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Ring Video Doorbell (Satin Nickel) - $104.30 C&C or $109.25 Delivered @ JB Hi-Fi


Been looking for a good deal on this doorbell and home security floodlight for a while. Pretty certain this is the cheapest price it's ever been.

Doorbell is currently $141 at Officeworks, $138 at Bunnings.

Bunnings has a 10% price beat guarantee so you could grab V1 doorbell for $93.87 and floodlight for $238.77

Ring Doorbell 2 1080p version is slightly cheaper at Bunnings than JB, however 10% price beat brings it down to $207.27 for those interested.

Video comparison for doorbells https://youtu.be/TYgfTbZqSiU

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  • any idea when the sale ends? The pro version is pretty cheap too!

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      Can't find any date on the site :(
      Going to get V1 price matched at Bunnings. Having seen footage on YouTube, 720p seems pretty decent and can't go wrong at that price! Ring will replace any stolen doorbell free of charge too.

      • Replace stolen door bells? Really? Don't they have some sort of I'd attached to each one. So can easier track stolen ones

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          Because the doorbells need to be registered with Ring, once it's reported stolen it'll be deactivated. Criminals would stop stealing them over time because they have no resale value. That's the idea anyway.

        • @LlamaLlamaLamp: how about chop them for parts?

    • July 1st, according to email.

  • Is it battery powered and wireless or wired? Confusing description "Connects to existing doorbell wires for both power charging and ringing of the bell." ???

    • Ring v1 is battery powered, but can also be hard wired so you don't have to remove it from the wall to recharge.

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    Thanks..bought the lucky last from Bunnings Rouse Hill.

  • I got a V2 price beaten at OW using Bunnings price which was $1 less. How do you get $207.27?

    • Game over when Bunnings magically adjust its price to be $1 cheaper than JB.

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    I got the Xiaomi home gateway and then various switches (one to use as a door bell) , door monitors and window monitors. The problem is that they keep going off line and then do t work and I can work out how to get most of them back online. So a waste of money really. So now I don't have a door bell. I would think about this but live on a busy street so my guess is that it would always get stolen.

    • My Xiaomi's work and they have been rock-solid. I think the trick is because I have two gateways and one of them quite close to the front entrance. The motion sensor and bell have never dropped off and I set them up nearly eight months ago and haven't yet had to change any of the batteries.
      The time where I had to unplug the gateway near the entrance (had to plug in the vacuum) was the only time the bell stopped working.

    • The Ring have an anti-theft guarantee. I haven’t read the terms recently but it used to be that if they get stolen, they will replace it for you free of charge.

      • Correct. As stated on Ring website:

        Ring Doorbell is equipped with proprietary security screws that keep the device securely mounted. If your Ring Doorbell is stolen, please contact us with a police report and we will replace it free of charge.

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      ^ I also use Xiaomi gear around the house. Mine are rock solid too. My gateway is central in the house and close to everything. I've got too many devices now though, so I'm about to roll out a second gateway.

    • My Xiaomi cameras have stopped working too. They still send notifications to my phone, but can't view the video. Really frustrating, seem like I wasted my money. I probably could view the video if I took the SD card out, but no idea why I cant get it to work via the app.

      • I don’t get any notification of movement etc from the camera on to my I phone either. Nor do I get notifications of my door is open even though I have set up the rule.

        Anyway to get around this? Everything works other than getting notification on the phone which is obviously quite important.

        • Reinstall the phone app. Had to do this every time the problem occurs

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    just ordered the pro version, was going to buy from Harveys for $350 and use amex to get it for $300, this is better deal, with 7.5% off gift card from HCF.


  • Just bought the chime at Bunnings using JB price.

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    Id recommend also keeping an eye out on the Amazon listing, from previous experience they price match fairly quickly and can combine with AMAZON20 to get it for $84.30.

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      Legend strikes, as doweyy mentioned, Amazon has reduced it to $104.30, ($84.30 with AMAZON20)

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      Thanks doweyy. Both Ring v1 and Floodlight on Amazon - with Free shipping and Amazon20 works out cheaper than getting a price match!

    • Don't forget 5% cashback from Cashrewards too.

    • Has anyone's order from Amazon shipped yet? Mine was showing that it would ship 25/06 but it still hasn't.

  • I read somewhere you need a cloud subcrisption for this and you get a 30 day trial period to start off, can any owners confirm?

    • Basic costs $3 per month or $30 for the year per device; Protect costs $10 per month or $100 for year

      • Can someone with a subscription please confirm this. It says $3/30, $10/100 on their faq page but $4/40, $15/150 here https://ring.com/video-doorbell
        I get the feeling the cheaper figure is USD?

    • Only if you need the cloud storage to store recordings, if you're happy just to use it as a normal door bell with live video to your mobile device when activated by the bell or motion deteciton, then you won't need the cloud subscription.

      • Cool thanks

      • so without subscription you can still view live video when someone ring door bell? what about voice to voice call does it work?

        • Correct. Say postie came to door and left parcel while you weren't home, you wouldn't be able to go back and see that footage without the subscription. But you can still use voice and live video.

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    You need the cloud subscription only if you want to view recordings of previous/missed alerts.

    The doorbell and its features will still function without the subscription.

    • Cool thanks

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    It’s the same price on Amazon now. Just paid $84.30 with the AMAZON20 code

    • thanks for the heads-up!

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        this really needs to go to the top!

  • Just got mine from bunnings for $93.87

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    Make sure you have fast upload speeds.. 100 down 5 up cable and its still 50-50 if it will connect.

