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Denon AVR-X1400 $556 @ Harvey Norman


First post…nearly pulled the trigger on one of these from videopro for $746. Bought today with price match at JB HiFi as it was easier to get to.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    Good price and cheaper than Amazon Germany. Who invited Gerry to the party?

  • Really tempted. My avr is just 2y old, now i want to upgrade to Atmos, plus $100 cashback from Amex makes it great deal.

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      Atmos is great, I love how it will upmix standard 5.1 or even 2.0ch tracks to make them surround. Works great in my home theatre. Watching Youtube in surround :P

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    good price paid around this for the x1300 back in christmas 2016 from

    • +88

      What are you having for dinner tonight? I was thinking of cooking risotto I saw a recipe with good reviews and rice was on sale down at IGA but then I also have leftovers in the fridge… Maybe I should just get uber eats I can't wait to have a burger and beer next

      • Priceless Classic!!!!

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    Not sure if Amex deal is still active but that’s another $50 off in conjunction with that deal :)

    • till end of June. Only $50 off though, not the usual $100.

  • This would cost bit extra but good price for a THX certified Onkyo RZ series-

  • -2

    Would love to jump into a Atmos setup with all my Dali Zensor range but just bought a house and spending on reno's instead :(

    • +1

      Would love to jump into a Atmos setup

      Come to my place, I have the Zensors and just bought the X3400 last month from
      But I have wooden floors, so no jumping though please…

      • Yeah nice which series do you have ?

        I got a 7.2 pioneer class d amp but doesnt support 4k passthrough for my 65ks8000 sammy
        So run optical to it
        Zensor 7
        Zensor 1 as rears
        Zensor centre
        Zensor sub

      • +3

        Probably for spending on renos instead or Amps

        • I’m hearin ya

  • I need an AV that can do two zones, has atmos HDR10 and Dolby Vision and supports a Wifi speaker, will this do all that.. is it 7.2 with dual zone?
    Thats a cracking price and $50 cashback?

  • +1

    Specs say only 1 x HDMI input - surely thats incorrect?

    • I think whoistheg meant to respond to you but made a new comment.

      I'm just replying to you so you get the notification in case you didn't see their comment.

    • Hardly Normal.

  • +1

    It’s 1 output

    Bought 1, one week ago arrived on Monday. From videopro

  • Hi noob question: can i use my existing 5.1 speakers with this amp or do i need Dolby Atmos speakers?

    • can use your existing.. the atoms speakers can be added later - they are just upward firing speakers that generally sit on top of your fronts

      • +2

        You are referring to “Atmos Enabled” speakers. Those are the ones that bounce off the roof.

        True atmos speakers live in the ceiling :)

        This supports both flavours.

      • So they will work but without Atmos effects. Where will you plug the add-on upfire speakers to though? I can't find those ports from rear view photo.

        • -1

          They plug into the second set of surround ports. Most likely the ones labelled surround, not "surround back". The manual should clear that up.

    • Pretty bad advice you just got… Upward firing speakers is what they do if it's in a soundbar. Which is to make a virtual Dolby Atmos sound. Your 5.1 setup is fine you just add two more speakers to the ceiling or prop them up on high bookshelfs or cabinets, etc. - if you can't install them in the wall. The sound difference isn't that big with most movies yet. Mainly a couple scenes per movie where you'll hear a bigger effect. It is getting better all the time though. There's no such thing as Dolby Atmos speakers, the amp just decodes the signal to your speakers. Yours would be called a 5.1.2 setup. The final two speakers you want to run an Atmos setup with connect to the Surround Back ports (will be the last four terminals)

      PS thanks for the neg for correcting your poor advice. Be better if you didn't try to help if you don't know what you're talking about

      • -2

        Theres always some one that thinks they know it all.. Pretty bad advice?? What i was stating was 100% correct, stop trying to be a hero.

        "Now there’s a convenient and affordable way to unlock the full Dolby Atmos sound experience in your home theater.You get to keep your existing speaker setup exactly as you like it, and you don’t need to install in-ceiling speakers. The Onkyo SKH-410 speakers connect to your Dolby Atmos-compatible A/V receiver’s height channels and are designed to sit on top of your floorstanding front speakers"

        • That's not real Atmos and its why people are calling it a gimmick, because it's says it will rebound the sound off the walls which is bullshit. It's coming from the same place as the front speakers… So your ears will hear it as in front of you. Companies knew people didn't want to install speakers in ceilings or mount them high, so thought of a cheap way to try to get people into Atmos. True Atmos is only meant to be speakers above you.
          You truly give the worst advice ever. I'm convinced you don't even own a AV Receiver. Surround channels are for 5.1 setup. Surround Back and/or Height channels are meant for 7.1 or Dolby Atmos.

