Should You Still Have to Pay for Public Transport if Someone Is Being Threatening or Disruptive

So after getting a job, I've been having to take public transport to and from work every day, i live in a shitty area in the city and have to travel to the end of the line which ends in another shitty area, and like clockwork every single day there are the some scummiest, disgusting crowd of lowlifes on the tram, ranging from druggies, homeless(not the "aww i feel sorry for you kind", more the "you're an asshole and dont care cause you're homeless now" kind) to trashy people and just the plain inconsiderate. Since getting the job I cant get concession tickets anymore i get the extra privileged of paying $8.60 a day for the whole experience which adds up to $100s every fortnight. Of course none of these colorful characters are paying for tickets while doing things ranging from taking up 4 seats with their feet in peak hour and everyone too scared to sit down,blasting music on their phones(or better yet, portable speakers) or violently yelling and actively threatening passengers.

I love my job but traveling to work has gotten to a point where i just cant take it anymore and the only thing that feels like it gives me a minuscule way to cope with it is just not touching my ticket on, if there's no inspectors on the tram to police these people,and they're not paying for a ticket, why should i. There's no option to refund a trip because some druggy is threatening to kill everyone, and the drivers dont care to stop anything, and the police cant do anything either.

Inspectors have come onto the line about 20 times in the 3 years that I've been working, and of course the second they get on everyone scatters like cockroaches or sometimes they'll even just stay there cause they know the inspectors dont want to start anything. So its not even a line that's kept in check i think even they dont want touch it.

I've still been touching on at the end of the trip if the journey was safe and comfortable so this isn't a "how do i justify fair evading" post either. I feel like in any other location people wouldn't be okay with it, like if you paid for a movie and someone had sneaked in and was being noisy, you'd complain and they'd get kicked out or you can walk out and get a refund, Public transport is a service like any other, but it seems like we're expected to deal with it.

Does anyone else have similar experiences or thoughts on dealing with this every day occurrence?
Am i just overacting and should just block out the world and not care about what everyone is doing as long as i'm not being physically attacked?

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    I dont pay for public transport anyways
  • 24
    Move to a better area
  • 26
    You shouldn't have to pay for a hostile travel environment.
  • 44
    Get a car and drive to work
  • 493
    Deal with it,You're overacting and by not touching on you're part of the problem


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      Tell that to the guy that got stabbed to death a few weeks ago about 10 meters from where i live

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        Depends on why he was stabbed. This does not mean it is a shitty area; this just means that shit can happen wherever you live.

      • You live in the inner city, shit like that happens. There are much worse places you could be living.

        I spent 3 years riding the 109 to work not too long ago, it's really not that bad. The way you describe the people on the 109 makes me think you're a little precious (anyone who uses the word 'druggy' strikes me as a pearl clutcher) the worst that will happen is being hit up for some change, again easily avoided by wearing headphones. If anything the crazies make a boring ride interesting and for some good stories at the pub on a Friday.

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        I live in Dandy, place has a notorious name to boot.

        I've encountered many situations like yours, and suggest that you really need to be wise about how you confront situations. It is frustrating, but I've come to learn that it is impossible to avoid situations like these, unless you live like a hermit.

        The only way to really avoid them is to change how you react. Keep to yourself and turn a blind eye to what they're doing, but at the same time watch closely enough to not get burnt. Walk away or change carriages when things get too uncomfortable for you liking. Might I suggest you step off the train if things get too serious.

        I've once sat across a couple waving their brass knuckles and fancy looking knife, but look, I'm still here today!

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    Poll needs a "grow up" option.

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    Do you think carpooling would be any different?

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    The name of your mode of transport is 'public transport', and here you are complaining about having to travel with the public and all its colourful members. Get over it and pay for your trip or get another mode of transport.

    As a suggestion, just get some headphones and look at your phone/read etc, that way you can just pretend these people don't exist. Everyone else does it.

  • Definitely overreacting, there's always another way to get to work. Plus, you didn't pay to enjoy yourself like a cinema, you paid to move from location to another, and you got that, don't be so freaking entitled. How could it possibly be the transport company's responsibility to ensure you like the people you have to share the train with? Do you realise how stupid that sounds? It's not like it's an exclusive service you have to be screened for. Yeah it's shit, but we can't take all the problem people out the back with a .22 and deal with them, best you can do is avoid or ignore.

    • but we can't take all the problem people out the back with a .22 and deal with them

      Wait, you serious? What am I gonna do with this Luger and all this ammo now?

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    your goal is to get to work safely and effectively, not ask if its morally right to pay for the only thing that is available.

    work towards that goal, and your options might be to find a job in a better location.

    Never limit yourself.

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    Drive to nice station and park car that what i would do.

  • I feel bad for this guy! Maybe someone can lend him a helicopter, just whilst he is climbing to corporate ladder, once he is CEO in a year or 2 he will give it back after moving to a nicer area.

