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Xiaomi COOWOO U1 LED Desk Lamp $18.88 US (~$24.80 AU) Delivered @ Joybuy


See here for a write-up and here for the official COOWOO page (Chinese). Best price posted on OzB was $25.81 AU. You may wish to pay in USD as JoyBuy prices it at $25.43 AU.

Selling points:

  • No wires (runs on a 4000mAh battery which is apparently enough for 8 hours, charged by micro USB)
  • Flexible stem
  • Doubles as a powerbank
  • Outputs (up to 2.1A in total) through 2 × USB-A

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  • thanks!

  • +13

    Got this one last time, postage was fairly quick

    The lamp itself isn't particularly bright, its pretty small and has a slight bluish tint. Just lower your expectations and You'll be fine.

    Just dont expect the miniature sun oozing intimate atmosphere into your room as shown in the picture 👍

    • +5

      Small is good for me but the blue tint sounds concerning. What you're saying is that this is a cold light rather than warm? If so then it's a deal breaker as a desk lamp should always be warm in my opinion.

      • I prefer cool. It's more natural and accurate. Warm would add unnatural colouring. I only want warm lighting to illuminate a hallway, toilet or bathroom. For living areas, it's cool all the way, especially for a study. If you read a book under a warm light, the pages will be a different colour than under a cool light. In day light it would be closer to cool than warm.

        But Blue tint would be a no-no.

        • +5

          As a caveat to your information here, warm-tint lights often have a higher Colour Rendition Index (CRI) meaning that things that are illuminated under that light show more natural colours.

          Incandescent lights typically have a 100% Colour rendition as well (which is the same as the sun, they are both black-body radiation) and although the light from them is not "White" like the sun, your eye actually automatically white balances anyway, so after a couple of minutes you don't notice the colour, and you have 100% natural colours.

          Even though the CRI of white or cooler lights is getting better, and it looks more like Sun light at first glance, cooler or Whiter LED lights are typically far less complete light, there are missing frequencies (Colours) in the make-up of what they are emitting, and so things actually look less natural under them.

          There are additional, better ways of measuring how complete a light spectrum is as well to Colour Rendition Index, but it gets complicated fast, so I will leave that for someone else.

          TL;DR - Warm tint LED's often have more complete light than cooler tints, your eye automatically white balances, and so things look more natural as all of the colours show up better than in an incomplete light like a Blue-tint LED, or lower quality "Daylight" tint

        • I've got this light from Joybuy in a previous deal and can't see any blue tint. It could be Mr Mrrtn got a faulty lamp or isn't used to cool white. I love it and would happily buy again.

      • +1

        It's a white LED, that is dimmable when you hold down the power button. I wouldn't be concerned about the warmth, I find mine perfect for nighttime reading and in fact too Brit on the brightest setting in a dark room. Enjoy

        • Fair enough. I can't argue with science at a technical level.

          I can only go by the "eye test".

          When I used to read novels where the pages were recycled paper and yellow, not white, I found under warm light, it was unbearable to read. The colour of the pages gave it not enough contrast to the black text and especially at an angle if the pages were rough, it was harder to read. This didn't happen with white paper of course. Under cool light it was easier to read and the contrast between page and text was better.

          To each their own.

    • Would it be sufficient for a study lamp?

  • Does the powerbank USB charge do passthru? While charging the lamp at the same time, the USB ports will charge others?

  • You may wish to pay with a non fee credit card because most overseas merchants receive their payments outside AU.
    I got burnt by a fee buying shirts in A$ from UK. Never tried with JoyBuy though.

    P.S. Bought from JD last time, no wiring on my coffee table, good quality, not bright bright but comfortable light you would like read under.

  • +2

    It is a relatively small lamp.
    Light intensity is just adequate for the size.
    All this makes it a very good desk lamp and I am thinking about buying one more.

  • +2

    I have this and it's great https://www.gearbest.com/table-lamps/pp_363779.html
    I know, it costs a bit more, but does go on sale now and then. Far superior.

    • I second this lamp!
      Linked it to Google Home too!

    • This does look pretty good, does this thing ever come on special? Also I presume you can turn it on / off and change colour temps all via IFTT and in-turn google home?

