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[eBay Plus] Samsung 128GB Evo+ MicroSD Card UHS-I 100MB/s $30.35 | SanDisk 32GB $16.95 Shipped @ ozbargainhunter2012 eBay


$2 more expensive than this exipired deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/388454

if you buy two you could use platypus code

Edit: asked a mod to activate the old deal, but they said it was expired for the price change.

Original PENNY5 5% off Sitewide on eBay Deal Post

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  • +2

    $12.50 shipping if you aren't an ebay plus member seems pretty steep…

    • +4

      That's how there bringing the price down - get it while you can get a free trial

      • -1

        I wonder if "they're" buying them from the recent cheap deals and reselling at a lower price while eBay is the one paying the profit. Not complaining in the least, it's a good idea, hopefully eBay doesn't stop it working in future.

        • +2

          I hope we don't see too much of this "recycling" on here. Sure, it's good if it means final consumers here can get lower prices, but I don't want it everywhere.

    • +2

      and that's why it is $31.95. they are shifting $$ to postage. so, eBay plus members get a cheaper price.

      • Is Click and Collect still free for non Plus member?

        • +1

          It's Click and Collect (at a delivery point), not Click and Collect (at their store) to waive the postage.
          The high postage is a way to bring down the actual price paid for Plus members. There is no workaround for non-Plus members.

        • @netsurfer:

          Non plus member can click and collect from their delivery point.

        • +3

          @fatice: Yes, for AUD $17.95 (postage for non-member regardless of whether it is to an address or a delivery point). Plus member - $ 0.00.

          Is Click and Collect still free for non Plus member?

          The answer is no - not free for non Plus members. I used a non-Plus account and checked.

        • +1


          Thanks for the information.

          That is sad. Gov charge 10% GST and ebay charge membership fee. Should I be grateful that I am still alive.

      • +2

        I remember when sellers would sell things for outrageous postage, because they didnt have to pay fees on it. Now it's come full circle again

        • +1

          yes, it wont last long.

        • @snvl:

          Do you think this is another loophole/flaw in their marketing? Must be something in their T&Cs

        • @tobi3421: eBay probably will bear it for the time being - at least until the 30 days trial period is up for most people. It's still too early to tell how successful eBay Plus will be. Will we see a mass cancellation of membership, followed by another wave of new registrations?

        • @netsurfer:

          I reckon for us buyers they’ll just cancel membership etc. but what about the sellers abusing this?

        • @tobi3421:

          I reckon for us buyers they’ll just cancel membership

          buyers aren't doing anything wrong.

        • +1

          @tobi3421: Some sellers are abusing this, but eBay Plus members are encouraging them to do so by heavily supporting deals taking advantage of it. There appears to have some restriction on it, as we have not seen an eBay Plus listing of a Macbook Pro for $1, but $2000 postage. These are top rated sellers after all, and I don't think they want to lose that status. Also, they lose their integrity by abusing this (esp to non-Plus members) and shutting non-Plus members out of these deals. Furthermore, they are relying on buyers' good faith as they have no way to prove items successfully delivered.

          It's a fine line they need to watch out. Also, it wouldn't surprise me that some people signed up to eBay Plus just to get these types of intentionally outrageous postage offers. No doubt a large number of us are buying these because we believe they are bargains, rather than we actually need them now. I am sure eBay know all of the above and already anaylsed the data.

  • +4

    The 128gb card postage to Sydney is $17.95!!!

    Are you Fing kidding me?

    • +1

      they're purposely doing it to bring down the price for eBay Plus members. Doesn't favour non-eBay Plus members

      • +1

        There are definitely more non plus members, and probably will stay that way.

        • why dont you just create a trail ebay plus and cancel it..

  • Are these also good for dashcams? I wish they had a deal on a 64gb card (max for most daschams). I need to replace my Sandisk Ultra.

    • Should be fine. These are the fastest TLC based UHS-I SD cards Samsung offer currently. The next level up would be Samsung Pro (MLC) and that's like Sandisk Extreme (Pro) SD cards. It's doubtful your dashcams support UHS-II cards.

