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Rhodes & Beckett 70% off Everything (in-Store & Online)


Just got the email 20 minutes ago and already bought two of their sharkskin suits for $657. I am still shaking given they typically go for between $1100 - $1200 each! Jump on while you can they won't last long.

Edit: Discount gets applied at checkout and it's free shipping north of $200.

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Rhodes & Beckett
Rhodes & Beckett

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    Half price shark skin suits???


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      There's always someone that bites

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        Jaws dropping.

    • CriesInSeaLion

    • Standard banking attire?

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    Help with size guide anyone? I’m normally a 36-38 MJ Bale these numbers are crazy…

  • Thanks OP, picked up a new suit for $350 - unfortunately the sharkskins were sold out in my size so I had to settle for a normal skin one😉

  • How does the quality compare to CT?

    • Better than CT

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      CT is very good for quality for money.

      Rhodes and Beckett is a much higher quality, it has a higher price and is also great value for money, many items are hand made, and that is one reason for the higher price. Another advantage with Rhodes and Beckett is the long wear you get and they dont fade. I have R&B shirts that are 10 years old very regularly worn and they still look like they did when they were new.

      CT and TM Lewin are also very good shirts, and I tend to have a collection of them all, along with Thomas Pink, MJ Bale and a few others. If you like any of these brands you would also like Rhodes and Beckett.

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        Thanks! Been wearing CT shirts..but some of the shirts are fading now after 3 years of use..

      • Maybe they were good quality 10yrs ago.
        I have many shirts that are 2-3 years old and they have worn quickly and started fading. Light wear also.
        For the cost they claim is normal I don’t think there quality matches price.
        On sale it’s ok as they are decent but certainly quality has gone down.
        Suit has been good, did cost a bit from memory.

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    Imagine their profit margins normally if they still making good profits at 70% off.

    Very overpriced

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      Where does it say they are making good profits from this sale?

      How do you know this ain’t selling at cost price, slim gross margin, and doesn’t cover fixed costs?

      Not trying to be an arse, just want to be properly informed.

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    Note that discounted items can only be returned for exchange; seems like a gamble if you don't know your size as the other sizes may sell out…


    Ties seem decent value at $30 for silk and a proper 8cm width.

    Perfume also becomes competitively priced vs other sellers.

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    Good value but larger sizes left in the suits.

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    hardly any shirts compared what they used to have.
    New owners maybe realise there normal prices wont sell volume

  • Is this in store as well?

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      Read the title.

      • Checked stores in syd. For smaller sizes I.e.46/48 there's only suit jackets only. There was one 48 full set.

  • Does anyone know other brand that does similar fits to Rhodes & Beckett? Their shirts fits me really well, but I've struggled to find other brands with a similar sizing style that fits my build (slim/tall).

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      Why not stick with R&B? If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Fill up on the 70% off deal

    • Rodd and gunn, ben sherman & ck all have nice slim fits.

  • is discount only applied at checkout? Even there $200 shirts being $60 are still overpriced.

  • $20 shipping

  • Free shipping on $200 orders, I own heaps of R&B shirts, awesome quality, still looking good over 50+ washes

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    • wut

  • Awesome post, just bought 2 x sharkskin suits - Navy and Charcoal. Thanks OP!
    Got two different sizes as i'm in the middle, you can return to the retail store for exchange for a different size as long as you don't wash them or wear them out and about.

    • Would you know if they have a decent stock of various sizes in store?

      • Most likely not as pumpkins is Perth according to profile.

      • Went to the Martin place and qvb stores 20 minutes ago and only saw a couple of 48s abd only one 46 in each store, not sure about the bigger sizes.

        • They weren’t advertising it. Martin place store looked empty.

        • @first in line: Probably the gas leak deterring people from coming in

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    "Our suits are tailored in Europe (we transport the fabric there from Italy)"

    Last time I checked, Italy was still in Europe :)

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      It means not tailored in Italy. Likely some cheap Eastern European country - perhaps in Balkans.

  • Thanks! Got 2 suits

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    are these the same fit and cut (shirts) as herringbone which shut down a little while back ?

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      Herringbone was owned by the same people as R&B the last few years it was Herringbone and they were rebranded R&B, so yes, possibly if it was a few years ago when they were both under the same ownership.

      • cheers .. not many shirts left now i've looked :(

  • Anyone know if there’s more stock in stores? Particularly in Melbourne?

  • No shirts for chest size 100cm!

