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i7 Mono Bluetooth 4.1 Headset in Ear Earbud with Microphone - Single Right Ear US $1.50 (~ AU $2.05) Shipped @ ZAPALS


The i7 mono Bluetooth earphone is designed to fit comfortably over single right ear. Lightweight and compact design allow you to bring it along wherever you go. Thanks to its noise cancellation, everything you hear is crystal clear - whether you are talking or listening to music. With 4 hours of talk time, 120 hours standby time, and an effective range up to 10m, it is the deal you don’t want to miss out on.

PS : Not suitable for people with more than one right ear

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    No love for lefty

    • +10

      That's earist.

    • +23

      I’ve used it and such poor quality you’ll have to use once and dispose
      - provided you’re first able to pair it with your device which is a challenge in itself. Avoid.

      • was it i7?

      • +2

        Yeah, for 2 bucks, we shouldn't expect much.

      • +17

        Another piece of rubbish gadgets to fill up our landfill.

        • +7

          Yeah and more landfill will help keep us all above rising sea levels so 'problem solved' :p

        • +9

          @SteveAndBelle: still i think we should stop doing that. i mean, its cheap but there is no point to do this.

          i mean buy anything that cheap, receive, try 2x not happy, end up in the drawer and after a year, in rubbish bin.

          smart human should be better than that.

        • +2

          @dragonindespair: Erm, it was a tongue-in-cheek comment… but I've gotta say the fact that it's cheap doesn't necessarily mean it's crap.
          I've bought some supremely expensive stuff over the years and it has failed well before expected (Bosch 'Professional' Power Tools, hi-end Miele Appliances, Bang & Olufsen Hifi gear, flagship Pioneer AV gear etc.) and on the flipside I've also bought a lot of very cheap stuff that has continued to work for many years (Ozito Power-X-Change especially) so you just can't tell.

        • +9


          so you just can't tell

          Wrong. You can. A headset for $2 will be a piece of s***, no other options.

          It's moronic to buy crap just because it's cheap - when you import these into the country we, our children, and our grandchildren end up with the toxic landfill that we can't do much about.

          I agree with @dragonindespair

        • +4

          @ocoolio: Yeah, I'm all for a bargain, but stuff like this is just silly.

          It's $2, but what is the cost to the planet in the manufacture, shipping and inevitable disposal of this rubbish?

          I'd love to see OzBargain actually engage in some social responsibility in this respect and keep crap like this off the site (or at least off the front page).

        • @dragonindespair:


          Smart human should also have Shift key on keyboard.

        • +1

          @ocoolio: Totally agree but it isn't as black and white as you suggest. I have many examples against that… the iPad I have next to me here at work with a swollen battery & cracked screen as a result that Apple don't want to know anything about but was replaced with a $180 Lenovo P8 that's still working perfectly… the $3500 Miele Dishwasher that died on me only 14 months after purchase and replaced with a $400 'hole-filler' DeLonghi that's still going strong 3 years later… the $25,000 B&O Beolab 5 speakers I tried to help fix for a friend but discovered the system boards needed replacing at major expense but were replaced with a pair of Voll bookshelfs and sure, they're completely different but they're doing the job and he loves them. Don't get me started on Land Rovers or Bentleys…. urgh! Took 3+ months for Bentley to come to an agreement to fix a friends Continental but then as they were in a rural area they wanted to charge to have it towed to the nearest town. My mate god fed up and had someone tilt-tray it to a local mechanic who managed to fix it up within about 5 minutes as it was something to do with the dual-battery management system… but it's a $400,000+ car! Had nothing like that happen to my Corollas over the years :)

          Anyway, each to their own.

        • +2

          @Roman Sandstorm: Not on the $2 keyboard he got…

        • +2


          I understand and generally I agree with what you say, but if I may suggest, you were answering a different question, namely: "Do you have personal experience with medium priced items being as good or better quality than premium priced items?"

          And it's generally true, premium priced items are not always better in every attribute, and to your point, it's a good idea to find the balance between quality and price.

          However, the debate is about wether it's a good idea to promote cheap garbage here at all, as it will more often than not result in people with low impulse control buying these items who don't actually need them or cannot use them because of their poor quality, ultimately just causing further problems with landfill and dangerous waste. To this debate I still hold, it's a moronic idea to buy these kinds of items.

        • +2

          @SteveAndBelle: I agree, just because things are cheap does not necessarily mean they are crap.
          However in this case according to T D 3, this really is cheap and crap XD

        • +2

          @Roman Sandstorm: I find it cheap to attack the person advocating doing the right thing based on their language ability. They weren't attacking anyone or blowing their own trumpet, so why would you do it? It is not impossible that this is not even their first language and even if you do speak more languages as well as they do, which might be doubtful, it is still below the belt.

