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[PS4] Call of Duty: Black Ops III - FREE for PlayStation Plus Subscribers


It was just announced at Sony's E3 Showcase that Call of Duty:Black Ops III will be offered as a free game for PS Plus Subscribers.

It's LIVE now, showing up as free on PSN store. (12:50pm)

Not a huge fan of COD, but hey, it's free*

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    I can't even find Black Ops III on the store right now, maybe they've pulled it until it's fixed?

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      Nothing to fix, its intentional to celebrate e3 and bo4.

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        I meant 'fixed' as in 'taken down until they fix the fact that it isn't free yet', or taken down until next month maybe during the normal ps plus game release cycle.

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    But once your PSPlus ends you can’t play the game anymore correct?

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    • Not sure if you lose access to the game but if your PS+ ends you won't be able to play online.

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      Yep, but if you resubscribe, the game will still be there.

    • what about single player campaign?

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        For the monthly free games at least, you lose complete access to the game, both single player and multiplayer.

      • From what I've read, there is no single player campaign. Made it multiplayer only.


        Sorry, confused this with Black Ops 4

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      It’s a free full copy.
      Not linked to your plus membership.
      They said it during the follow up interviews after the showcase.

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        According to the Description:

        If you're a PlayStation Plus member, you can download this item at no extra cost and it's yours to keep until your membership ends. Not a member yet? Join PlayStation Plus now.

        Well, i'm confused… it looks like jimbobaus is right. It doesn't seem to be linked to your PS Plus account as it's not with the other PlayStation Plus games in the PS4's library.

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          I wouldn't be surprised if psn staff were just too lazy to change the generic description they slap on the normal monthly ps plus games. A straight up free game is probably too much of a rarity for them to write a more accurate description.

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    i remember black ops 2, most fun time of my life

    • Agreed. Great game.

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      Original black ops was awesome as well was the time when the ps3 got hacked then all the cheaters came out and ruined it.

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        Run and gun on Nuketown was my favourite pastime

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          Sr71, chopper gunner, dogs.

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      modern warfare 2 tho

    • I still play it occasionally thanks to backwards compatibility on the XB1.

  • Ah, not a CoD fan so was confused it with Black Ops 4 for a sec. was thinking, (profanity) yeah, new game going straight to ps+. This post made me sad when I realised I was wrong

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    You've listed it on PS4, but linked to the PS3 version in the store.

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    Your link take us to Black Ops 3 on the PS3 not PS4.

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    Hate COD multiplayer vs. BF, but I generally prefer the campaigns and zombie modes to BF.
    PS, a lot of people are not aware, but after beating the campaign check for "Nightmare mode". You get to replay the campaign but the enemies are replaced with zombies. :)

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    The PS4 version has been removed from the store and will be put back up when it is free for PS+ members

  • Great deal. I actually like the game and still play daily on my PS4. Looking forward to Black Ops 4 :)

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    It's free on the US Store for PS Plus members - hopefully its not a USA only thing

    Nevermind it's there now :D

  • Just downloading now.

    43gb, yay.

    • +4

      *69.2GB, yeh should be ready by the time BO4 is out :)

      • Your screenshot shows a 96GB download not 69GB. It's by far the biggest game installed on my PS4.

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          Oh lol, I thought it was 69GB in total and 26GB to just get the game started. Don't have an unlimited data plan, so might need to buy a few of these Kogan pre-paid vouchers haha

        • @stuhtb: you're correct, Agret is wrong

        • @taylorn8r: yeah my bad I thought the 26GB was the patch and 69GB base game. Been awhile since I've downloaded a full game compared to just updates so I made a mistake with his crop. Apologies.

        • +2

          Try BF1. 112GB.
          Also I've got heaps of games over 50GB. 69GB isn't that big these days.

        • @stuhtb:

          Might as well have picked up a second hand disc copy if that is the case!

