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Tronsmart 54W QC 3.0 5 Port Charger $17.69 US (~$23.98 AU) Delivered @ GeekBuying


After many requests this popular 5 Port Charger is back! It features 1 port with Qualcomm's Quick Charge 3.0 technology and 4 ports with VoltIQ intelligent charging. The charger using a standard figure 8 cable.

  • Apply the coupon GKOGFTKD at checkout to get it for $17.69 US (~$23.98 AU)

Free shipping included. AU$ based on current Mastercard exchange rate.

What is Quick Charge 3.0 and VoltIQ?

Qualcomm's Quick Charge 3.0 technology is 4x faster than conventional charging and up to 40% quicker than Quick Charge 2.0. It typically charges a compatible device from 0% to 80% in 35 minutes. It achieves this by increasing the voltage from 3.6V to 20V with 200mV increments. This technology is backwards compatible with Quick Charge 2.0 and Samsung AFC which is capable of charging a 3500mAh battery from 0% to 60% in 30 minutes.

VoltIQ charges up to 5V/2.4A in each port simultaneously for devices that are not using QC technology.

Quick Charge compatible devices

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  • +1

    Call me basic, but would there be any issue using this essentially as a power board, as opposed to using many USB to AC adapters?

    Thinking NES/SNES mini, Mibox and Xiaofang camera.

    • +1

      It should handle those without any issue.

    • +2

      Should be fine as long as the devices only needs 5V/2.4A to power.

      From your listed items, this charger should be fine.

    • +10

      From the specs, the QC 3.0 port is 18W max. Now, the remaining 4 ports get interesting. Based on the specs:

      • Each port could do up to 2.4A (12W) but read the next point.
      • Maximum current out of all 4 ports is limited to 7.2A, which means you only get 2.4A per port if 3 or less ports are being used.
      • When all 4 non-QC/5V ports are being used, each port can only draw 1.8A (9W).
      • -1

        each port can only draw 1.8A (9W).

        why would they do this? This is no good if I want to power devices using USB instead of just charging them.

        • +1

          The USB 2 standard only requires 500mA at 5v (=2.5w) per port, so that is still nearly 400% above specification.

    • +4

      Working great as a mini powerboard for me. I ordered mine two years ago and I currently use it to power my google home mini, mibox, UE Boom, charge my accessories (powerbank, phone, kindle, wireless xbox controllers) at the same time. Like what the rest said, should work as long as the devices only require 5V/2.4A, which is what most USB devices require anyways.

  • +3

    Note this come with an EU AC Cable, so you would need a universal adapter.

    Alternatively, you can purchase a Figure 8 cable from Officeworks for $4.48

    • Or maybe you have one laying around from an old printer like I did :)

  • No Type-C PD, only 1 QC.

    • Even if the QC port got changed to an USB-C PD/QC auto sense port, 18W on that port will only be good enough for mobile phones and tablets (not for laptops).

      • +2

        The Tronsmart U5P, has a USB-C PD with 30W Output instead of the Quick Charge port.

        • expired …..i got one in the last deal ….now to find it that i have usb c phone.

        • +1

          @garage sale:
          My usb-c port didnt work when i received mine, they sent me another one but its still in the packaging.

      • think the idea is that at least you can use it to just charge a laptop if not charging other devices at the same time.

  • Would this drive a Nintendo switch?

    • +2

      It's not suitable because even though it is 54W, it is actually 36W combined for the four 5V ports (with an odd setup that it is up to 12W per port if only 3 or less are in used) + 18W for the QC port. This doesn't support 15V like the official charger.

      • Dell XPS type c charger may be the option

        • I'm pretty sure that the Dell XPS Type-C Charger will cost more then the Official Nintendo Switch AC Adapter.

        • @RichardL: I think it costs $29. If you already have a new Dell laptop, you already have one.

    • it will charge, just won't fast charge. Will take a while.

      • Just to add to this, it won't charge while in dock mode.