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    Got a suit. Buying a suit online seems like a total gamble but for $330 it seems worthwhile.

    My concern is that if it doesn't fit, they won't exchange for the same suit in-store because the price will have gone back up. But worst case I'll have $300 of credit to use on shirts and accessories.

    I had a R&B suit years ago which was great, but they've gone broke and been resurrected since then so who knows what the quality is like now. It's got to worth $300 though.

  • Looks like their tailored fit shirts are all out. It's the closest fit According to their size guide after comparing with fitted shirts of Tm lewin I usually wear. Wanted to buy a Rhodes shirt to try it out. Ah well saved me some money. No free shipping too.

  • Anyone know how their sizing runs, I wear 36 slim suit and 28/30 slim pants usually. (i am quite slim)

  • Bought one of their suit when they had the closing down sale. Got another one this time. Fortunately know my size since then. Thanks OP.

  • Thanks swooped in for a nice suit and shirt!

    Nice to know about their return policy if its not a good fit.

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    When did they come back alive?

    I thought this was a historical post from a couple of years ago lol

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    What size shirt for someone with big muscles and no neck?

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    you dogs bought them all

  • Are they allowed to not give refund? Exchange sounds crap if everything is full price when I go to exchange.

    • They can refuse a change of mind refund. I keep a note on my phone of my size in various brands, I find it helps a lot with committing to non-refundable sales like this.

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    Had a look in-store at Melbourne Collins St this afternoon.

    Suits on offer are all slim fit, made in Turkey, mostly Super 120s wool. Jackets were mostly regular, with a few longs (sleeve length).

    Would say a UK40 slim fit is closer to a 52 in their sizing.

    Was swimming in the pants that came with the jacket size that fit me closest.

    One size down in the pants was much better for me, but they aren't doing any splitting of sizes of suit sets.

    YMMV though, as I have reasonably broad shoulders, which always make me have to go one size up with jackets in slim fit styles.

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      Lucky they were out of stock I probably would have got rolled like this too.

  • Bah, cant risk the exchange only online business, hope the Bourke St shop has finished remodelling…

  • Now I'm worried after all these reviews of the suits. I wear a suit jacket size 104r, which according to their website is a size 50. Have I made a mistake?

    • Depends on whether your body shape is a good fit for the slim fit style.

      As I mentioned above a 52 seemed closer to a UK40 slim to me, so suspect a 50 would be close to a UK38 slim.

      If you're normally 104R in slim style, suspect you might have been safer with a 52, but then depending on your waist size you might be swimming in the matching pants (pants with the 52 suit seemed good match to a 34 inch waist).

      If you're 104R in a classic style then probably better off with 54 jacket but that would have come with about 36 inch pants, which are likely to have been way too big.

      Time will tell :-).

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    It shits me when online stores don't let you filter out items that have already sold.

    • Agree.. But R&B has the filter available sizes option.

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    Not sure about anyone else but recent online reviews of RB only indicate poor quality in their products. Not to mention the old RB going into administration last year and only recently being acquired by someone else. (Hence the possibility of old RB having good quality products until going out of business.)

    Nonetheless, this "70% Sale" has red flags all over, with no refund policy and only exchanges. I highly doubt their suits were worth $1000 in the first place.

    Anyone else share this sentiment?

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      My impression was suits were probably worth it at the 70% discount, but for what they were (quality, construction) wouldn't be paying much more than that. Half-canvassed jackets though, so not bad for the discounted price.

      Didn't look at the shirts too much, but seemed decent enough.

      Colognes, cufflinks and other accessories seemed ridiculously overpriced, even with discount.


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        I checked out the Floris Bergamotto Di Positano EDP to get a feel for whether 70% was legit - $249 at R&B, same price in Myer and another local shop.

        But overseas merchants it would be around the $200.

  • So sad

    Another retailer bites the dust

    • What gives you that idea?

      R&B is back from the dust.

  • cheers op! new suit just in time for a wedding.

    • bad luck. lol

  • Damn,nothing in 38 for the shirts or equivalent for the suits

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    Got excited as I used to love their warehouse 70% off sales but back then shirts would go for $35 and the range was way better.

    It's just overpriced basics now. I love Rhodes and Beckett, more than half my wardrobe is R&B but they are just selling on the name now.

  • Have anyone received your orders yet?

