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AmEx: Spend $50 Get $20 Back (up to 3 Times) in-Store 31/8-14/9 + Vogue Fashion Nights [MEL 31/8, SYD 6/9]


American Express

Vogue American Express Fashion's Night Out 2018

Friday 31 August Melbourne
Thursday 6 September Sydney

Spend $50 to get $20 back at up to 3 different participating retailers, between 31/08/2018 and 14/09/2018

Experience fashion’s biggest event of the year

Vogue American Express Fashion's Night Out 2018 promises a day of glamourous style, and we're proud to back this award-winning event. With the latest collections, special Card Member-only offers and the luxurious American Express Lounge, an exceptional experience awaits.

At VogueAmerican Express Fashion’s Night Out:

Special access to the signature American Express Lounge with light snacks, drinks and a Beauty Bar so you can glam up on us
Get $20 back when you spend $50 in a single transaction. You can redeem this offer at up to 3 different participating retailer locations - on top of all the other retailer offers on the evening. You can spend between 31/8/18 to 14/9/18, not just on the night.
On the night, Card Members will enjoy exclusive access to the American Express Lounge, and we’ll be offering a special Amex Offer – on top of the retailer’s offers!

VOGUE retail offer 30% promotion:

A promotional rate of 30% extra credit on VAEFNO transactions
1000 Membership Rewards points= $9.63(was $7.41)

The 'Amex Band offer

Credit to BeauGiles and easternculture
https://www.American express.com/au/credit-cards/amex-band.ht…
The first 1,000 Card Members to visit the American Express Lounge at Vogue American Express Fashion's Night Out will receive a special gift - an Amex Band you can pay with. It's an elegant, wearable way to use your American Express Card.

Secure Parking Melbourne

$6 night parking with Secure Parking
Valid from 24 August 2018 until 31 August 2018
Heading into the city for Vogue American Express Fashion's Night Out?
$6 Night Parking in Melbourne. Book online at secureparking.com.au and use Code: ”VOGUEMELB” and pay with your American Express Card. Available at 460 Lonsdale Street Car Park and 300 Flinders Street Car Park on 31/08/2018.

Secure Parking Sydney

$15 night parking with Secure Parking
Valid from 24 August 2018 until 6 September 2018
Heading into the city for Vogue American Express Fashion's Night Out?
$15 Night Parking in Sydney. Book online at secureparking.com.au and use Code: ”VOGUESYD” and pay with your American Express Card. Available for Night Parking bookings at No 1 Martin Place Car Park and Hilton Hotel Car Park on 06/09/2018.

Thanks to josho9 and forumninja. Useful info on last year's deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/322843

23/8 2am: Enrollments open now - deal link updated (thanks illumination)

Referral Links

Business Explorer Card: random (10)

Referrer: 40,000 Reward Points
Referee: 110,000 Rewards Points with $3,000 spend in 3 months

David Jones Card: random (16)

Referrer: 15,000 Reward Points
Referee: 25,000 Reward Points with 3 purchases outside DJ in 1 month

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        • @ronnknee: I did ask her about that, she said I am free to do so. But if you have multiple cards you'll be standing there all day. I think I'll go back much later next week once things quieten down

        • @krazek: Okay thanks.

    • +1

      They may stop doing splitting over two cards soon if they are overwhelmed with the demand. so I'd say earlier the better.

      • As I guessed 450 George St kiosk refused to split at all.

        • Maybe try next week once the initial craze is over, they might relax these restrictions by then

        • came back from george st - it was empty but they won't let you split at all
          pitt st - fine to split.

        • @krazek:

          Yeah ill wait If they dont split ill buy a DJ gift card instead. I dont want to pay $6 fees for two cards.

        • @bobbinbrisco:

          Yes. Had the same experience. When i told him that Pitt St is splitting it he said they’ve just received an email from the head office tellim them not to split. If you believe it.

  • I note lucky charm is in there for Sydney, so should be able to use Opal for Westfield card

    • +1

      Where? I couldn't find it.

      • +3

        i think Baghern meant lucky charm is within Westfield to redeem the westfield GC

  • so can I spend $500 in one go and get $20p back?

    • they allow only 2 cards at once

    • +1

      Yes, Buy one westfield card value $500, get back $20 from 1 card.

  • Four AMEX cards registered….let's go on a blitz!

  • Anyone know if the Amex lounge is open today?

    • +2

      For Melbourne, yes.
      For Sydney it will be on 6th Sep

      • Cheers mate!