        • +4

          Using anything but the official Nintendo charger in docked mode is asking to have your console brick. Nintendo didn't follow USB PD specs, consoles are dying as a result.

          Undocked, pretty much anything charges it fine.

  • -1

    This or the Blitzwold BW-S7?

    • In my experience the Blitzwolf is the better quality but Tronsmart isn't far behind.

      Being OzBargain what's the price you can get the BW-S7 for? If not similar just buy this one.

      • $27 with 10% off and AUS stock, BangBad sells them for above $30 unless they're on sale.

      • +1

        The Blitzwolf BW-S7 continues the same trend as most Blitzwolf chargers. The QC port, due to the chipset used, has over-current protection. The 5V ports, however, do not. It is possible to draw the entire 4A out of a single 5V port if that's the only 5V port in use.

        Now, whether that's a good or bad thing is debatable. If you have a device that can take advantage of 4A, then it might actually be good. However, in terms of safety, it's not good (coz you rely on your devices not to overdraw current - most smartphones would restrict current draw). That's the thing with the multi-ports. Unlike QC, where a chipset has to be used (which most certainly would provide over-current protection), the 5V ports often rely on circuit design to provide over-current protection.

        No detail review available on the Tronsmart charger so I cannot comment on it. I do have one Tronsmart product (not a charger though) and … I think it is better I don't comment on that.

        • +1

          Does that also apply to the older Blitzwolf without QC?

        • +1

          @syousef: Yes, it is quite common for Blitzwolf chargers. Even the ancient BW-C1, which is basically a car charger with 4x5V ports (no QC port). The review I saw wrote: the charger can deliver up to 10A into a single usb plug, this is too much.

          It is one of the reasons that I don't go for Blitzwolf multi 5V ports chargers. I would consider 1x5V+1 QC ones and I still prefer to use original chargers as much as possible. Mobile phones and tablets generally don't overdraw current. Need to be mindful if you use an USB tester capable for testing max current (not those cheap $10 or less ones) - if that tester is rated 6A max for example, you could be risking it to test max current of a Blitzwolf multi-port charger. For expensive phones and laptops, I still recommend you avoid using these multi-ports.

        • @netsurfer:

          For expensive phones and laptops, I still recommend you avoid using these multi-ports.

          I have no qualms about plugging in a phone or laptop into a charger that can supply 10A through one port. Reason being, the phone will only draw what is needed. Current will also be limited by the USB cable.

          Do remember that you're doing exactly the same thing when you plug anything into a wall socket. A domestic circuit would have a 16-20A breaker on it. A 10W phone charger only needs ~0.05A of mains current. Plugging that into a 20A outlet does absolutely no damage at all.

          You might argue that if the phone develops an internal short, not having overcurrent protection would be dangerous. But remember that there is overcurrent protection, it's just a high limit - just like every device you plug into your wall socket. And in that situation, it's not the charger that damages the phone - the phone has to somehow develop a fault on its own.

          However, in terms of safety, it's not good (coz you rely on your devices not to overdraw current - most smartphones would restrict current draw).

          All smartphones, and all devices with lithium ion batteries restrict current draw. You cannot recharge a battery from a standard power supply without a charge controller IC in the device.

    • +3

      This Tronsmart can pull 54W. Meaning 18W for QC3 port and 36W if all 4 VoltIQ ports are being used simultaneously. The BlitzWolf is 40W and pulls 18W on the QC3 port and 22W on the other 4 ports when being used simultaneously.

      Basically the Tronsmart is able to pull more amps and therefore faster charging while in use.

      (You also asked this in March :P)

      • Based on that, this is the better buy.

  • Why not 5x QC 3.0??….

    Wheres that charger? U know, the one people want..

    • +1

      The one you're referring to is the Tronsmart Titan Plus

    • +1


      You mean this beast? Tronsmart U5TF Titan Plus

      EDIT: Beaten by 44 seconds. Gotta be quick…

      • +1

        Yeah, I'm waiting for a deal on this beast :)

      • Any idea if the power plug on those is 2 or 3 prongs? Going to Japan and need something like this, but I can only find 2 pin to 2 pin Japan travel adapters, and hotels usually don't have a 3 port plug so even if I found a 3 pin to 3 pin I wouldn't be able to use it.