  • Hmmm, buy now or buy later…. wont be using it till new years….
    Going to be using a 5.2.2 layout in my theater room…. and looks like this supports it….

    • Then buy during Boxing day sales.

      • True….

    • Keep in mind the 2 subs get the same signal. This does not support 2 independent sub outputs with different audyssey curves, delays, volume etc on each sub. You need a model higher up. Basically it’s an inbuilt Y adapter…

      • or you could use the stereo pre outs and get a minidsp (disable the sub cross over in the amp and use the dsp - ie. tell the amp you have no sub and just 5 channels, set the speaker crossover to 80 hz and disable the crossover for the stereo preout and let the minidsp do the cross over, levels etc).
        you would then have stereo subs.

  • +1

    How is this compared to X2400H….

    • Around 1000.

    • The x2400h is $640 delivered on

    • +3

      2400H has better quality terminals, better remote, 2 hdmi outputs, more hdmi and legacy inputs, more Zone 2 control and connections, 4K video upscaling plus higher wattage output for speakers. 8ohm speakers gets much higher wattage per channel - 6ohm is fairly similar. For most people 1400H is better value and cutting out connections they wouldn't use anyway but 2400H did win best overall receiver for the year from many sites and reviews.

  • I've got an existing sony 5.1 bluray home theatre setup. Can i run the existing speakers to this unit and get rid of the bluray unit (As dont need bluray anymore)

  • How is this compared to Yamaha RX-V681?

    • +3

      The Yammy is older and the Denon has more newer features (future proof)

      Denon has over Yammy

      • HLG support (with firmware upgrade) ~ normally HLG support will be with TV's that have HDMI 2.0b
      • Support Dolby Vision
      • HDR support for 4K TV

      So if you have the latest 4K TV with HDR, this is ideal.

      Especially for this price and it's local (i.e. has local warranty)


  • +2

    Don't forget this deal if in the market.

    If you're prepared to buy OS then for another ~$80 (plus conversion fees if applicable to your card) you can step up to an Atmos receiver in this Denon range. You'll want it to ship before 30 June though.

    Denon AVR-X2400H at

    That aside, this is a good local deal with local warranty if the 1400 meets your setup needs.

    • +1

      This is worth spending more to get this over the X1400H

    • +2

      you can step up to an Atmos receiver in this Denon range

      X1400H is atmos

  • I, on the other hand, DID buy the videopro one. I'm absolutely spewing.

  • Ahh, we're back to the 'new great feature' is more important than power and control debate hey?

  • +1

    I bought the videopro one as well. Ah well. It's a great receiver. Easy to setup. Denon's audyssey setup (even tho it's the basic one) is light years ahead of other budget receivers.

  • Awww dangit this one doesn't come with speakers either.

  • New model AVR-X1500H is just coming out, that's why this is cheap

  • +2

    Can anyone please recommend a deal for speakers that can go well with this?

  • How does this compare to the Onkyo TX-NR555?

    • Onkyo has better zone 2 capabilities. You can run a 7.2 setup plus run another 2 channels in another room. With the Denon you can only run 5.2 as it doesn't have enough terminals (unless you use legacy connections). It also has 4K video upscaling. Has been reports that the actual sound output isn't as clean as the Denon. Although the wattage per channel is very similar.

      • With the Denon you can only run 5.2

        • The Denon is 7.2 channel (7.1 with same sub signal to 2 channels) - Unless you are referring to concurrent Zone 2 (5.2 + 2) powering speakers (which I think you are)
        • No HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma) on the TX-NR555
        • The Denon is more future proof

        You can run a 7.2 setup plus run another 2 channels in another room

        • Technically you can't. The Onkyo/Denon is 7.2 (7.1 channel) - 5.2 + 2
        • You need a 9.2 channel receiver to run it concurrently (Zone 1 - 7.2 Ch + Zone 2 - 2 Ch = 9.2 Ch)

        Onkyo has better zone 2 capabilities

        • Only audio and not video. (RCA)
        • Denon X1400H does not support Zone 2
  • Could use these guys for a discount gift card then get JB to price match? Anyone used Spendless before?

  • +2

    Videopro are offering this at the same price this weekend with free shipping.
    I purchased one a few weeks ago (at the damned old price).
    Note that it is 80 watts per channel (8 ohms, 20 Hz - 20 kHz, THD 0.08%, 2ch driven). As usual, they provide a misleading rating “145W” per channel upfront.
    I’ve not owned an AV Reveiver before so nothing to compare to. The on screen menus seem intuitive. I’ve not found myself wanting for any additional features. The power level is sufficient to play uncomfortably loud music on my KEF Q900’s which are half price at Addictedtoaudio ($1499) - they have been this price for quite a while.
    I have not yet connected a subwoofer so can’t comment on the crossover settings.