    Welcome to life … it sucks sometimes but it is what it is. Fortunately, you have the power the change it - ride a bike, drive to another station in a less shitty area, drive to work, catch the later/earlier tram.

    Good luck! Most of us have all been there - not me though, parents driver used to take me to work in the Rolls Royce.

  • This post reminds me of a co-worker at a previous job complaining to QR on social media about the “quiet zones” not being so quiet.

  • Your options

    Drive to work to avoid this inconvenience
    Move to a different tram/train line
    Get a new Job

    BTW - My commute to/from work is approx. 4 hours each working day on public transport and believe me I have seen it all.

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    FFS the entitlement…. next thing people wont be paying council rates because their neighbourhood sucks

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      Didn’t pay my rego because people drive like morons.

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    This is why I want to go and live in the middle of nowhere and work from home for the rest of my life
    In my opinion, generally, people suck.

    I don't think because they do so on public transport, you shouldn't have to pay for your travels however

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    threating or disruptive doesn't bother me that much. what pisses me off is late running. thats when you should not have to pay. i've had occasions where a bus is anywhere from 5 to 45 minutes late, and even at 45 mins late they still expect you to pay your fare

  • you've identified your problem, figure out a solution that doesn't involve you breaking the law. Don't expect to get public validation if you want to continue in your ways, and if you choose to, the least you could do is silently live with your guilt.

  • This reminds me of reading the fine print on the back of a bag of nuts. "this product may contain traces of nuts".

    Really, your riding public transport and you're upset the public are there. Sure your ride sounds worse than most, but if you don't want to be there don't. There is always a choice.

    Maybe I haven't read enough, but it didn't appear you have made any effort to affect any positive change. Have you written to STA or the bus company, or the inspectors, or the local police or council. It would of been just as easy as this post. If you were going down that route I would avoid stealing the ride, as you have lowered yourself right down the level of what you are actually complaining about.

    Alternatively, remove yourself from the situation. Different home, different job, different transport.

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    I do have one question. When did it become a "thing" to play videos with the sound up and no earphones or to talk on the phone so that surrounding people can hear both ends of the conversation. As I've indicated above I generally just stick the earphones on and ignore this sort of behaviour but who has that sense of "entitlement"?

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      Drives me loco, happening more frequently now too

    • -2

      Did you say anything…

      Whinging on a forum and not doing anything..

      • Hopefully some people on the forum may recognise they do it and stop. I have asked people to curb their behaviour on public transport before particularly if it seems to be annoying other people. Have you ever taken anyone to task on their behaviour or intervened for someone else? I have and I’m a 5ft tall female so pull your head in.

        • What are you trying to say about 5ft tall females?

      • -1

        Like other people have said, you say something and you risk taking a knife to the eye. So instead we all just tolerate it and brush issues under the rug till it gets worse

        • you DON'T tolerate or just brush it under the rug, you report it. People bitch and moan about the authorities not doing anything, half the reason it doesn't get more attention is people like yourself that think it isn't worth while or is too much hassle to report. it is not an all or nothing situation, if authorities get enough reports then those services will get more attention.

  • Ride a bike

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      Nothing to do with "Multicultural" being a dick on public transport is not dependent on race.

    • +2

      Get lost mate. Having encountered many of these situations including on the same tram that OP refers to, they are almost always white.

  • -2

    Bit like on South Park where the guy engaged in sexual congress with a chicken to try and encourage children to read books.

    Just leave those chickens alone bro as you sound like the whacko on that bus…

  • suck it up buttercup

  • Reads like a "colourblind" description of your fellow passengers.

  • +1

    If you can, see if you can change your hours to an earlier shift.. when I was commuting via PT the earlier the train the more docile the passengers.. Afternoon ride home with all the school kids was damned noisy tho (buy good headphones)

    • This is a really good suggestion

  • -1

    What is going on with these pathetic posts?!!
    not sure whats more pathetic the druggos or spineless OP. Were you a very sheltered child? The poll speaks for itself! Harden TF up!

  • +3

    Good post, and I agree with you. It's really weird how in Australia we willingly tolerant bad service/ignorance/laziness from public bodies and organisations. Unfortunately it will take deaths/rapes/multiple assaults before anything gets done on our trains.

    • +2

      Aussies are known for being laid back, probably comes from living in the "lucky country".

      Anyways, OP is talking about what he considers "undesirables". If OP has been threatened with violence or been assaulted then totally different matter and a refund is the very least he can expect.

      • Yeah I understood that, and I totally agree with him. Why aren't more resources put into security on our trains? I am in Sydney and the amount of times I would have feared for my life if I was a young lady on the same train (lucky I am a pretty built guy) can't be counted.

  • +1

    Oh boy. You are going to really enjoy adulthood with that kind of attitude.

