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GoCatch $20 Voucher for Any User (Not Limited to 1st Time User)


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Just got a call from GoCatch today about a free 20 dollar voucher, no minimum spend required, not limited to new user. Successfully apply to my wife's account as well. They also advertise it having no surge price compare to other ride share apps.

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Referee gets $5 off first trip. Referrer gets $5 for after referee completes 3 trips.

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  • +27

    Use someone's referal code to get $20 credit for new account. And then use this code for another $20. I did the same, $40 credit in total.

    • +3

      Legend, worked!

    • +1

      That’s what I did and my trip from work to the airport will be free next week :).

    • batchy86 on 11/06/2018 - 16:27 Comment unpublished. (Use referral system)
    • good call, worked for me.

    • Will this credit be applied to the next fare I take even if I pay by cash? Thanks

      • No, the credit can only be used when paying in-app with a saved payment method.

    • Ordenance on 11/06/2018 - 20:17 Comment unpublished. (Duplicate)
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    Someone called you to give you a promo code? Lolwut

    • +1

      They are launching on the ASX soon so I imagine they are trying very hard to make their customer base look better for investors.

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    "They also advertise it having no surge price compare to other ride share apps"

    So its unusable during peak hour?

    • +3

      This is a fair comment, not sure why negged. Can't argue with the laws of economics lol (supply and demand).

      • +7

        Yep, totally fair. It might not be fashionable, but it's a fact that Uber's surge pricing is what lets you actually get reasonably fast service when you need it.

  • Thanks. I only use GoCatch when I have enough credit in my account.

    • Have you ever had any issues with being overcharged / credits not being applied?
      There seem to be a lot of negative reviews online, and this $80 credit seems too good to be true.

      • +1

        I've never had an issue with the credit being applied but if you don't have enough credit to cover the entire ride they will take a pre-authorisation on your credit card to cover the expected cost. If it takes you three attempts to get a driver to accept your request you will now have three pre-authorisations on your card. Shouldn't be an issue though if the $80 credit is enough to cover the estimated fare.

      • +1

        Credits have always applied. I don't know if I'm being overcharged but they do seem to be more expensive than Uber.

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  • +1

    how can we make a account?

    • +3

      You have to download the app on your phone for sign up

      • Thanks!

    • +1

      Sign up via the app!

      • Thanks!

  • -1

    What's GoCatch?

  • Damn you are awesome!

  • Does Gocatch work in Perth?

  • Beautiful $40 credit thanks OP!

  • +1

    Anyone knows if these voucher codes have an expiry date? Nothing on the app or website suggest there is…

    • +1

      I just opened the app for the first time in many, many months and found that I still had credit from the last voucher I added. I think I added it back in 2016.

  • Does the voucher work for advanced bookings?

  • Is this for their ridesharing service only or can it be used for taxis as well?

    • It can be used for GoCatch Economy, Taxi, Maxi or Premium.

  • +5

    Hey guys, according the rep over the phone there is no expiry date

  • SHame there's like no cars ever in my area

  • +40

    Don't forget code: CBRGOCATCH for another $20. Worked for me. Ez $60 credit.

    • Big thumbs up for that comment!

    • Wow lol, awesome!

    • Thanks, worked for me as well.

    • +2

      Wow this comment deserves an award of its own!!
      Way to go scooboo!!!

  • Anyone getting errors with SMS code verification when creating a new account?

    Error. This operation could not be completed. Please try again later.

  • Hmm annoyingly, it says “i already have credit on my account” so i cant get to the 40$. 20 will have to do for now ! Cheers OP!

  • +1

    Easiest $60 credit, thanks to everyone who shared codes!

  • +5

    For another $20 voucher

    • +2

      Wow GreenVine cheers!!
      80 dollah now
      Hope this credit remains!

  • +25

    Joining the fun! Add the following voucher code for $20 more: GOMANLY2018 and voila 80 dollah!

    Credits to this post for that code:

    Someone's referral code: $20
    DMF3R (this post): $20
    CBRGOCATCH (scooboo's comment above): $20
    GOMANLY2018 (link above): $20
    TOTAL (for now or until Gocatch actually goes catching) 80 dollah!!!

    • When is each credit expiring?

    • +1

      "TOTAL" code didn't work! ;)

      Thanks for the nice summary

      • LOL I actually thought I missed out when "TOTAL" didn't work. hahahahah

  • Does anyone know if these codes expire?

  • +11

    This is not going to end well

    • Hahaha

  • Anyone have trouble with the app/the driver not finishing the trip so far? Just used it in Perth, got dropped off 25 minutes ago but as per the app, ride is still ongoing… already called driver who said he'd take care of it (but clearly hasn't). Really don't wanna end up being charged hundreds and then have to chase after my money…

    No options on the app to contact CS while "officially" riding, anyone know how to get a hold of them fast?

  • +3

    To top it all off they upgraded me to a GoCatch Rewards membership which includes a free $75 premium transfer credit! GoCatch is absolutely awesome.

    • What did you do to get upgraded?

      • No worries, they gave me a membership too… didn't realise it included the $75 transfer! Thanks!

    • +1

      How do I get it?!

