Jump starter NOCO GB20 or GB40

I am in need of a jump starter for our car. The kids have left the lights on inside the car a few times too many!

I have heard good things about the NOCO GB20 and GB40 jump starters.

Prices vary wildly though - e.g. JB HIFI $199 for the GB20 and $249 for the GB40 compared to:

Automotive Electrics Online - GB20 only $99.95 and GB40 $143.94



Anyone heard of this online business at all? They state:

Automotive Electrics Online are a relatively new online business.

With the backing of one of the most experienced Australian owned automotive electrical supply companies in the country we can service your automotive electrical requirements. Over 30 years experience in the automotive electrical field.


  • Worth a try, the worst that will happen is you ask your bank to refund the money.

    Or you could save $100 and pull the fuse for the cabin lights ;)
    (bypassing the switch to permanently be in "door" mode is another option but much more effort)

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