        • +2

          Mine came with a 2 prong USA plug. The input is a standard figure 8 type, so you can swap it with anything you want.

        • Mine was a 2 prong EU which came with a free EU to AU adaptor 😊
          I got the Titan Plus

  • Still waiting for one like this but with USB-PD…

    • The one you're referring to is the Tronsmart U5P

      • Would definitely welcome something like that. Or even better if we have more than 1 pd/ pd+qc3 but that's not gonna happen soon lol

        • +2

          it’s because of wattage ….people see ports and think simultaneously, these things are designed that if you need full power than charge on the one usb c or qc port, and if you have lots of devices then plug then all in and they will eventually charge eg over night.

          buy a titan if you need wattage but they cost a lot more …..

          the idea of qc is more as emergency charge as it does heat up the device more and shorten battery life.

          usb c will be the more useful moving forward as phones have or are dumping micro usb for usb c and the associated open standards for charging. …..QC is qualcomm proprietary and has to be licensed at a cost $ per port (buy qualcomm chips) hence one usually gets one QC and rest iq to keep costs down.

          usb-c is cheaper to license …. it’s consortium based and lots of chip vendors make the chips.

          its why you only see usb 2.0, 3.0 and usb c on PCs for charging devices never QC on. PC as usb port … and amd won’t license from qualcomm and board manufacturers don’t see enough demand to justify adding the extra cost per PC.

  • I'm still waiting for one that supports Hauwei's super charge….

    • +2

      Huawei don't allow 3rd parties to make chargers with their proprietary SuperCharge officially. That's why there are none or very little out there.

      • im not surprised huawei doesn’t license it, people also need the right charge cables and if it all doesn’t perform as expected, people blame the phone, not the charger ….

        it’s why some of the grey phone deals are a let down, you don’t get the AU charger and have to run travel adapter or buy local charger and you loose cost savings .
        , e.g how much is huawei charger as accessory in australia ?

        some office environments also don’t let you run travel adapters as part of OH&S, they don’t want to have to check australian compliance.

  • Was unable to use my samsung wireless charger to quick charge using qc port. Have to use usb directly to quick charge.

  • I had one of these die on me after a couple of months, but I'm gonna buy another anyway because they are so damn good

  • My unit has been going strong for the past two years charging various devices. It a great device and at this price, it's worth it imho.

  • I have one of this but it doesn't seem to charge my Samsung S7 on the QC port properly. I know it's QC2 compatible and I've tried various cables as well. All I can get is standard charge rather than quick charge. Am I missing something?

    • Assuming Fast Charging is already turned on? i.e. from Settings, select Battery, and then select Fast cable charging. Also, were you using original charger cable?

    • +1

      Samsung phones only do QC when the screen is off. (They'll say fast charging in the notification while screen is on but the charge rate is capped lower around normal USB.)

      What "various cables" have you tried? Do the same cables work on other fast chargers? IME if it's not an Anker/Tronsmart/Blitzwolf/Tikbro (or maybe original Samsung) cable, it probably won't fast charge well.

  • Scratching my head on who (1%?) needs more than 2 ports. Just asking. Don’t need one. Want one. OzBargain.

    I’m screwed without my work setup. ipad & iphone.
    2x fast charge ports in car & via 240v at Office and for mobile site.

    Still need a powerbank at times. And that’s 50% brightness.

    • +5

      Xiaomi power banks? Every OzBargainer has one under their belt :P

      • Charging 5 at once?

        POWER USER! 😆

    • +1

      Mobile, tablet, powerbank
      Watch and on holidays camera batteries

    • I do. Phone, Nintendo switch, Garmin forerunner, potentially other stuff (bike light etc), camera battery, oh look I ran out of ports

      Actually I ran out after 4 devices because one of my ports is dead. Going by past threads it's a common issue. Great device for the number of ports, size and price, so it's a bit of a shame.

