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SYD to Beijing, Shanghai from $453 Return on Sichuan Airlines with CheapoAir (through Kayak)


Sichuan Airlines has some cheap prices on flights to Beijing and Shanghai, China in September/October.

I've tried to get them directly and by going to cheapoair as well, but the only way I can produce them is to first go to kayak, example below, then find the cheapoair deal and click through. Doing it directly on cheapoair seems to cost about $10 more.

https://www.kayak.com.au/flights/SYD-pek/2018-09-04-flexible... - Example search on kayak showing $453 return

These Australian flights are seasonal so not always available.

Dates: Sep/Oct
Destinations: PEK, PVG (Beijing and Shanghai)
Price: from $453 return

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    Looove that Sichuan Sauce

  • +6

    Plane may or may not include the cockpit windscreen lol

  • This airline was in the news today for the co-pilot's window breaking, sucking the co-pilot halfway out the plane, injuring another and destroying the cockpit. Not great timing to have a sale the next day. Google. It does say something about the captain's training that despite not being able to see, hear the radio or have instruments, he managed to land the plane safely.

    • +1

      Ouch. Still, statistically isn't flying still far safer than driving?

      • +2

        Yes, just not great timing. Anyway, will make a great episode of Air Crash Investigation.

    • yeah he must have been good at einy meeny miny moe when he was growing up cause he just started hitting buttons and switches and random.

    • That's totally fine.
      There was 1 broken window but 2 pilots.
      Now that's redundancy!

    • Was a Boeing 319. 1500 in service, this one 7 years old, almost 20,000 hours.

      Freak accident. Likely a weird boeing manufacturing fault. Wait for a report, and likely global inspection.

      This deal is too spicy for the pepper.

      • Airbus 319?

  • Lol, maybe the pilot will be sucked out of the windscreen and the plane goes on auto pilot for the trip

    • +3

      Lol? Would you get a thrill out of that?

  • Suck yaun.