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ASUS Zenfone 5Z 6.2-Inch 6GB RAM 64GB LTE $629.10 Delivered (TW) @ Qd_au eBay


Hi first post here, so sorry about any mistakes.

Seems to be a good phone with TOTL (845 snapdragon, 630 adreno, 6gb ram) specs with one of the lowest prices available. Also comes with B28, local 1 year warranty.

No experience with the seller, so if anybody can share their experiences it would be great.

Initial experience on gsm: https://www.gsmarena.com/asus_zenfone_5_lite_max_m1_hands_on...

Original 10% off Sitewide (Brand New Fixed Priced Items) on eBay Deal Post

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  • 12 months local store warranty in Australia (for "Brand New" items)*

    Sounds a lot like imported stock

    • It's definitely imported stock out of Taiwan.
      qd_au are well known here from back in the days of Redmi Note 3 Pro Kate deals.

      • Well known as in good or bad?

        Planning on buying this phone for parents so just want to know.


        • it's good. have bought a zenfone 5 from them before a few years ago.

          The owner is from Taiwan.

        • Well known, as in has a good reputation.

        • @scubacoles: I'll look them up but how's their returns under warranty?

        • @GeneralSkunk: i ordered a Senfone off them a few years back. It was DOA. Sent back to an aussie address and received replacement phone roughly 2 weeks from posting the faulty one back.

          Definitely easy to deal with if something goes wrong.

  • Great spec, but very few review on the phone. I wonder how good is the battery/SOT?
    IMO, This is the version A Zenfone5z in Taiwan. (since the 5z have a/b/c version)

  • Awesome phone. I was considering a Xiaomi Mi Mid 2S but concerned about privacy issues in the past with Chinese devices. This is Taiwanese. Also the price is a bit less than what I can get a 2S for so its seriously worth considering.

    • Same boat as you, but still waiting to see for any deals on mi mix 2s 256gb just so that I dont have to worry about upgrading it anytime for the next few years. Good to know the seller is well received though

    • Done, ordered a 5Z in blue. Hope it doesn't break and need to return for warranty…

      Keen on the 3.5mm headphone jack and 24-bit DAC.

      • Wait 4 your review or first impression !!!

        • Will provide this for you when I get it :)

  • qd_au are the best ebay sellers in my opinion, bought my S8+ from them, 6 month on I dropped and cracked the phone, I contacted them, they were very helpful, did the whole service at no extra charge, cost me $288 done by Samsung, this included me sending and getting the phone back with DHL.

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