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Seagate IronWolf 8TB/6TB 7200RPM NAS HDD $271.15/$220.15 (+$15 Del or $0 Del w/ eBay Plus) @ Computer Alliance eBay


Another ripper of a NAS deal from CA. A new historical low price for the 8TB capacity of this drive, beating the last two popular deals. 6TB is also at a decent price

There is a $15 Flat rate for delivery, however you can get free delivery with a Free 30 day eBay Plus Trial

Credit to Bigshoes mentioning in my last deal that 4TB Ironwolf are at historical low - unfortunately 4TB is OOS now but I think 8TB is a deal worthy of sharing

Staticice Link

Thanks to TA for original Computer Alliance 15% off Storewide @ eBay deal


Also might be eligible for Seagate's Movie Ticket Promotion

EDIT: As per rbaggio's comment, the promo finishes 22 June 11:59pm and requires serial number, so will depend on delivery times.

Movie Ticket Promotion Link

When a customer purchases one or more of the eligible products below, they will receive two entries to "Ant Man and the Wasp" plus two packets of popcorn.

Eligible Products … Seagate IronWolf 6TB ST6000VN0041 … Seagate IronWolf 8TB ST8000VN0022

Purchase Period. In order to be eligible for the Seagate IronWolf and LaCie Movie Promotion, the participant must make their purchase between 00:00 AEDT 21st May 2018 to 22nd June 2018 23:59 AEDT (inclusive)

Promotion Period. Between 00:00 AEDT 21st May 2018 to 22nd June 2018 23:59 AEDT (inclusive)

Not sure if Computer Alliance are participating, however there aren't mention of retailers in the promo T&C's, and I see the promotions advertised on MSY, Centre Com and PLE, so should apply to all the major Aus retailers. Hopefully a rep can confirm.

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  • +1

    Excellent price! Seems like there is 27 in stock so people might want to be quick if they want it.

  • Is RED worth $40 more

    • If they're in close proximity, imho yes. IronWolf is 7200rpm and are noticeably nosier + more heat. If neither are an issue for you then go for it.

      • +4

        Wrong. Seagate NAS uses less power (i.e. produces less heat) even at a faster rotational speed (i.e. more performance). The WD red is slightly quieter at idle and slightly louder at load. Seagate also has a lower BER, has significantly faster sequential performance and more cache.

        Be objective, save $40 and get a better drive -> buy the Ironwolf.

    • +5

      WD Red's are slower/less performance but the IronWoolf will run a little warmer and make more noise… depends what you are after. I would not pay $40 more for a slower drive myself but personal preference really..

      • My Ironwolf run 5deg lower then my WD Red's on a 918+

    • In NAS application, RAID (not 0) means that (1Gbps) Ethernet connection (even with aggregation) will be the bottleneck, and, disk speed is irrelevant. Choose most reliable disks.

  • +4

    You’d wanna hope they get shipped quIckly.
    The entry form requires you enter the drive serial number(s).
    The promotion ends June 22.

    • +3

      This should be in the description as it's pretty much a guarantee you won't be able to participate.

    • +1

      Thanks, have amended description and removed it from title

    • +1

      FYI for the competition, the purchase needs to be from an authorised reseller but there is no official list.

      According to the T&Cs

      Section 2.1: Entry Process. In order to participate in this promotion, the customers must purchase their eligible product during the promotion period and from Seagate/LaCie Australian authorized resellers. Excludes grey importers. Contact [email protected] to verify if a reseller is eligible.

      [EDIT]: I emailed the guy and got a response within 5 minutes.

      • +1

        Nice, what was the response?

      • +1

        So…post the response. Don't just tell us you got one XD

      • Response to my query about whether or not my eBay purchase from the following reseller was eligible:
        Mediaform Computer Supplies Pty Ltd
        ABN 900 602 122 86

        Hi Daniel,

        Yes, they are authorised.

        Please go ahead and fill out the claim form and if all is good, we will send you a confirmation email with the next steps.