    • -1

      It's rated to 145w for 6ohm speakers. Most people should be looking at 6ohm impedence, if they're going to be spending over $500 on an AV receiver. What's the point in getting a receiver and only being able to use just over half of its wattage capabilities. Your KEFs would be able to go to even 4ohms at some frequencies (8ohm standard) so I'm sure you'll be getting more than 80w at times.

    • Hey Starky
      For what it’s worth I had also purchased one from Videopro a month ago when on sale at $687 I went in store trying to get a refund on price difference with no luck. Spoke to Head office they transferred my back to store of purchase who looked into it a bit more and found this weekend Denon is offering retailers some kind of rebate. So they refunded the difference. As I have purchased most of my Audio Visual equipment through them maybe they thought it was the fair thing to do. Very satisfied customer!

    • -1

      Tbh, spending $550 on an AV receiver is not really going to blow your mind away.
      It will do its job within a small room and that's about it… more like a bedroom size or a little bigger
      … and it wont do your KEF's much justice .. actually more harm then good when you turn it up and get distortion.
      At least .. a $1500+ receiver will be "OK" IMO .. well, at least it will have pre-outs where you can add an external amp and make your KEF's really sing!

      Edit: Many manufacturers of AV receivers usually state wattage in 6 Ohms. It jacks up their power rating.
      But at least this unit has its wattage in 8 Ohms on their site… but that's 2 channel driven. More so 50W x 2 + 30W x 5 when you run 7 speakers.


      • -1

        Don't know where you're coming up with those figures. Plus it's about wattage to decibel rating. All the new receivers have biamp or bridgeable to other amps. You don't need to spend $1500. 8 ohm speakers are more entry level. Higher end is 6ohm, Enthusiast 4ohm. Like I said if you're buying a receiver over $500 that means your more than likely going to spending well over $1000 on speakers. Which will mean higher probability that they will be 6ohm anyway. Instead of complaining about 8ohm just get 6ohm speakers! Receivers go up in very small wattage increments for each step up in price.

        • -1

          Do you think a tinny $500 receiver is going to cut it for the KEF Q900 LOL? .. unless you like distortion when you crank it up!

          8 ohm speakers are more entry level. Higher end is 6ohm, Enthusiast 4ohm.

          What's that going to do with the price of fish? My response is about @Starky's KEF900 speakers… and they are at 8 Ohm resistance.

          It's not only about the wattage (well claimed), it is to do more with the current output. The dB rating on the speakers are usually 89 - 100dB .. so the lower dB, the beefier amp you need (well I also have the Polk RTiA9 ~ 89dB). .. and even my Klipsch RF82ii claiming 98dB meaning you don't need a very powerful amp to power it is a rubbish claim.
          A $1500+ receiver will have more current and a better PSU than a $500 one. Even if it is 20W RMS per channel more.

          All the new receivers have biamp or bridgeable to other amps

          Not they don't!
          The cheapies don't offer a biamp function and in my view, if they do, they are rubbish.
          What do you mean by bridgeable to other amps???
          You mean (RCA) Pre-outs?? .. yeah; please go online and get back to me the price point when you see receivers that have "All channel" pre-outs? At least $1500+
          … and then the Pre-outs have to qualify for the input sensitivity Voltages to the respective external amp you connect to it. Otherwise the full signal to the amp wont be utilized.

          • I have several receivers at my home, from basic to flagship, that is used for powering my Klipsch 8 Ohms RF82ii. On another setup, I have separates (Prepro multi-> Power & Preamp -> power 2 channel - Full Bypass) - XLR connections. So I think I have some knowledge in this field - well hopefully!
          • Even the flagship receiver connected to it is OK (~ 125W RMS Pioneer LX86) and it's nothing special.
          • When I add my Rotel RB1582 from the Pioneer's pre-outs .. it sings!
          • This will be same case for the KEF's
          • More power the better, as long as the input signal is clean. You'll have better control.

          Instead of complaining about 8ohm just get 6ohm speakers!

          I am not complaining LOL. Where did you assume that?? Many speakers out there are 8 Ohms; plus once again responding to KEF900 8 Ohm speakers

          It's great that you are passionate … but you get a little too excited :P

          Btw, I am not going to neg your comment. You're welcome to neg mine :-) .. I don't mind the bantering LOL

          I have been there and done that!

  • I bought this!

    Ticked a lot of boxes.

    My friend also has a Denon branded amp and I have been impressed with it's performance everytime I hang out and listen to music at his place.

  • Anyone actually recieved theirs?
    I placed the order, they took the money then said it was sold out at the store I bought it from.
    They told me they would get it from Moore Park and it would take a week.
    After a week I called and it turns out it isn't coming at all so they are giving me my money back.
    They still have it for sale on the site though!

    • I received mine on Tuesday, 26/06. I ordered on Friday, 22/06. Was shipped from TAS to VIC.

    • Page is gone now…

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