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Sony Alpha A9 (Body Only) - $4,888.00 Shipped @ digiDIRECT


Cheapest I have ever seen so far for Aus stock

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    A7R II, A7S II for 2900ish

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      there is no way you can do sport with those. you want the a7iii

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        Or A7R3 or A9.

        Great price for an A9.

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        Oh was only just trying to point out other deals which seem like a decent price
        Personally cant afford the A9 and wont do sports photography

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      People in the market for an A9 wouldn't be looking at the A7 range.

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        The A9 is a high-yield investment.

        • At least there’s a ROI if you’ve got business in the sector.

        • @ATangk: what's the photography game like these days always wondered how people get paid so much for essentially shooting a bunch of pictures I mean I might not be no Einstein at photography but I ain't bad either.. I think I have a bit of the photographers touch in me maybe

        • @AlienC:

          just put on auto/program & you're all good !

        • @phunkydude: lol haha lol what

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        Shrug. As a backup body, etc. They could very well be. Any A7S can be used as a pro-level tool.

        • If you're buying an A9 you're after speed, the A7S doesn't do speed so no it wouldn't be considered as a backup body to an A9.

    • imo, srsly a9 and a7r2/a7s2 are 2 completely different leagues. It is not worth comparing.

      • Any of the II and III range series are amazing cameras, apart from high speed sports if you can’t get the results you need from the A7 range, it’s most likely you and not the gear.

        Compared to Sony’s first fullframe camera the a900 all of these are amazing.

        This is a good price, keen to see the a7III.