    • Please do a bit of googling and you will see that you need "high endurance" cards for dashcams. The last thing you want is a failure when it matters. Not worth the risk.

  • +2

    Bought 2 for $57.51 using 10% off PLATYPUS.

  • Still waiting for last deals ones to arrive.

    • +1

      same problem with the people that bought from pc byte. Did you contact them? any reply?

      • does pcbyte send on letter mail or eparcel satchel with signature on delivery?

        • i didnt order from pcbyte

        • Via a letter with a $1 stamp according to people from the last thread.
          NO tracking at all.

        • received mine yesterday. sig on delivery.

      • I contacted them and was only issued tracking info today on a number i bought on the 25th june Wont be using them again

      • Same problem with my Pc Byte order. eBay says it should have arrived last Thursday, nothing yet.

        Perhaps PC Byte is drop shipping these from China? If that's the case, I'll be testing the card to see if it is fake.

    • Purchased on the 26th and 25th. Both arrived yesterday

      • on normal letter mail ? untracked ?

        • Mine was registered mail, signature on delivery.

        • @Charlie Dont Surf:


          from pc byte ?

        • @phunkydude:

          Yes, from that last deal. I did buy quite a few cards ($100+), not sure if that pushed me up into a different class of delivery though!

        • In a normal envelope but registered mail

        • +1

          @phunkydude: Mine was from pc byte. Registered with signature.

  • Urban Cartel, how do you get them so cheap?

    • How have you thought up that this is UrbanCartel's eBay account? He would have marked himself associated if that was the case.

      • +5

        Well, the Username and invoice kind of give it away. It is strange he hasn't marked himself as associated though.

        • +1

          Ahh yeah, that's weird, hopefully he says something about it.

        • @doweyy:

          See update below ;)

    • Hi Brad, I've just been notified of these comments (I wish someone had tagged me) and doweyy is right, this is not my eBay account andI have no association with them. I've had a look at my PayPal transactions for the date in your post below and it's for a charger that you purchased from me - did you have a few things in your cart to take advantage of the 10% eBay discount? The $ amount of the image also checks out for the item that we sold you ($29.95 -10% = $26.95)

      Anyway just wanted to clear up why I'm not associated with this post


      • Wow, goddamn I'm an idiot.

        Sorry for the confusion.

        It appears I bought both the charger and this on the same day, and the SD hadn't shown up in my statement yet. I never paid attention to the seller when buying the charger, but when noticed the name on this post having ozbargain in it, checked and I'd bought one from the same seller, so I looked at my invoice and your name was the one that came up.

        I never intended to spread any false information and I'm sincerely sorry for any trouble I may have caused you.

        • Oh that's OK - can see how it would have happened - i'll have to make sure I set-up another PayPal account and not use our business one for eBay

          Hopefully people received there SD cards from this seller

        • @urbancartel: Yep, I've received two of my 3 and tested them, they're genuine, the capacity is what it says it is and the speed is right as well, so at least instead of any possible damaged reputation it'll be the opposite, as this seller was selling the cheapest genuine cards with fast delivery.

  • -1

    Thanks, grabbed a 32Gig.

  • Thanks! Grabbed two 128s :)

  • +1

    Are these legit? I dont want to order two cheap knock offs!!

    • +3

      Urban Cartel appears to be the one selling them, I doubt he'd want to risk his reputation over earning a quick bu….

      Just remembered what site we're on, make sure you test them with H2WTest.

      • +1

        yep, i bought a 128gb "genuine" one off ebay - listing repeatedly said genuine. tested with H2testw and came up fake and only scanned around 16gb usable storage - micro sd also had black edges and there was no Samsung imprint on the SD adapter either. Got my money refunded but still, so crap theyre selling as genuine. Ended up buying one from officeworks and micro sd card had the white edges and adapter had the samsung imprint - tested with h2testw and proved genuine.

        • Ah, damn. Was it from this deal?

          I often buy from FlashPro on ebay, always test the cards and they're always genuine. I think they're cheaper than Officeworks too, so if you need some in future might be worth giving them a shot. IIRC they were one of the sellers that raised the shipping cost, lowered the item cost and are an eBay plus seller as well, so if you have eBay plus you can get them really cheap.