  • People don't have to be drug addicts or homeless to be arseholes - they're everywhere man. Get on some other form of public transport in the morning - my husband gets told off by someone at least once a week for having the gall to lean against something. It's everywhere, people are just entitled.

  • Sounds like an average day in Melbourne

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      Nah, what are you talking about?? - there is no safty issue at all in Melbourne , perfectly safe haven , No1 best-to-live city in the world - as not a problem if 0.1% of the population contributes to only 1 % of the crime - pleople are just happy go about to public transportations and restaurants.

      • How about you express those numbers as real numbers per population and not percentages?

        • Well, go to google the meaning of arithmetic, statistics and mathematics first then go to enjoy public transportation in 4 seats :)

        • @AllWins: Right after you express those percentages as absolute numbers :D

  • +2

    Yeah, my neighbor's dog is barking every morning when my neighbor goes to work and howls at night until the wife comes back at 11pm, not to mention the other neighbor blasts loud dance music and always invites his drug abusing friends to make noise up until 3am almost everyday.

    I should stop paying rent to my landlord because this is unacceptable.

    Sounds perfectly reasonable, what do you guys think?

    • No but I'd fake the carpet cleaning receipt on the way out

    • -1

      Why dont you just move out, seems like a perfectly acceptable thing to do in this scenario,feeling safe is a privilege that only people with enough money deserve to have.

  • I see the same morons sprouting bikie jokes. Unbelievable.

  • +1

    What a great country we live in

  • -1

    i went to mcdonalds drive thru and the kid on $7 an hour gave me crappy customer service. i think in return i should get a 65% discount on my meal

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    You should use Myki Pass instead of Myki Money if you travel every weekday for work.

    myki money (based on a 28-day month) $ 172.00
    myki pass (based on a 28-day month) $ 145.04

  • The world ain't all sunshine and rainbows. It's a very mean and nasty place… and I don´t care how tough you are, it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently, if you let it. You, me or nobody, is gonna hit as hard as life. But ain't about how hard you hit… It's about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward… how much you can take, and keep moving forward. That´s how winning is done. Now, if you know what you worth, go out and get what you worth. But you gotta be willing to take the hits. And not pointing fingers saying: You ain´t what you wanna be because of him or her or anybody. Cowards do that and that ain´t you! You´re better than that

    • I find ducking helps.

    • +1

      Yo' Adrian!

  • Does public transport fail you? (Not getting you to/from work daily?)

    1. Cope with it and move closer to work (so less time commute or even drive to work)
    2. Change workplace (different train line) if you cant cope with it
    3. You pay economic fare, please do not expect first class experience
  • +1

    I can somewhat empathise with OP
    there are times when I felt unsafe on the tram and it's difficult to just "deal with it"

    I was once threatened by a guy who was wielding a skateboard and was ready to hit my head. Apparently he thought I was laughing at him. When shit's already happening you don't have time to contact the authority so I understand why you don't see a point in reporting.

    At the same time not paying for fares isn't going to do you any favours, so I think you should simply seek an alternative travel method or route. Even if you raise the issue and what not, those people will still be in the area and isn't going to change the demographics of the area.
    If you don't like the service, sure don't pay for it ie. Don't use it, but don't use it and not pay for it.

    • +1

      It's very disappointing to see so many shitty reactions to a guy that's just frustrated.

      Lift your game OZB

  • Yes it's a shame.

    Melbs has definitely gone downhill - homeless people have skyrocketed as the basic unskilled jobs they (and young people) would normally have worked in (taxi/supermarket/delivery/etc) have been turned into careers by harder working new Australians on student visas.

    Well, this is what everybody voted for.

  • Yes you should. If you ride on their transport, you pay the fees. If someone else is being threatening, it doesn't mean you get to ride for free.

  • +1

    This sounds exactly like the 57 tram.. am I right!?

  • I think it’s reasonable to think one is entitled to a refund when the service operators fail to maintain comfortable environment by, for example allowing non fare paying travellers to board, but… thinking your entitled is a bit different to… taking it upon yourself to take your own refund. It would be nice if PT operators ran a tolerable service and were accountable when they do not, but you’re paying them for A to B; the rest are perks. If they want to refund you to keep you happy, that’s their business model. But if they don’t, that doesn’t make it right for you to steal.

  • Don't take this the wrong way but a 180 flip on how you view things goes a long way. How you perceive things influences your mood and your mood influences how you perceive things

    Withhold judgement; keep to yourself and not let the external bother you so much; observe, learn, understand, accept; and/or just let it go.

    The sooner you realise these things don't matter so much, the sooner you start to see how fortunate you are that you dont have the problems that you are witnessing. If you really feel like there is a systemic issue, be part of a solution instead of compounding the problem. You might be just one person but remember every step forward always starts with one people making that step. Your action may do little to change your circumstances now but over time it may result in a more favourable situation and hopefully lead to something better.

    Good luck.

  • -1

    You labour voters can thank Daniel Andrews for this problem

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