        • @SteveAndBelle:

          Yes, it's a $400k car with more complex (read 'breakable') parts than a Corolla. It's like saying you should be able to drive a Ferrari as your daily and skip the odd service here and there like you can get away with on a Corolla. It just wouldn't happen. The Bentley vs Corolla example is a poor one.

    • +1

      Flanders' Leftorium is in touch with suppliers

  • 2.12 AUD for me. 28 degrees card

    • +2

      I think you forgot to change to USD, that's the PayPal rate. I got $2.03 on my 28 Degrees card. Unless there was a currency swing 18 mins ago

  • +16

    Only available for this price 'right ear' on OzBargain (boom-doom tish!)

    • +3

      And I've been waiting for this moment for all my life, oh Lord

    • I'd stand up for this.

  • got one, $1.99 AU with code :) Thanks OP

    • Can't be

      • changeUSD to AUD first

        • where can i change the rate?

  • +4

    Thanks. One step closer to become fruit fan Boi. Next need to camp on the side of the road for a week.

  • Any ideas on how to get the left ear and how much for?

    • Buy two, twice original price :D

    • +2

      Get right ear chopped to be put on the left

    • just buy this stick it on your left ear no one would care anyway.
      or you can put it on the nose hole or other places :D :D

  • It’s too expensive :)

  • Thanks, got it for A$1.99

    Will just use it for Spotify music while taking a walk… can't complaint much for $2

  • Probably not great for music listeners but hoping it'll be ok for listening to podcasts.

  • May be able to get 5% cashback via cashrewards


  • +2

    I think they got "inspiration" from another design I've seen around

  • Will give it a shot to use as communication device.

  • +1

    i7 Mono

    How much ghz and can it be overclocked

    • At least 11

  • If anyone gets one of these and finds it's no good feel free to envelope post them to me :P.
    I have ordered one too, but like b-radicool suggested I've been looking for these sorts of things to just listen to podcast type stuff. Plus with surplus I wouldn't mind trying to use them in hobby electronics projects hehe

  • bluetooth noise cancelling for $2, whats next, iphone gps playstation portable for $4?

  • +2

    Just because it resembles a quality earpiece it does not mean that it's any good.

    Really, what will you use a really crap quality single ear headset for? Apart from getting frustrated with the crap Bluetooth connection, the poor battery life, the poor audio and microphone quality?

    What a waste of money…

    • Get up on the wrong side of the bed mate?

  • +2

    I'm completely deaf in my left ear and am always paying for a headphone I don't use.

    Bargain of a lifetime for me!

    • +5

      Dont worry this one has such bad quality it will soon make you deaf in the right ear also then you will save even more money! =P

    • @freefall101 out of curiosity, when you are listing to audio, do you normally put both ear pieces in, to avoid it appearing like you’re ignoring someone if they try to talk to you?

      • All the time. It's also somewhere to put it, otherwise it's just dangling around all over the place.

  • +1

    Do I disable my right ear when using this to achieve full crystal clear hearing?

    • +2

      left ear… if you disable right ear, i doubt you'll be hearing anything.

  • Gentle reminder that this is at least twice as large as the apple airpods, and looks absolutely ridiculous (if the airpods weren't bad enough).

    Probably to make up for the fact you only get one ear piece. xD

  • +5

    Feeling a bit left out now

  • -1

    My left ear is blocked right now, of course this shit pops up kek

  • +1

    So it’s basically a smaller version of the mid-2000s Bluetooth earpieces that real estate agents and used car salesmen used?

    • …people used those?
      I used to have one so long ago I borrowed from my dad to talk to someone on skype, was so uncomfortable jesus.

  • PS : Not suitable for people with more than one right ear


  • That looks very familiar to me. I have seen it somewhere before.

    • must have been that ufo in the sky

  • +1

    honestly don't waste your money guys, I chuck mine away after testing it out

  • +2

    My right airpod fell out of my ear and into the gap between the elevator I was in and the floor. This was yesterday 9am (around the same time this deal was posted). I feel blessed. Thanks OP.

    (So glad now it was the right one and not the left.)

    Now I need to figure out if/how simultaneous audio pairing is possible.

  • are these genuine?

    • +1

      Yes, genuinely copy cat

      Just received mine, to be honest, $2 shipped and I'm very happy with it. Sounds acceptable for me to just use for casual music listening

      Will buy again

  • Received mine earlier today and got it charging straight away. A couple of hours later it was fully charged so I stuck it in my ear, paired it (nearly went deaf when it beeped) and have been listening to it ever since. Fits nicely, sounds tinny but perfectly acceptable for use at my desk at work to have a bit of music playing in the background and works perfectly with Skype which needs next to no sound quality at all anyway, great!

    But hey, what do I know… these are apparently "pieces of s***", "rubbish", "crap", I'm a "moron" for buying it and it'll affect everyones children & grandchildren etc. etc. etc. (slaps head)

  • It's over 3 weeks since I purchased this. They said the delivery could take as long as 54 days. So I guess I have to wait another 3 weeks.

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