    • Got an email this morning, but no transfer credit for free memberships. :(

  • +6

    Set up account years ago, added vouchers then, but was overseas, never used it & forgot.
    GoCatch closed my account but contacted me recently to set up again. Surprisingly $155 credit still in lapsed account, so now $215 with above codes👍

    • +2

      All now gone😠
      Submitted complaint to support through App.

      • -5

        Hi there. GoCatch voucher codes are limited to one code per person and multiple promo codes can't be used/stacked together. If you think any credit has been removed incorrectly, you can contact us through the following link and we’ll review your account: http://on.gocatch.com/contact.

        • +4

          Um yes. All my existing credit was removed without notice😠
          GoCatch reputation is gone like my credit.
          Waiting on a response to my complaint from GoCatch.

        • +12

          GoCatch voucher codes WERE NOT limited to one code per person and multiple promo codes COULD be used/stacked together.
          Why does your poorly written app accept multiple valid codes if only one is ok?
          Why did you change your Terms AFTER you realised one could stack codes?
          Why didn't you leave ONE code such as many people had a valid referral?
          Why did you clean out ALL of every ones credit without consulting?
          Why did you remove old unrelated credits people had?
          Why do your own staff say you are on the way out?
          Why should anyone trust your dodgy company now?

        • +3

          Wonder what the ACCC would say about all this?

  • Economy vs Taxi?

    • +2

      Economy = Uber/privately owned cars. I usually always choose this option but occasionally they will "upgrade" you to a taxi (at no extra cost) if there are no rideshare drivers around.

  • Will this credit be applied to my next fare even if I’m paying by cash?

    • Would appreciate an answer to this question as well. Thanks.

      • No, voucher credit is only able to be used on trips when paying in-app with a saved payment method (Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal or credit/debit card).

  • Do you add all the codes in the sign up page or only the referral and then the rest after you sign up?

    • Edit: Signed up with referral code first, then entered the rest of the codes in the app menu.

  • Ha, easiest 80 bucks for transport spending ever!

  • +2

    How are people's reviews/experiences with GoCatch? Looking to use them tomorrow night but I'm not sure now given the unglamorous reviews on the web…

    • +7

      I only had good experiences with GoCatch.

      Last time I went to the airport, the taxi didn't use their meter and entered a random amount to pay through Gocatch app at the end of the trip.
      Amount was $30 more than it should be, I sent "not happy" feedback in the app and the next day GoCatch gave me $30 credit because of their Fastest route guarantee.

  • Has anyone else got the 'we've sent you an email on how to activate your account' covering their maps? I've checked my email and there was no activation email.

    • I received the exact same message without an email. I've contacted support but no response.

    • -1

      Hi kza2610 – if you haven't received an email regarding the status of your account, please reach out to us here: http://on.gocatch.com/contact.

    • +5

      Confused? This isn't a referral code lol. OP will make most likely make nothing..

      • How do you know it isn't a referral code?

        • +4

          Because you can stack a referral code with it.

        • @pennypincher98:
          Seems this platform allows you to stack any code with another code.

  • +1

    I won't be using GoCatch

    Read the reviews on ProductReview.com.au

    • +2

      Lol ProductReview.com.au never has good reviews for anything.

      If you are going off that alone then you won't want to use many products/services.

      Example: all the major mobile phone companies are under 2 stars.

  • +13

    Mysteriously, all credit has disappeared from my GoCatch account, anyone else had this happen today?

    • +1

      Same here … tried restarting app / signing in again, but didn't resolve it

      • +9

        I was charged $17.34 for a ride when I was suppose to have $80 in voucher credit.

        • +3

          That's so dodgy!

        • -4

          Hi dasher86, please contact us here: http://on.gocatch.com/contact and we'll perform a fare review on your last trip with us.

        • +7

          @GoCatch Official:
          I already have.
          If I do not receive a reply in 24 hours I will proceed with a PayPal dispute,and never use your services again.

        • +3


          I haven't received a response in 12 months. Go figure.

        • +9

          @GoCatch Official:
          PayPal dispute initiated. Thanks

        • +2

          @GoCatch Official: Revoked my upvote.

          Terrible service. Even PayPal wouldn't work. I'm strapped for cash as it is and certainly didn't need this.

        • +2

          Update. GoCatch responded to my PayPal dispute and refunded me my money.

    • -7

      GoCatch voucher codes are limited to one code per person and multiple promo codes can't be used/stacked together. If you think any credit has been removed incorrectly, you can contact us through the following link and we’ll review your account: http://on.gocatch.com/contact

      • Had $80 of credit removed from my account with no notification.

    • +1

      Funnily enough, my voucher disappeared right as I went to pay…
      Had to pay driver $25 in cash :(

    • Dodgy company. DELETE

  • +3

    It worked! 53 dollar trip :) I had a silver top taxi (Melbourne)

  • Anyone know if they operate in Hobart?

  • +8

    I don't mind if they revoke the stackable credits, but they also revoked the referral credit, useless. Thanks for sharing anyway OP.

  • +9

    Wow vouchers cleaned out!!!
    Deleting app now and will avoid this dodgy company like the plague.
    Dodgy business practices!
    Maybe dodged a bullet anyway reading this comment above https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/383959#comment-6042121
    Drivers just putting random amounts in.
    Dodgy company!

    • It is crazy isn't it! Someone has stuffed up big time!

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