• expired

Free 1 Year VIP Coffee Club Membership (Was $25)


Free membership- gives 2 for 1 coffees. Not sure when it expires!


For those who came through the process but forgot to screenshot, visit this: https://www.theclub.com.au/success and it will still show the code (mine does).
- nkahoang

19/6: Mod - From comments it appears most or all memberships were cancelled for new customers, however some users who renewed have reported success.

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  • I wonder if this will be honoured.

  • Signed up - just hoping to receive the email and then the card.

  • Thanks OP. Nice one.

  • Thanks op, i signed up again.

  • Thanks OP, does anyone know the price of a small coffee there?
    Would probably be cheaper than grabbing a large or medium from anywhere else.

    • 4 bucks, maybe a smidgen more, under 5 though (for a takeaway at the local).

      • Holy cow that's a lot for a small coffee!! On second thoughts, it might be cheaper to just get a large from elsewhere and use their loyalty cards.

    • The price varies from one store to another.

  • anyone got an email yet?

    • Should've taken a screenshot of the final page :( no email yet.

    • nope not yet

  • Thank you

  • This deal is going to break the internet

  • +4

    Thanks .. I'm a coffee person but don't drink at the franchises .. however as a typical female, I applied for membership cos it's free.. lol

    • +4

      however as a typical female

      As a typical Ozbargainer you mean?

  • THX OP

  • Thanks OP!

  • +4

    I've had this before - used it like twice in the membership period. You can all do so much better than Coffee Club brews.

  • Code doesn’t work for me:((

    • worked for me just fine

      • Which code? Caps?

  • Thanks OP!! Still works fine for me

  • +3

    Just signed up thanks.

    My message was 'Ozbargain Coffee'

  • Thank you OP. Never been to CC but may start dropping by soon?

  • Just missed it.

  • Looks like it's been Oz Bargained!!!

    • +1

      Really? I just claimed it?

    • I just claimed it

    • I must have been one of the last ones 🤔

  • +1

    No Confirmation email still! Thank you whoever hinted on screenshoting the Welcome To the Club page.
    Will see what they say…

    • Hmmm… I finished the transaction but didn’t get an email. No screenshot. Hopefully it works

      • You can probably still get to that confirmation page if you go to your browser history and open the page from there. It worked for me.

        • Rip. Not even in my browser history. Did it through the app

  • +2

    They're on to it. Code was accepted as I filled out the form, by the time I got to the end of the form the code was no longer valid.

  • +2

    Oh!!! saw the post when i woke up. Told myself ill signup after a quick loo. Then this happens…ffs

  • No One is getting the email anytime soon.
    Just make sure you snip the card at the end of registration page.

  • theres not much choices in Sydney CBD anyway :/

  • Damn must've missed it by seconds, was signing up and it said code accepted, final payment $0, then clicking Confirm on the last page failed and now it says Invalid Promo Code.

  • Thanks OP, was one of the last to claim it - snipped it luckily too!

  • Dead now. Caps/lowercase etc all no good.

  • expired….any update?

  • +5

    Yep, as above, code invalid now.. It was worth a double shot! :)

  • Thanks OP
    Just got mine in time

  • Did anyone get email?

    • +1

      Nope (got web confirmation only)

  • darn, it has expired without informing!

    i let over 20 people know…..then 5 mins later expired..lol…need to say sorry one by one…..

  • +3

    "We're sorry…." email coming in 3…2…1..

    • If you have a web snip, will that not still work?
      Or do they input your member number at the coffee club and check whether you are a active member?

    • +1

      No apology, they found it easier to blame their customers for "leaking" a generic code.

  • almost 10k click Lol!!!

  • +12

    Just called them and they've mentioned that any membership that has been created using this code will be cancelled as the code is 'fraudulent' and was leaked to ozbargain she said.

    • What a pity

    • +12

      Just called them


      • -15

        To see if I could get my membership # since I didn't take a screenshot. Before even mentioning about what type of membership it is. She said is it related to that leaked code from ozbargain.

    • That's a shame 😣

      • +4

        The Cancellation Club.. oh wells. was fun trying anyway.

    • +3

      That's a shame, guess they don't want our business :)

    • Yeah, got a feeling this code would have been given to Brisbane Roar members as their sponsor is the coffee club. I imagine they will scrap all coffee club memberships and go with a Brisbane roar unique membership barcode sign up instead.

    • +12

      Nothing fraudulent about it. They're the idiots that put out a generic code.

    • Great business idea. Create coupons, ship them out and then say that they are only valid for people who are a + gain to them. You want a free coffee this May??? The rich mum who buys 5 cupcakes each entry gets it, the OzBargainer who saves $5 for a day of free coffee is "fraudulent".

      Or that might be discrimination…. who cares, it's not like Australia cares about online business practices.

