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Coca-Cola, No Sugar Can, 36x 375mL for $23.99 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Ok, first post but I thought it was a good one.

Amazon are selling a 36 pack of Coke (including No Sugar) with free shipping. After the return and earn rebate (NSW/SA/NT) you're looking at about 56c a can.. easily the best deal I've seen and delivered to your door..

Stock up on Bundy and you're cooked for days.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    This makes it the same price as Coles at the moment at $19.80 for 30 cans, but you can pick up at your local coles.

    • Knew there was something I should have looked at while in the supermarket earlier

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      Coles is actually $0.23 more expensive than Amazon per 36 cans. I guess you can treat that as convenience/delivery fee (unless you get carded by Australia Post
      or another courier and then you end up having to pick it up anyway).

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        What? No it's not.
        23.99÷36 is 0.6663888888888889 per can. 19.80÷30 is 0.66 per can. So Coles would cost 23.76 for 36.
        You got them mixed up.

        Anyway Woolworths is currently much cheaper than both, and Costco is cheaper. Maybe be cheaper at Aldi as well.

        • Yep, got the names mixed up.

    • The difference is someone will carry this to your doorstep, which IMO is well worth it.

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    They had them for $20.64 about a week ago. Used my free credit on them and somehow didn't have to pay a cent.

  • This isn't cheap.
    Better price from the supermarket.

  • Gone are the days of 50c a can :(

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      Every now and then, coles flybuys gives you 1000 points to buy 24 pack (I think). If you catch them at the same time they are on discount, then it is actually cheaper than even 50c per can.

      Coupled with discounted gift card, it is much cheaper lol.

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        Next time it comes up, please create a bargain post for us all to enjoy.

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      Considering 50c was a good price 15 years ago I think its not too bad tbh

      • Absolutely, inflation seriously creeps up on you.

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    will buy from coles

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    This is a great deal if you're a Coke drinker and you want to order something else that's cheap from Amazon, but don't want to pay shipping… part of their "Free expedited delivery on all Coca-Cola drinks" promo for the Word Cup…

    I ordered a $10 Xbox game, but didn't want to pay $6 for standard delivery (or $10 for express) - so added a pack of Coke to the order, and both were sent via Express Post, and arrived the next day… without any delivery charge :)

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      Yeah but you forgot to factor the cost of diabetes

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        No diabetes with No Sugar :D

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    No Sugar? More like No Taste. Zero FTW.

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    how is this a bargain same price at coles now often cheaper

  • $15.90 for 24 at IGA, NSW

  • I have never seen a 36 can pack before.