        Seda Beki

        • And the response after I entered the movie ticket promotion:

          Thank you for entering Seagate Hoyts Promotion.
          The promotion will end soon. Details of the gift card promotion will be provided after the close of the promotion.
          Kind Regards,
          Seagate Marketing Team

  • 1TB MX500 SSD for $296.65 free delivery if you start free trial with Ebay Plus.
    Computer Alliance is an Ebay plus seller.

  • +1

    Thanks OP! Haven't had a Seagate drive in a long time, so fingers crossed…

  • +1

    Damn. Bought 4 x 8TB Reds in the CA sale. Should of got these. :(

    • I bought 3 too, but I prefer to pick up hard drives from their store. I've had bad experiences in the past getting bare drives delivered (not by CA, but other companies).

      If only CA would let people pick up eBay orders…

  • +1

    Noise can vary, if you're lucky you'll get a well balanced one, if you're not, you should buy some isolation mounts.

  • +2
    • I shouldnt have hesitated QQ

    • For cock sake…

    • +2

      Saw it at lunchtime, but figured id wait til i got home. Cashrewards & ebay blocked/gimped at work.
      The sale runs 23 June. Hoping they can restock.

    • :-(

  • Check out the IronWolf's specifications.

  • So painful, I just bought 4 of these from another seller (on sale) for approx $900 last week… haven't even set them up yet and I could have made this saving.

  • Must resist clicking buy and purchasing adult movies…

  • This or wd red for a unraid server ?

  • +5

    Hmm any chance of a restock/backorder on the 8TB models?

  • +3

    Got the Ironwolf I ordered around 1pm yest. Seriously impressed with their delivery.

    • Lucky, I haven't even received notification that mine's been sent :( Hopefully will arrive by Friday so I can get the free tix.

      • Most were packed last night and will go out this afternoon.

        • Yes, thanks - I received notification this arvo, that it's on its away - so hopefully I can grab the movie tix.

  • +2

    FYI, lots of HDDs due in probably tomorrow, some Thu. A lot of SKUs that are off at the moment will be back up then


  • +1

    8TB is back in stock, More than 10 available / 126 sold - More than 55% sold.

    Edit: Make that 128 sold ;)

    • +3

      Had a large batch come in a hour or so ago, across most Seagate — many hundreds of most Seagate SKUs.

      Don't worry about the small numbers that show on eBay, they are updated back to 10 on every order. We have enough in stock that I don't expect to run out again during the eBay deal, at least for the popular models.

      If you prefer the WDs, couple of trucks worth due in tomorrow and Thu and the drives we let fall off eBay will come back up.

      And while I'm at it, more Synology stock incoming also, probably Friday.

      • Thanks OP, looking forward to seeing the Synology DS218+ back in stock soon.

      • Seems like 8TB IronWolf out again? I can't catch a break. Haha.

      • hi rep theres only iron wolf pro on ebay

        i cant see 8tb regular iron wolfs

  • back in stock!

  • I think we pushed up a few of the Synology before they actually arrive to give people time to buy — note most of those won't ship till Friday, and possibly Monday.

    • Lots of Synology SKUs are now back up.

  • Link doesn’t work

  • +2

    any idea when they'll come back in stock?

  • Sorry — the 8G ironwolfs sold our faster than I expected — I misread the numbers in that batch when i posed above and there was I think only 50 or so of the 8s, the SKU next to it had a extra zero!

    Still 100s to 1000s of the of the 4/6/10/12G models still available and also note we have the WD Red models back.


    • Any idea when the 8G come back in stock?

  • +4

    Put the 8TBs back up. Note we don't have stock though they are due in late today. New 8TB orders probably won't ship till early next week.


    • Thank you. Ordered one.

  • I missed this deal a few days ago when there was a 15% discount code available.

    Anyone knows what is the current best deal on a WD Red or Seagate Ironwolf 6TB or 8TB HDD???

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