language, but its still loud - seems like an equalizer problem - but no ability to adjust.

      Im a cheap bastard, and I need a fourth tv in the house right now, but I just cant bring myself to buy this one.

    • My brother bought one last year and I would say, they are not for me, it's not just about the panel (4K), or who makes the panel, the UI can be poor and processing power of these cheaper TV's aren't that great, the sound is poor also generally (but if you have a sound bar or similar this won't matter).

      People just see "4K, 65" and nothing else matters, but to a lot of people, there are many other factors that do matter.

      Although as others have said, the fuss-free 60-day return is comforting, so you could always try it and if you don't like it, return it. Risk-free I guess :)

  • Any idea of the brands of the bulbs?

  • Hi any 55 inch tv along with the special? Thanks.

    • For reference, I bought the 49" UHD from Aldi for $399 for my inlaws as a second TV

      Was impressed by the quality and ease of use. As long as it keeps working its fine.

      Take note: Its not really a smart TV. No Wifi/Apps etc

      • +2

        imo you're better off getting a dedicated device for wifi/apps etc. generally the stuff that they pack into TVs is pretty cumbersome and not really worth paying for.

  • How does the TV compare to the Sony KD60X6700E 60" for $945 on Goodguys ebay a little while ago? Spec wise it seems to have a higher contrast ratio and refresh rate, but slower response time. So…better for watching movies?

    • It could have RGBW pixels, that scared me off of considering the 49" Bauhn on sale a few weeks ago to serve as my primary TV. I ended up buying one of those KD60X6700E 60" for $945 on Goodguys, I can confirm that it has proper RGB pixels.

      Sony has a HDR mode which I've been testing, and does seem to be one that I'm preferring.

  • I remember someone posted optimum picture settings here on OzBargain for this Aldi 65inch Bauhn TV. Could anyone point me to that link, I can't seem to find it using the search function.

  • -1

    Refresh rate is terrible for such a big size.

    • +1

      Depends, if your viewing content that is 30 or 60 fps the refresh rate will be fine. No difference between 60hz and 120hz. So if you are watching youtube videos or console gaming (which you shouldn't as the input lag would be terrible) the refresh rate is fine.

      Movies are filmed at 24fps. 60 is not divisible by 24 so there will be judder. 60/24 = 2.5. 120hz would be benefitial as 120/24 = 5.

      Size makes no difference refresh rates.

      • So that's a no for this tv for console, pc gaming?

        Already kind of shying away from it since it has no HDR but really it's just this or the JVC's on eBay from St Mary's for barebones 4k TV'S.

        Need something for gaming both console and PC, YouTube, Netflix, pc monitor (no OLED because of burn in)

        I know HDR is still kind of just a non necessity at this point in time but the content might change in future.

        Also at 220 watts it has good power efficiency imho.

      • In regards to input lag for consoles, what specs on the tv determines that ie. what should I be looking out for? Been eye balling the 65/75N7 for a while

    • Refresh rate is terrible for such a big size.

      Does that matter if I'm just watching free to air or anything for that matter?

      It would be great if people could explain the issue with this rather than just commenting that it's not good.

  • will aldi deliver? I dont know how I'll get it home

    • +1

      Rent a ute.

    • Use gumtree or Airtasker there are a lot of delivery drivers on there.

    • +4

      will aldi deliver?

      Yeah. If you buy online, it free delivery using coupon "WELCOME". You have to be a new member signing up to the site though, or use a different email address.

  • Got the 60" from this deal - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/366549?page=1#comment - not really impressed TBH.

    • not really impressed TBH

      Did you expect to be impressed by a 60 inch 4k TV priced at $669 ?
      Its amazing that they can make such a huge screen and sell so cheaply (and profit obviously) .
      A really good piece of glass or picture frame 65 inches would probably cost more that $700.
      It would be great if this was high end, but I wouldn't expect it to be all that great, at this price.

      • Was not expecting oled quality images or rich deep base from speakers. Picture just seems to be lacking clarity & shapness - seems washed out…. that said I have just used the settings from above comment & looks slightly better. My 50" 7 year old Samsung plasma definitely had a better image.

        • 7 year old Samsung plasma definitely had a better image

          damn the aldi tv is really crap then

  • For anyone that's been there at store opening for recent 65inch TV sales, are they still crazy with people running/pushing inside the store to get really limited stock? I got one of the first models on sale years ago and there were about 40 people for 5 TV's in stock. Was a real sight to see.

    • +1

      are they still crazy with people running/pushing inside the store to get really limited stock

      Not anymore..

      But if you're keen on one, do grab it on the first day of sale. For their recent offers on the 55/60/65/75", i saw those tv's were still available after a week on offer.

  • TV sucks…

    Its slow, like molasses changing channels
    The remote will break, pushing buttons on it makes you wish you have a dial again
    Its not got HDR and you do need to tweak it if you own it to get anything like acceptable picture and sound

    Whats worth getting, well Hisense and TCL are where the good cheap ones start but I recommend SAMSUNG over LG

  • -1

    Bogan and Ozbargain are surely on the same page?

  • There is a lot of rubbish spouted on many sites about refresh rates. Some tvs will will even change to source rate anyway, so that $8000 120Hz screen might well be running at 24Hz.

    Generally the extra processing power in more expensive sets allow for various compensation routines to optimise the viewing experience. This does not automatically mean cheaper tvs have a worse picture and in some cases poor setup on complex expensive tvs means it can be awful.

    If you are cranking out games from an expensive computer @over 100Hz then its unlikely you'd be the sort of person to buy this TV. However, money spans intellectual boundaries, so try reading from more reliable sources to understand fully. This one is written for a general audience and covers it quite well https://www.the-home-cinema-guide.com/tv-refresh-rate-explai...

    Beggars cant be choosers! ( but can still enjoy a reasonably good tv experience)

    • The ice behind a 120Hz screen dropping to 24Hz is that the viewed content is running at 24Hz. 60/24Hz doesnt result in a whole number, meaning it’ll hold a frame or so for longer (likely) or drop a frame. There’s be no point redrawing 24Hz content 5 times more frequent (120/24). The only real concern here is a perceivable hiccup when seeing panning shots.

      You are right though. People can’t expect the best from a low cost TV.

  • Has anyone bought the led strip light before? Would like to read some reviews please.

  • Still about 15 tv’s left at my local Aldi. Not such a hit it seems!

  • LED Dimmable Bulbs $6.99

    Available in 11W, 13W, and 15W
    3 Year Warranty

    Thankful I only purchased one as a trial. It's barely been installed for 2 weeks and it's already failed!

    • 60 Day Satisfaction Warranty

      • Thanks! already thrown out packaging, still looking for the receipt. Will I need it?

        • Not sure, MasterCard statement also counts as a receipt.