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25% off 51 Sellers for eBay Plus Members / 20% off for Non-eBay Plus Members @ eBay


Something different from eBay. 3 transactions per person. $1000 max discount. T&Cs here. Enjoy :)

Updated search link thanks to BlazinPast

Participating stores:

Allphones Online
Appliance Central
Aus Auc
Camerastore Australia
Custom Home Theater Solutions
Dell Australia
Flora Livings
FTC Computers Online
Gadget Express Australia
Gadgets Online
GraysOnline Australia
Hobby Warehouse
Instyle Hi Fi & The Interior Store
KG Electronic
Kong Computers Australia
Mediaform Computer Supplies
Nationwide Appliances
NES Printer Supplies & Services
NO Frills
OLC Direct
Oz Electronics Inc
PC Byte
Shopping Express Outlet
Shopping Square
Shopping Square Australia
Sony Australia
Super Hobby Store
Tech Mall
Toner Tec
Treasure PC
Trinity Connect
Videopro Australia

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  • I had Mavic Air in my cart still the same price, was going to check out, right when I clicked on the confirm and pay button, it said this item is out of stuck. So (profanity) sick of Futu_Online

    • how many on stock? maybe too slow?

  • Managed to get 1 of the 4 pairs of SONY WH-1000XM2B (refurb) for $261.. by 10:01 they were all gone.. Today's a good day!

  • +2

    Thanks TA. Just bought me a MSI GS65 (GTX 1070). Saved me $447 as compared to lowest price on staticice.

    • How much you paid? Dont want to spend over 1400 for a good laptop or value for money.
      Was thinking for X1 Yoga and Futu has 2-3 year old model at RRP in their store :(

    • +1

      Was very close to getting this lappy myself, been chatting a fair bit with Derek over at and he's a real fanboi of the gs series. It was gonna be GS65 or Aero15x v8 or Triton 700. All are amazing but couldn't resist the Triton with 1080 (I'm aware it does have some huge flaws but am ok/can fix those with repasting etc). Shop didnt price jack at all so very happy. Havent had a new laptop since 2011. Derek has a nice modding guide in his review for the GS65, theres a way to stop the creaking sound etc just above the battery (due to a little space there). Hope you enjoy the new toy!

      • Thanks mate! Hope you enjoy yours too!

  • price jack again…..

  • +2

    TP-LINK HS100 Smart WiFi Plug SWITCH currently $10 to $15 more via this special compared to sellers not in this special. $25 more (more than double) than the best price in the last few weeks.

  • +1

    Price lacks everywhere. Appliances Central jacked up an AC I was tracking by $200.

  • Thanks TA saved $422.21

  • 25% + 5%

    @[email protected]

    This deal is Super!

    • +5% ?

      • wish card and I forgot cash rewards….

    • … + 2.5% cashback 😊

  • Thanks OP.

  • $800 GTX1080Ti thankyou very much!!6000!AU!-1

    • -2

      That's a regular GTX 1080, not a Ti model

      • -1

        lol not such a good deal after all.

        I must resist….I only have towait until August…I must resist the $600 pull of a GTX 1080.

        I have learnt my lesson and will again be buying cards close to release so that I actually get to take advantage of them.

        But…a cheap enough 1070 hmmmm…..stop it…..bugger.

        • it says it IS a ti model

  • +2

    Samsung 970 EVO 500GB M.2 NVMe 216$ delivered with ebay plus.

    • All gone :(

  • -1

    Any good deal for Samsung Note 8?

    Thanks in advance.. :)

  • +1

    wow the LG OLED55 B7's sold out so fast, They only had 3 though. Managed to get a C8 instead. Enjoy your new TV's everyone that got one :)

    • I tried myself for a B7, and failed. You're not the only one. Hopefully it was other Ozbargainers that we were Ozbargained by…

  • Any success with ShopBack 2.5% cashback?

  • PROXY sint working for the ps p4o I am trying to put in my cart :(

    • Selected sellers

      • EB games is one of the selected sellers

        • No they aren't

        • @cyrax83: Bloody misleading BS.

          Comes up when you hit the Proxy Sale link under consoles but isnt actually participating.

  • Anyone know if the Netgear Arlo Pro 2 VMS4430P (4 cameras) from Sydneytec is a "good" deal or the cheapest?!3144!AU!-1

    • Try searching the rest of the web.

  • +2

    FAR OUT, talk about prices being jacked. I usually don't mind, but after looking at some items I'd like to purchase prior to the promotion starting, the savings end up more realistically like 10% rather than 25%. But that's just the items I had saved.

  • -1

    any master 2s mouse deal?

  • Thanks TA
    I bought a macbook from allphone ebay

  • If anyone notices a nice deal on S8's or S9's please do let me know!

  • +1

    Got a Synology DS918+ for $629.25 that I think is the best price seen on OzBargain

    • Almost, Synology had a conference where it was 500 I think. I went to the tuts but missed the deal. they even threw in a HDD!

      • Yeah but not everyone was able to sign up was full ozbargained

        People who wanted to go to the event couldn't is just ppl getting the nas

  • This crap really should be negged. Ozbargain should not be a party to such contempt toward Australian law.

    I have been watching Ultrawides for a friend.
    All of these were $499 pre "POXY"

  • +3

    Damn price jacking… looking at a portable fridge, it was $325 last night, now $375…

    • +1

      yep jacked at 1:24 am :(

  • +1

    Not even working for me now? All items in cart have 25% discount removed..