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    dammit! I was clearing out some hard drive space and BO3 was there from when a friend came over and deleted it zzz

  • Does a new ps4 game or a console come with complimentary psplus membership like xbox does?

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      Depends on how and where you buy the game. Sometime if you buy new physical copy they have 1 or 3 months free ps+ Offers (most games don’t). If you buy a digital copy, no, you have to buy your own ps+.

      • Cool.. I have got two new games from the recent deals. Will open and check tonight. Still waiting for PS4 to arrive though.

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      New accounts can get a 14 day trial.

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      New console also has offers sometimes, you have to check.

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      I got my PS4 Pro with the Horizon Zero Dawn bundle last year and the guy in jb hifi said mate you gonna play online? I said sure probably I will play some Destiny 2 which wasn't out at that time but was a huge hype. He was like awesome mate, here, I'll grab this 3 month PS+ for you, free of charge.

      I was shocked. Thanks Destiny 2. BTW, I never ended up playing that game for obvious reasons.

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    The downside to this is I need ps+ the whole time I want to play this game. So technically still paying.

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      just not for 1 game though. it would be great if this game was free like For Honor on PC given away by Ubisoft but its alright.

    • The game is free (even if your plus membership lapses) however you need plus to play online so it’s a double edged sword either way.

      • So if I get this game on my ps plus, that ps plus lapses and my son gets his own ps plus then the game will remain available? This is all on same PS4.

        • +2

          1: you need ps plus to download it to the PlayStation.
          2: if your ps plus lapses you keep the game.
          3: you need a ps plus account to play online which means your son can play it with his account on the same

  • Works for me, thanks !

  • +1

    works for me on US PSN, thanks for the heads up.

  • cant find it on Canadian PS Store :(

    update: found it

  • I’m guessing this probably doesn’t include the dlc + all maps?

    • Only Nuketown as DLC

  • I have it installed through the disc. Is it possible to still get this? Do I need to delete the current first?

    • -1

      Yes, you can have both, but the disc version will only work with the disc

    • +2

      Nah you don't. Id go and download it on the ps store, solely so you don't have to swap disks while youre still a PS Plus member

  • easy purchase. just went online via web-browser and "bought" the PS4 version.

    thanks OP

  • Thanks op. Downloaded straight to my PS4.

  • excellent-o!!

  • My son and I have been playing battle field 3 online.

    How much better is the online game play compared to battle field 3?

    • Better than Battlefield 3, Not better than Battlefield 4. Zombies on the other hand is pretty good on Bops 3

  • Nice deal …. thanks OP !!

  • +1

    got it! nice surprise

  • -3

    My mate gave me a copy of this game for my PS4. It never installed the campaign mode. Tried all the different youtubes showing how to get around it but alas no avail.

    I thought they totally released a broken game.

    No wonder they're giving it away for free.

    • I thought they totally released a broken game.

      I pre-ordered it and it was totally fine for me. Pre-loaded it and the game worked fine from day 1.

  • still on, just got it , you have to be a psplus member to see the offer

    • I can see the offer without being logged in at all but you have to be a psplus member to get it for free.

    • think its on till mid July

  • Yep downloading right now :)

  • +2

    Nice one OP. Working for me. That's a ripper of a deal. Let's see who can whinge about their PS+ subscription not being worth it now. Even on a good sale CODBLOPS3 doesn't really go below $40

  • -1

    I just can't go back to playing on a FPS on a controller once playing with a keyboard and mouse.. Goldeneye was the frig back in the day but once you go FPS on PC, I can't just go back

    • Theres an emulator for mouse and keyboard on PS4

    • Not to worry the Call of Duty games have very strong auto aim once you press ADS and all the action takes place in very close quarters so it's very hard to miss. Just have to get the drop on people really (or use a shotgun but people will call you a noob)

  • i claimed it weeks ago on the US store. AU store must be behind.

    • The deal was posted 12/6. We are just highlighting the deal again as it expires soon and some may have missed it.

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