    • IPad, old Samsung tablet x 2, my iphone, wife's new Samsung, garmin watch, kids original apple charger ipods! Constantly dealing with plugging stuff in and out, the helps with device control too.

    • +3

      Holidays/trips with family. A 5 port charger comes in handy when charging everyone's devices simulataneously (while taking up less space than single chargers).

      I own two of these units and the Blitzwolf. I personally find this to charge faster than the BW.

    • bluetooth earphones? bluetooth speaker? just the convenience as well that you can leave an assortment of different cables plugged in and they can be used by your multiple devices

  • Will I get charged gst at customs?

    • I don't believe so. ATO said GST is being collected by the merchant and not at the border.

    • It's a gift

      • Did you know that your government removed the "gift" option man years ago??
        Prior to this all companies pay GST thing even if your item above $1000 is marked as "GIFT" it will still incure GST and Duties.

        So being a "GIFT" has no effect.

        • What happens if you need to return an item for warranty and they send you a replacement? Do you have to pay GST on the replacement unit? If not, how do they declare it as a replacement?

        • @lostn: No different than before when you'd get a $1000+ replacement sent to you. You're not paying for it.

          The thing to remember is that this isn't other countries where Customs collect the tax at the border. It's up to the store to charge GST when they sell the product to you. Just like every other Aussie business has been doing.

        • @Clear: How does the government know whether tax was correctly charged or not?

        • +3

          @lostn: The government doesnt know, and cant know that x company from x country earns x amount, unless they 'report it', they have no jurisdiction on companies with no AU presence. It is all a bit of b.s.

          This gerry tax. Level playing field!!!

  • I use an older model of this all the time, very good!

  • What's the free shipping like? Just bought it :)

    • +3

      Usually with these deals I just buy, forget and get a nice surprise in the mail a month later.

      • Agreed, though I'd have said "Usually with these deals I just buy, forget and get a nice surprise if it ever arrives."

    • I got one from last deal, took just under a month to arrive.

  • I see the Tronsmart U5TF Titan Plus EU Plug 90W 5 USB Ports Desktop Charger with Quick Charge 3.0 & VoltiQ is on special for $41.85 inc delivery with EU plug, does it get much cheaper than this or is this normal price?

    • $28.99 US is the lowest it has been in recent times. Currently $29.99 US.

  • +2

    I just got the Tronsmart U5TF Titan Plus US Plug 90W 5 ports with Quick Charge 3.0 & VoltiQ and it's great. Quick charge all the things!

    • Did you purchase it from Geekbuying? I am undecided on the Titan Plus or this one. Do I really need 5 QC3 ports? I don't think so.

      • +1

        GeekBuying is probably going to be the cheapest place to get it. They are Tronsmart's main distributor anyway.

        Needing 5 QC3 ports is what it comes down to. If you don't have that many QC devices then this one will suffice.

        • Bought :)

          My friend said the same thing. Only thing I have would be a phone. The rest don't need it.

  • I have a Samsung S8, iPhone X and new iPad Pro that i'll charging when I go travelling, I'm not sure if I should go this or the U5P. I was thinking the USB C with PD on the U5P would be good for all these but then I'm reading the S8 does not support PD or QC3 so undecided. My partner also has her Mac Book Pro but it's an old model (2012) so don't think that matters. So many configurations to look at haha

  • If i have a Pixel, can I get any use out of the fast charging QC3 or will it still be slow?

    • For fast charging you would need a USB-PD charger.

      • Thanks for being Clear!

  • Serious question, does this have an LED? I'm gonna use it in the bedroom and I don't want some useless bright LED lighting up the room. Thanks.

    • +1

      There is no LED.

      • Thanks. I've bought one with Australia Direct Line shipping so hopefully it arrives by the end of next week.

  • Is this overkill for charging macbook air 2012, iPhone 7 plus, iPad 2017, and a cheap Huawei phone? I think all of them do not have QC.

    Also is it fine to stick this on a powerboard instead of a wall socket?

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