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Kingston A400 SSD 120GB $29.25, 240GB $51.75, 480GB $101.25 Delivered @ PC Byte eBay (eBay Plus Members)


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    Dam these ssd prices are dropping just as fast as my crypto portfolio. I guess my purchasing power hasn't reduced at all!

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      btc will skyrocket after etf, mark my words

  • mother f**** paid 115 just a week ago. does ebay price policy apply to their sales? might as well buy another and raid it.

    • Have you go it yet? Heard they were pretty average.

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        I bought two of the 120gb ones as soon as the 25% sale started and they've apparently arrived today. I'll give them a try tonight

    • If you haven't installed it and paid with eBay Plus, it free shipping for returns.

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      mother f**** paid 115

      That's what you get for f****** mothers.

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        Where is the que that’s cheap!
        I’m gonna be a mother f*****

  • Compare with UV400, which one is better?

  • Comepare to samsung 850 or 860??
    Is this any better?

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      No way

      • Just price then?

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          I think if you are not tech savvy and wont care a about 9 time faster instead of 10 time faster and 2 more second to boot up then EVO 860. I will be ok

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          Yes, you basically get 70-80% of the performance for roughly 70% of the price.

    • Obviously they are better but both do their job well for the price. I have the a400 as my boot drive and it works fine, never had any issues with it. If you just want a basic SSD and nothing more then the a400 is good choice.

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    I've got one of the 240gb ones in my desktop PC, runs like a charm. Might just get another, cheers OP.

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    Oh PROXY strikes again, I don't really need a 480gb ssd but I got one anyway.

  • I'm just wondering guys; whether this type of SSD will work to upgrade a MAC MINI computer..?

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    Pulled the trigger on a 240GB one.

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    I bought one 240GB, awesome

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      Ok, tell us what you bought…

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        2x 480gb's and 1x 240gb.

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          Resistance is futile.

        • @battler: don't worry, there will be a better deal next week and i'll still buy more lol

  • So when did SSD's become sooo cheap? I paid 120 for 240GB this time last yr

    • same here! @/$=##!!!

    • The price is $129, it is just the 25% off voucher making it attractive. The effective real discount is 19% off.

    • Some ozbargain user told me there's a huge oversupply. I bought the a400 120gb for over $50 now it's literally over $20 cheaper.

      • Why is there an oversupply though?

  • Is it worth buying a SSD for a Dell Optiplex SFF running Ubuntu / home assistant ?


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      If you're still on mechanical hdd, definitely. Can't really go wrong with $29 for 120gb anyway.

    • Well if you got one of those refurb Optiplexes the drives in them are oldish and may fail soon - more likely that the SSD will take longer to fail than an old spinning disk

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    Just got a 240gb, couldn't resist - thanks :)

  • For those interested in speeds…


    So whilst the speeds of this Kingston aren’t anything to get excited by its still going to be faster than a mechanical HDD.

    • This site ranks the UV400 above the A400 as well…

  • C'mon brings in on the 1 TB one.

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    There's also this and this with Shopping Express.

    EDIT: oh, i see member @nocure is onto it.

  • So Shopping Express or PC Byte eBay or Wait ? as I am not sure what I be needing it for right now xD

  • Choosing one 120Gb SSD with pickup it doesn't come down to that price

    • Puck up option not equal to pick up instore which the seller still need to send to your puck up point.

      Free trail on ebay plus

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        send to your puck up point

        Is this only available for Tightarse?

  • At this rate SSD will cost negative dollars by Christmas

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      They will come up with some excuse like power failure or roof leaking on their expensive semiconductor fabs to do price fixing. The big manufacturers sets the price and the smaller ones follow suit.

      Hopefully when 2019 the shiny new fabs in China will come online and give these big brands a run for their money but I doubt it will happen as they are also partially owned by the main players.

      I just hope the governments keep hitting them with big law suits to stop them from ripping us off.

      • This is very true…
        if it wasn't for the artificial inflation by manufactures
        1TB SSD should be around <$100 or so.

  • Go with shopping express if you need it delivered on due date.

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    Thanks OP. Got a 480 gig for 93 smackers. Going to tinker about and put it in an old all in one and play around with the orico ssd adaptadapteadaptadapter

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    Thanks Op. Bought the 240G.

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    Looks like they've raised the price on the 480 GB model to be $101.25 after eBay Plus's 25% off.

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      Thanks, edited.

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