  • -2

    For the love of god. Why Why Why isnt there a simple search option for this sale.
    Is there a mavic Pro or Air on 25% anywhere

    • The search link is simple as. DJI Mavic Air $974.25.

      • Not sure where you are using, But I get all the DJI weather in the sale or not. You got any mavic pro Platinum in your search. I got 4 extra batteries

        • +1

          Go here, type in what you want to search in "Enter keywords or item number", then search.

        • There is usually a search link for the deals added to the original deal post.

  • I'm beginning to think all 51 stores each have 10 people upvoting this deal. Not many commenters upvoted. I even bought and didn't think it was worth an upvote.

  • Waiting for a good deal on a 75" Panasonic smart TV. Unfortunately I didn't have the funds when they were approx. $2,900 earlier this year.

  • Gg,

    Item pulled from Ebay

  • +2

    Can't find anything to buy on impulse with all these so called 20%-25% off.

  • +1

    Thanks for your tireless work TA, nabbed a Uniden UBCD426PT for $524.92 (listed at $699.90, trending at $716.80).

  • Damn… I wish Dell ebay sells the AW3418DW!
    They've currently got 20% and 4% cashback but nearly two months ago they sold them for 25% off!
    Tried twice to nego with reps from online chat and I'm pretty sure they are AIs and programmed to give no more than 1% additional discount.
    Some I know reckoned to hold and some already pulled the trigger…
    Sale ends today but Im hesitate in pulling the trigger based on current price…

  • +1

    Any Arlo Pro deals

  • +2

    Shame. Was looking for Arlo Pro 2 3 camera system but they price jacked. Anyone know anywhere with cheap Arlo Pro 2's?

    • I'm looking at the 4 camera system and Sydneytec's deal seems to be the cheapest around

      • At the moment, yes. But it has been cheaper before. For example, Arlo Pro 2 with 4 cameras was once just over $800 from Wireless1 using a 15% off Netgear code. That was recently. Even though I want to bite during this sale it just isn't worth it for me.

  • +4

    Checking my shopping list, everything but a new GPU hasn't been anywhere near a previous good deal on OzB. And that's with 25% off.

    Arlo Pro 2, Google Home, Mx Master 2s, Google Wifi (not found), 1080ti are all underwhelming offerings.

    The real bargains are the site-wide deals. Selected stores are just fluff.

    Not aimed at you, TA - thanks for your efforts for this site.

  • Not allowed to post PC Byte deals but already wrote up the description. Seems decent;

    AMD 6-Core Ryzen 5 1600 3.6GHz 8GB 1TB GTX 1080 Ti 11GB Gaming Computer Desktop $1409.25 Delivered @ PC Byte (eBay Plus Only)

    Jumped on the previous PC Byte deal for the Ryzen 2600 + GTX 1080, but had I known this would be available I may have held out for this 1080Ti.

    The same build as this previous deal but is better priced. 8GB of 2133MHz isn't the best for a Ryzen but PC Byte offer upgrades which can be added on and are also discounted with the coupon.

    edit: forgot the link

  • Futuonline price jacking CPUs..

  • In case anyone would be kind enough to help choose a bang for buck 1080ti prebuilt -

  • I'm looking for micro SD card 128gb (order from ozbargainhunter and they didn't send to me said something about bug in their system). Can anyone point out which one Better? I tried to search and too many show up with the same detail but different price.

    Samsung Evo 128gb​ class 10 grade 3 for $49 and the same one with for 4k phone for $60?

  • +1

    $660 for the Sony RX0 from Videopro seems a good deal.


    Just bought the Mavic Pro with Free Insurance for $899.25.
    Here is teh details on the insurance (That is not worded or link on their ebay)
    Hmmm very funny. I hope the Drone is all above board.

    What am I covered for?
    Private Pleasure and Commercial Use.
    The Legal Liability to pay damages in respect of accidental bodily injury and accidental damage to property caused by the Aircraft.
    Single Limit of AUD $100,000 each accident.
    (*Subject to full policy terms and conditions)

    Can I Increase my cover and insure my Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA)?
    Yes, please submit an enquiry and we will be in touch with you shortly.


    • Saw their insured items before and I normally disregard them since they're not the DJI Care things. I think it's still cheap though. Would of loved this deal but unfortunately I bought one earlier this week for $1000 from a seller that won't do tax receipt.

  • Misleading deceptive conduct

  • +2

    3/07 I purchased from PCBYTE: Corsair K70 LUX RGB LED Backlight Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Cherry MX Blue
    Original Price - $218
    After Pizzazz coupon, so 22% off - $172.66

    Now it's
    $233/$174.75 with 25% off, lol

  • Drone's… Mavic Air $974.25 vs Platinum $1,124.25

    Literally cannot decide. I really want that noise reduction but such a difference in price and I love the compact of the Air.

    • Buy the standard mavic pro for 899 and get the platinum propellers.
      With mavic pro 2 coming soon. Might as well get the cheapy sonyou can upgrade to the real deal later. You can resell the mavic pro for sumilar money in 6 months.

  • Any good monitor in this deal? I tried to find one but it seems dell ultrasharp is much higher than Dell outlet.

  • +1!3058!AU!-1

    $135 for this is pretty good. Got one.