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Port Your Number to Telstra on $49 BYO SIM (Min 12Mth Plan) to Purchase a iPhone SE 32GB for $99 (Ticketed At $549) at JB Hi-Fi


Service must be porting from another Carrier and Connecting to $59 GO Mobile Plus 12 Mth Plan Only (Min Cost $687 incl a $99 Upfront Purchase & $10 Monthly Port in Credit)

In Plain English:
Port your number from a different telco; Pay a monthly phone bill of $49 for a period of 12 months (Is Normally $59/mth) and Pay a $99 Upfront for a iPhone SE 32GB. The iPhone must be at a ticket price of $549 and a $450 discount (shows in your receipt as a Gift Card) is applied at the instance of the customer purchasing the device.

Total minimum cost of both your 12 Month Contract and your iPhone is $687

Not Compatible with Any Other Offer. Available till 26/5/18. JB Hifi Reserves the right to change or withdraw this offer at any time at it's sole discretion.

See Critical Information Summary from Telstra to see the inclusions of this mobile plan

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    I am with Boost and could not port after being told that i could wasted an hour of time….

    • Port out then back in, might have to wait 48hrs

  • Is the phone unlocked?

    • +1

      Yes, the phone is unlocked.

      • If your not an apple user could they use the $450 credit on something android???

        • +1

          There's a $500 credit option towards the S9($699)/S9+($849) at the moment instead.

        • @Dealhunter967671: if I talked you reckon I could get that s9 down to $599? :P then it's the same deal sorta

        • @Slippery Fish: could do the pixel 2 xl deal? $69pm/Pixel 2 XL 64/15gb/24m - $ 69 X 24 = $1656? Not as good as the previous offer, but still decent!

          BYO with S9 is $49 X 24 = $1176 + S9 @ $699 (after $500 off) = $1875?

          Pixel has less data but is cheaper with $0 upfront? Of course you could find a cheaper Sim plan in year 2 and re jig that math, but you catch my drift ;)

  • And have signal lost 2 days a month

    • contact telstra and get compensation for their recent outages. they offered me $3 per day. possible to get a free month they way they have been going in may.

  • How much is the phone worth through fleabay?

    • less after this deal

  • +1

    can we upgrade from this plan to 24 month plan and get another phone, like F&F offer ?

  • Any international calls on this plan?

  • A lot of stores no longer stock the SE (Target recently cleared them for $150 Telstra Pre paid) and the stores that do are cheaper than retail. Big W stock it for $469 outright currently. You are better off going/waiting for the deals with the JB HiFi voucher that isn't restricted to being spent on the phone in the deal.

    With WWDC 10 days away you may as well wait and see if there is any announcement.

  • -3

    What SANE person would ever consider porting over to the WORST, most unreliable network in this country?!

  • yeah, no

  • Telstra will have better coverage most of the time (95%)

    reliability is a separate issue, no idea how a network this big has so many critical break points that hit nationally.

  • massive kudos man! great deal

  • I am interested in buying phone .. PM me if anyone selling

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