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      As stated on Ring website:

      Slow internet can cause problems with Live View. To see if this is the cause of the problem, test your internet speed. While connected to your home Wi-Fi on your smartphone, tablet or PC, visit ring.com/speed to perform a speed test. A minimum of 2 Mbps Upload and Download speed is recommended for the best streaming performance for Ring Pro and Floodlight Cam.

  • Sorry for my ignorance but does the bell have an indoor unit that chimes when someone presses the button? I would be keen to know if someone is at the door when my phone is off

    • Yes but you need to buy that seperately

      • Oh okay. Thanks

      • Does it have to be a ring indoor unit, or can it connect to say a swann wireless doorbell system thing?

  • I have one of these bought of eBay few months ago. Battery only last for a month on lowest motion sense setting. Their website says battery lasts 3-6 months.

  • Who offers the 10% best?

    Ring Doorbell 2 1080p version is slightly cheaper at Bunnings than JB, however 10% price beat brings it down to $207.27 for those interested.

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    I think it's on clearance, massive price drops everywhere.

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    I guarantee that this will only work for a few years. Avoid buying technology that relies on a proprietary cloud platform to function.

    This is subscription, which might give you a longer life, but seriously… a subscription doorbell?

    • Its not required

      • If ring roll their carpet, this becomes an expensive brick, no? Can't really use it without connecting to the cloud.

        If there is a way to still use it within the LAN then it would still be useful.

        • +2

          Amazon bought Ring for $1.1b - this is something like Amazon Echo/Alexa, it won't be discontinued unless people stop using it.
          Besides, the paid service is only required if you want your footage uploaded to the cloud. App will still work with wifi.

      • The app however is proprietary and is required.

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    I thoght it is a Mp3 player

  • Buy it from Bunnings and return within 2 years if any issue with battery or connectivity. Bunnings warranty is pretty good

    • True, however Amazon bought out Ring so returns shouldn't be a problem.

  • Got it for $93 at Bunnings. I see Amazon is cheaper I may take that up and return Bunnings yet

  • Bunnings Balcatta WA had no stock despite computer saying 2

    Just bought last one at Bunnings Innaloo WA

    $93.87 with price beat paid using Bunnings gift cards :)

    • Should have just bought it from Amazon for $84.30, cheaper and save u from running around looking for one :)

      • You're right, but for $9 extra you get 3 years piece of mind should something go wrong with the doorbell :P Amazon may or may not take it back after the warranty gets expired

        • +1

          Good point, hopefully Amazon will be good to me if I have any issues :)

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    Great Thanks
    Bought last one from Springvale, Victoria. bunnings
    They intially refused saying their policy is not to match sale items.
    Then the manager agreed to give it for 93.87.

  • +3

    Perfect timing. Got woken up at 10am by Jehovah witnesses after climbing into bed at 7am after a nightshift. Won't need to leave bed now to give them a piece of my mind.

    • LOL

    • If you tell them you're a shift worker they should take note and not do that again

      (Or you could put up a no religion sign or something else)

  • Got the Ring Chime Pro for $49.14 with 10% price beat at Bunnings, standard Chime is $54.99 on Amazon. 3 left in stock for Doorbell. Couple left for Ring Chime Pro. Receipt here https://i.imgur.com/6S81KQB.jpg

    • +1

      I got the normal chime for $41 a jb

      • "The only difference between them is that Chime Pro also works as a Wi-Fi extender. Not only does Chime Pro extend your Wi-Fi signal, but it also amplifies your Ring alerts. So, if your doorbell is far from your router, or you think you’ll have problems with the WiFi connection to your Ring doorbell, make sure to get the Ring Chime Pro to boost Ring’s Network Signal".

        Great price nevertheless!

  • Is this good for a renter? Easy to install and take off when you need to move?

    • Easy to install, tutorials on youtube if you want to diy

  • Has anyone got this working with an Amazon Echo Show?

  • +1

    Got mine from Bunnings for $93.87, thank you.

  • Can anyone confirm if Ring will connect with Google Assistant to allow you to stream the camera to your TV?

    My research reveals that isn't possible at this stage (and probabaly never will be due to Amazon's acquisition of Ring) despite ring being able to connect to Google assistant. There are limited functions:

  • I've tried to connect the Doorbell with my Echo Show but couldn't get it to work. The setup mentioned it won't work with the Doorbell yet. Only works with the Doorbell 2, Pro and Elite. [Edit: reply to Zandz]

    • Gotta be possible. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2dR5aEMTtM (@1m:25s) This guy shows his "Amazon Alexa" app has 'Music, Video & Books" under the hamburger menu. I've seen some UK Amazon users also whinging 'video' is missing - & it is on mine here in AU - just has "Music, & Books". I'm assuming the US region has some enabled (or visible) features.

      By default, the Show only allows UK US & Deutsch Language but I've managed to get Alexa to speak "Bogan Aussie" on the Show with a basic HTML hack. Use Chrome -> https://alexa.amazon.com.au/spa/index.html -> Settings -> Device - > Language Press "F12", right click on "English (United States)" & select "Inspect" - expand the HTML twistie "<select id =…" & change "en-US" to "en-AU" https://imgur.com/a/RL6fROM Click Save & ask the bogan Aussie chick the temperature.

      There has to be some HTML type hack to get the doorbell to work I'm sure of it.

  • +1

    Out of stock at amazon, but ordered via there with AMAZON20
    hopefully not on backorder for too long

    • I was thinking of doing the same as you. I just worry if it doesn't come back in stock, might miss out on the Bunnings deal

    • amazon wanted to ship the chime before knowing if the doorbell would come back into stock

      Only option was cancel the order.. annoying