  • Thanks OP! Let's wait and see if it gets honoured.

  • +1

    if anyone's stifled by the "i missed out on the freebie" maybe the following "discounts" might offer consolation…

    LIONS1815 $15 for the card - tested works
    LIONSM10 for a $10 renewal - untested

    • Would they cancel those on the basis of them being "fraudulent" too though?

      • +1

        The $15 code did work for me last month and received my card in the mail a few weeks after.

        • Where did you get th code from last month?

          it doesn’t work anyway.. meh never tried their coffee and don’t think I ever will

        • +1

          @johnnytran: Sorry I used this code EXPIRYTHIRTY17_15 from this previous deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/367592 . Its still active and just tested it works.

        • @ArabMoneeey: AUD15 for the membership now

    • Lionsm10 invalid which is a bummer at $10 I would renew at $15 I won't

  • -3

    I called the call centre- you wont be able to produce the screen shot with the membership number either because the membership number has been cancelled and voided from their system.
    Bummer thought i good one here. oh well its only $25 i might sign up anyway- its a great deal!!

  • Should we all individually call them?

    • -2

      Dont waste your time- ive rang them twice got 2 different people - same story- membership number is voided :( :( :(

  • Got a screen shot of the membership number on the phone even if the card does not get sent out.

  • Too many professionals haha

  • +6

    The way to check whether your card is still in their system, is try to renew it by just going through first screen (not actually going through the whole renew process) and see what message you get. If it says that you can only renew when your membership has less than 3 months expiry, that most likely means that its still in their system.

    I wouldn't bother calling them up, plus if everyone start calling them up, they will just get annoyed and small chance of them every fulfilling this will be gone.If the fulfill it then great if not then nothing lost except for couple of mins registering for it.

    • Great advice, I just tried this and received the following message:

      "Sorry, memberships are only available for renewal 3 months prior to your expiry date"

      So should I assume that my member number is active in their system with the 2/07/19 expiry??

  • +22

    Shooting themselves in the foot by cancelling tbh. I never go to coffee club because their coffee sucks, this would've been a monetary incentive for me, but now it's gone. Oh well!

  • they scan the card or key in the VIP number in their cashier counter when purchasing something there?

    • As there is no barcode on their digital card, I would assume that they must punch in the VIP number…?

  • +14

    I just went in to buy some coffees. They input the membership number in their system.

    Worked! Sipping my free coffee now.

  • +8

    I didn't bother with this offer as I don't go there normally, but I think they are making a bad decision if they are cancelling. A cup of coffee is cheap on materials, if making two at once it's barely any more time / labour than one. If they let this slip and gave a good smile each time it would have been an inexpensive good-will gesture and they probably would have got customers out of it that they would otherwise never have seen.

    • Totally agreed !
      I had paid membership with them before and honestly their coffee is very ordinary. I use it because I always go shopping with my mum so it is handy and we always order something to go with the coffee. I say if they cancel this deal they will lose more business, its a stupid move.

  • Has this offer already finished?? Expired??

    • They cancelled all the subscriptions. So it was a fake.

  • +24

    I don’t understand why prople call them it just red flags the deal.

    Whats the best they are going to say? Dig up everything and confirm everything so you can feel better?

  • Saying its invalid now?

  • +8

    They are stupid to cancel this, BOGOF and 10% off full priced meals isn't even that good. Even if someone liked their coffee you can get the membership for $10 which should be an insignificant loss for them.

    • +2

      Yes and some of their coffee tastes very average…

      • +2

        Yes and some of their coffee tastes very average…

        The free one must taste better

        • +2

          Everything tastes better when its free :)

        • @Stefce:
          This free deal left a bitter taste in my mouth.

  • +7

    Definition of fraudulent “obtained, done by, or involving deception, especially criminal deception.” Generic code, hardly fraudulent.

  • +6

    I'm sure they will delete all the personal data they gathered as a result of this "fraud".

    • +3

      Once the cancellation email comes out, should def call them and ask for that in writing, all 11,000 people who clicked the link lol.

  • I wonder if those who have had a membership prior was able to just renew theirs, as their membership will still be on the system (even if they're expired)?

    When I try to renew now, mine says: "Sorry, memberships are only available for renewal 3 months prior to your expiry date"

    So perhaps those who had prior memberships have not been removed.

  • +1

    Ahh seriously…. over 500 upvotes for a 2 for 1 coffee card. Am I missing something?

    • +3

      This is ozbargain

      • You can get free coffees from muffin break, half price starbucks coffees, free 7eleven coffees, free coffees from hey you, free coffees from merlo and the list goes on. I can't remember the last time I paid for a coffee. Don't understand why these coffee club card deal are always so popular when there are better options out there and you don't need to buy one coffee to get the other one free!

  • I'm fairly certain they're working on an cancellation email, as no one has received the confirmation for this.

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