          Sorry I couldn't respond earlier, I was stuck in the penalty box.

        • @BradleyDS2: Just checked the card, it's genuine. I used H2testw, capacity and speed match up.

      • Not me selling them - please read here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/389070#comment-6140250

  • are these good for the nintendo switch? and also can i just sign up for the ebay plus 30 day free trial then cancel without any fees occuring?

    • Yes, cancel in 30 days.

  • Thanks bought 2 x 32gb so could use the PENNY5 coupon

  • -1

    So this seller is basically someone from ozbargain 2012 who bought from others and resell by gaming ebay plus system to make profit?

  • well this convinced me to sign up to Ebay Plus, and got 2x 128GBs

  • -3


    SanDisk Extreme 128GB 90MB/S MicroSDXC UHS-I $29.80 AUD delivered on eBay (or $28.50, if you manage to include a 20c item to round up the $30 for 5% PENNY5 discount).

    • Did you buy it? it is from OS. you will get charged 10% for GST, won't you?

    • Looks like a hijacked eBay account to me. Long time user and no feedback.

    • $29.80 AUD delivered on eBay

      you forgot to include 10% gst on imports. so $32.78 + forex fees.

  • Any idea how often this good a price comes around? Looks like it will sell out in the hour since 7 sold in an hour and only 6 available.

  • Any updates on this in regards to the seller? My order status is showing "Paid not sent" even though ETA is 10 July which means they should have been sent already! I used PayPal so would I be able to get my money back if it's a scam?

    • +1

      Same status as well. Got a feeling ozbargainhunyer2012 is waiting for pcbyte to deliver before he can forward them to us.

      • some people have received from the last deal.

        • Let's see… The seller's not responding to my messages either…

        • Just received mine today!

    • this is message I got back when contacting the seller

      Due to the large sales volume and a bug in my system, there is an small delay and your order can be dispatched within 1-4 working days (counting from the day I have sent this message), let me know if you would like to wait for it or would you cancel it? Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

  • Yep not sent for me either. Should be here soon, but possibly won't be unless he's just not marking them as sent.

  • mine arrived today

    • Has yours been marked as sent, on eBay?

      • +1

        No, it hasn’t

    • Was it sent by registered mail?

      • No

        • I find this pretty shady. Gonna make sure to check the card's integrity.

        • +2


          If they're willing to risk sending in an envelope without tracking, they've probably saved 75% in their postage costs. Nothing shady about it, sellers are there to make a profit.

        • @aragornelessar:
          What protects them from 'I did not receive my item'?
          The sellers have no proof of it being posted then.

        • +1


          My guess is they're hoping they come across more decent humans than jerks. Maybe they've got separate business insurance that covers them from the odd loss (if such a thing exists)

        • @aragornelessar:
          Optimistic. I still consider “charging” $20 postage to get it in an unregistered letter pretty scummy. They could have used a bit of the $20 they apparently get from eBay to pay for tracking.

        • @theguyrules:

          Agree - that said, it seems it's free shipping now? I thought the deal was only free for plus members?

  • I wonder how long I would have to wait if I didn't contact the seller?

    Due to the large sales volume and a bug in my system, there is an small delay and your order can be dispatched within 1-4 working days (counting from the day I have sent this message), let me know if you would like to wait for it or would you cancel it? Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

    • I wonder if they are trying to get around the paypal dispute period?

  • I received mine yesterday (Sydney)

    • Ordered 5/7. Arrived today. Registered mail (Perth)

      • Do you think they are genuine?

        • Yes should be. I got the Samsung 128GB
          Retail packaging.
          Tested with h2testw.
          Speed and size checks out.
          On my old laptop's built in SD card reader getting over 70MB/sec read and write.

  • Can anyone confirm if they are Genuine?

  • Should I be worried if I have not received my card yet?

    edit: I am in Melbourne

    • Haven't received mine yet either.

      • I haven't received mine yet either. I'm just outside Sydney so it should have taken 2 business days at most. Have raised a dispute

  • I have mine, two days after the ebay indicated last delivery day.

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