Buying Foreign Currency Using AmEx?

Hi all - Does anyone know of a place where you can buy foreign currency using an AMEX, and not be charged a cash advance fee?

I'm travelling overseas and need to pick up some euros.

Otherwise are there any good places to recommend to purchase foreign exchange in Melbourne?



    There’s a place on the Swanston st side of Q.V. in the city. Pretty sure it’s cash for cash only.

    You don’t really need any Euros though. If you have a Citibank debit card just use that to get cash but you likely won’t need it.

    Everywhere takes card.

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      I think the OP is talking about an AMEX run foreign exchange facility. AMEX used to have their own ForEx which would give favourable rates to card holders (can't use CC to buy unless you want cash advance fee). AMEX 2-3 years ago have closed this part of the business.