    • Mines still unfulfilled.
      No doubt they have alot of orders to go through so I'm happy to wait a few extra days on top of their suggested 5 day policy.
      I just hope one of my suits don't get refunded as it seems that size is now sold out

      • Same situation here.

    • Ordered 3 on the 9th. Still no updates.

    • Nope, still not shipped.

      I cancelled my first (smaller) order before placing my second one, and they actioned that the next day, so there is someone working there…

    • Ordered the Navy jacket and a shirt on the 9th and my order is still showing as confirmed.
      Considering the returns policy is within 14 days of the purchase date I might not even get it before I'm unable to exchange.

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    Just got below email:

    Dear Customer,

    We are writing today to advise that we are unfortunately experiencing major issues at both of our distribution centres in Sydney and overseas which are affecting multiple customers including yourself. Your order will be fulfilled as soon as possible - nonetheless we understand this delay may inconvenience some customers. We have already and continue to partially ship product that is available immediately to relevant orders, where the balance will be sent as we progress through the product availability from our centres.

    Naturally you are entitled to a cancellation and full refund if this delay is no longer acceptable to you. In this event please feel free to contact us on: [email protected] with your customer order number as a reference.

    Once again we apologise for the inconvenience and endeavour to fulfil your orders promptly.

    • Yup, same here… Looks like they do not have a game plan or operational procedure to execute the sales… Makes me worried about the quality now

    • Ended up cancelling my order yesterday before this was sent out.
      Sketchy looking exchange policy and apparently hit and miss quality recently doesn't inspire confidence in the new owners.
      My order also sat as "confirmed" for over a week before hearing anything.

    • got the same email & replied to confirm cancellation, but haven’t heard back. anyone got confirmation of cancellation? these guys are on struggle street!

      • Do you think they are struggling again and that may explain the sale, which they have only ever done before under the previous Harrolds Shirt brand in 2006, and the clearing of R&B stock in the past year before the sale

  • Received most of my order yesterday - everything except the suit. The box had a note saying that some items were delayed and so they were shipping part orders.

    It also contained an extra tie as an apology for the delay, which I was happy with.

    The ties look to be good quality (at least for the discounted price). The cashmere scarf also appears to be good quality.

    One unexpected problem: I ordered a "letter" cufflink. I thought cufflinks always came in pairs, it turns out it is just a single cufflink. Looking at the site, it does say they are sold as individual letters - I misunderstood this as meaning that the pair have the same letter on them, obviously it meant they were sold as individual cufflinks. So now I have a single cufflink and the full price of another one to pair it with is $75! If anyone else did the same, I'd be happy to sell you mine or buy yours! Or I could exchange it, or wait for their next sale to buy the other one. Or I could just wait until I lose an arm…

    • Update: Raised the single cufflink issue with R&B, they agreed to let me buy another one at the sale price. Nice work. I'm still yet to receive my suit, but otherwise can't fault their customer service.

  • My order is still showing as unfulfilled.
    Those of you who have received your orders, did you get any other updates before your order arrived?

  • Ordered tie arrived recently also with a free tie. Unfortunately my 3 x shirts which interestingly has been showing as in stock the whole time since the sale still hasn't been shipped. Each time I’ve asked to get ETA R&B send through the same "shipment delayed" email offering refund if not wanting to wait through "this delay". I've told them them that I can't advise if I prefer refund as "this delay" is not providing enough information on time frame (days, weeks, months?).

    They replied with same email

    • I still haven't received any item of my order either and got the same email. Went to the Sydney store in the QVB building and the salesperson advised that they cant help with a timeframe either. Guess its wait for the deal or give up on a possibly good bargain.

    • I got my ties and a free tie. Still owing a shirt and 2 suits…
      They sent me an email again last week for ANOTHER 70% off, they can't even fill the last one !

      • i'm still waiting on 3 suits and 2 shirts… no updates from them either.

      • Yup. Got the same mail for the new 70% off sale. Decided not to participate since I have not received anything for the previous sale. Its basically been a month, sale or no sale, this is just hurting their reputation.

  • +1

    Just received an update from them. Expecting to ship suits out at the end of this week. I am going to get a refund if I have to wait any longer

  • +1

    It seems some people received some items, but did anyone receive their suits?
    A bit ridiculous to have a sale on stock they don't have.
    The second "sale" at least had an expected shipping date.
    I still haven't received an email to advise of expected shipping date.

  • +1

    I ordered (3 x shirts) that were "in stock" and amazingly still showing "in stock" even today.