      • And if you have a heart rate monitor, it'll turn red when you're angry.

        • Not sure if trolling? but the idea of a lamp changing colours based on heart rate is pretty interesting to me.

        • @GuniGuGu:

          Not trolling, but I am sure we're not far off from that happening. Visual aids if our smartwatches detect something.

  • This looks good. I have the Eyecare 2 which I'm happy with, but if I'm able to use it without a plug, I think I'll get this.

    I have a coupon for $2 off $20 USD. This is just under, so I might get a cable or something cheap.

    EDIT: Couldn't figure out how to be eligible for the code. Seems it's for some items only. The cables did not make it eligible. And it doesn't explain what items are eligible due to crappy web site.

    EDIT2: And now it's telling me I have an invalid shipping address which is nonsense. It's correct, and the same address I used previously, which was saved already.

  • +1

    Great lamp, bought 2 last time. Quick delivery too.

  • +2

    Just a heads-up that this is NOT a Xiaomi franchise. I don't know why JOYBUY put Xiaomi in the title

  • +1

    This is not Xiaomi branded. The brand is COOWOO, it is selling at Mi home store.

    • -2
      • +1

        The website clearly shows it is manufactured by Beijing COOWOO Smart Technology Development Co.,Ltd, not Xiaomi.

        Coowoo is the brand and is sold by Xiaomi.


        • yes, but they are all part of the Xiaomi partner ecosystem (xiaomi influences design to align with the rest of their products)
          have a look at this - https://xiaomi-mi.com/company/partners/
          You see other brands like yeelight, miiia, aqara are all marketed as xiaomi, but they are separate companies creating and manufacturing products (even if largely owned or influenced by xiaomi).

        • @Wibbleman: You're correct. Xiaomi's brand is Mijia and all others are either owned, invested or partnered with Xiaomi. You can actually see most of those brands here.

          It's worth mentioning that xiaomi-mi.com is not an official website.

        • @Clear:
          Thanks Clear :)
          Yeah, A bit hard to search that site though ;>
          Even the Mijia brand uses external parties for manufacturing - take the Mijia Wiha screwdrivers for example.

        • @Wibbleman: Pretty much everything besides the phones and tablets are made externally. Xiaomi power banks are made by ZMI and the Mi Band from Huami.

  • +1

    for some reason, it keeps self populating the billing address with "2462" as the state. if I correct it and try to checkout using PayPal, it reverts to 2462 at PayPal again and shows up as shipping address there.

    • Mine did too for a recent order, but when the delivery label was printed it didn't have any reference to 2462 and it arrived to the correct postcode. Ignore it, I am sure it will be fine.

      • Ditto, had the same problem the other day buying the Xiamoi facewasher! Spent about 20 minutes trying to get rid of that 2462!

  • -1

    crap site. too much time wasted just trying to fix shipping address with no luck. tried their customer chat and they say it'd take 2 days for them to look into it.

    • +2

      Just ignore the 2462 in the shipping address has it has no impact whatsoever on your address or order in anyway. It's simply a bug in Joybuy's code that's showing something it shouldn't.

      I have ordered over a dozen times at Joybuy and it's not been listed on any packages including the two that arrived today.

    • I had the same issue for a previous order. Just ignore the 2462. When the parcel arrived, it was the correct postcode printed on the label.

  • This isn't as big and bright as I thought, but it'd actually make a great camping light - it's a powerbank and a light.

    Brightness is adjustable.

  • good lamp for power cuts

    • +1

      How often is your power cut?

      • +1

        A few times a year for me. I bought one with that purpose in mind also, but not the only purpose.

        It beats candles.

  • +3

    Bought this the last time it was on sale. Very good for when you need a little extra light anywhere around the house. Illuminates my study desk quite well, also has a dim function which is neat.

    • What's the lowest dim like in pitch dark? Is it really dim that you can look at the light straight? I'm really looking for the lowest dim possible.

  • +1

    I use this in my storage area under the stairs that has no power point. It's bright and can be pointed in any direction which is really handy. Pretty happy with mine. I also don't notice any blue tint.

  • 8 hour battery life seems a tad low, is there anything with longer battery which is also portable?

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