Previously Interstate Registered Vehicle Check?

Hi Crew,

Dad has asked me to run the checks on a car he is looking to purchase.

I haven't ordered a PPSR report yet as their systems are down for maintenance until midnight (typical!). I've ordered a RMS vehicle report, which shows nothing out of the ordinary except:

Date first registered in NSW: May 2018

No write off, no stolen flags. However, does this report only apply to write offs/stolen flags within NSW os does the NSW check the national database (assuming there is one)?

The vehicle is 2010 model so I'm assuming that the car was interstate previously to being registered in NSW. My question is then, is there another database I need to search for the vehicle history or is the PPSR the only other check I need to run?


  • Possibly get your dad to ask if they were the first owner, maybe even when was rego paid? See what they say like if they say they are the first owner, kinda suspicious.

  • Did you search by rego or search by VIN?

    If it was a rego search, it may have been that the car itself was unregistered for some time, or like you said, registered interstate, so upon renewal/change to NSW, it got new plates. Those plates were first registered May ‘18.

    The PPSR is your best place to look, and this is a national register. A car written off in NSW shows up to someone searching in Qld. Similarly, a car written off in WA would show up on the register for someone searching, for example, in Vic. A PPSR check is done via the VIN, not via rego, but it may return rego status or last/previous valid rego details.

    • I did use the rego for the NSW search. Tried the VIN and found it in QLD (obviously unregistered now). Couldn't find much more about it, but suspect I wouldn't. It wasn't written off or have money owed on it, which was the main thing

      PPSR didn't show any previous rego statuses, but showed all clear on the national register.

      I skimmed through the finer details for report I purchased from the RMS and it does show written off status nationally too

      • if and why the vehicle was written-off anywhere in Australia from 2004
      • if the vehicle, its number plates or engine are stolen
      • the number of registered operators in NSW
      • the vehicle's past use, for example, as a taxi/hire car
      • if the vehicle has single/joint registered operators, and
      • the vehicle's first registration date in NSW.

      Thanks for the help guys!