    • +2

      For you, no. September 6. If you happen to be in Melbourne right now, yes

  • +1

    For anyone with only 1 card that wants to purchase more than one thing from Mecca Maxima, there is also a Mecca within Myer on Bourke St which falls under "Myer" so you can get the cash back twice. Ive got 2 AMEX's so I can basically hit Mecca 4 times.

  • Latest update, pitt street Westfield does not split payment anymore.

    • What is the reason given?

      • Probably too time-consuming from a retailer's perspective.

        Walking past the Market St desk now and there's about ten people in the queue

        • Takes less than 3mins to do.

          Weird. Well some people are slow at tapping maybe :P

        • @Turd: Not that easy. You have to split each one up and sometimes you might accidentally do it as cash rather than EFTPOS and then don't know how to reverse …

        • @kerfuffle: oic. >.<

        • @Turd: Yeah. Pretty easy to stuff up so try and go when it's quiet if you plan to use multiple cards to buy a gift card

        • @kerfuffle: Thinking I should just go shopping at uniglow and zara and h&m. :)

        • @Turd: New threads for Spring/Summer!

          Very interested to see whether H&M and COS work as others say they don't take Amex, but they're on the list of participating retailers

        • @kerfuffle: Hmmm H&M might not, they always have a "NO AMEX" sticker there.

        • @Turd: They’re on the list in my link that I posted comments ago so yeah, try it out for us since you have heaps of Amex cards? :P

        • +1

          @kerfuffle: Maybe sometime next week, dont feel like going back out there till the dust has settled :P

        • @Turd: 3 mins multiplied by 500. Doesn't feel that fast anymore

      • No split payments are being done at Westfield Pitt street or George street. At Pitt street they have a printout highlighting the instructions from management to not allow split payment for the duration of the Amex offer.

    • I am guessing a gazillion people queuing up because it is lunch time?

      • The queue was already massive at 9:30 when Westfield began trading

        • People shopping must be like wtf.. people lining up for?!?!

        • @Turd:

          I had only 5 ppl at pitt st and 3 ppl at george st in front. But george st refused to split and i dint buy it

        • +1

          @Turd: the staff at nespresso was asking me what is this amex offer going as she had a customer who splitted lots of cards to get a machine.

        • @Sharp: I have just been to both and both are refusing to split payment. Oh well.

        • @YadaYadaYada: There's one on Level 6; did you try there?

        • @kerfuffle: No I didn't try there, only the ones on the ground floors.

        • @kerfuffle:
          Level 6 relates to Pitt or George st location?

        • @Peanut money: There's only one Level 6 in Westfield Sydney … Which is the Pitt St side

        • Hang on I thought Sydney hasnt started yet?

        • +1

          @countmein: The offer started yesterday and runs until the 14th. The actual Vogue Fashion Night Out for Sydney is on the 6th.

        • +2

          [@kerfuffle] you should be the program organisor as you are on top of everything. You answered all the Q and A :)

        • +3

          @Purple: Well, I do work for the major retailer associated with this event ;) Thank you!

        • +1

          @kerfuffle: I only have a Mastercard. Can I use my Visa and still somehow get the credit? /s

          hahaha thanks for your help so far

        • @kerfuffle: I went to Level 6 and could not find the concierge desk there. Level 6 is the one with JBHifi-Home, Max Brenner and Chat Thai? Is this correct? If so, where is the Concierge desk? Thanks.

        • @67Gateway: Opposite Yayoi. It's hidden behind some gold gate or something (I haven't been up there in a while). Walk past Chinta Ria like you're going to Bose and it'll be on your right

        • +1

          @kerfuffle: got ya! Thanks for that. I think I have a pretty good idea where it is now

  • +3

    What you get for lining up now for the Melbourne Amex lounge:
    - A donut
    - A sushi
    - A drink
    - Soft serve (no line up needed)
    - Amex band (still available as of 12.30pm)

    The Amex band is DEFINITELY not worth lining up for.
    - the band seems pretty cheap quality
    - very long band, look weird
    - the band is not transferable (eg: if your card is cancelled)

    • a correction to my comment - the band is a double strap band (like a hermes double strap)

      • I managed to get the single tour version as the double tour did not fit my wrist. Apparently the single tour ones ran out really early.

    • Ohh, I hope the lounge in Sydney on Thursday has donuts and sushi!

  • So If I wanted to spend $100 at Myer MElB, I buy a $50 colesmyer gift card from Myer. Where do I buy the second $50 card from ?

    • Westfields?

      • I dont live close to WF shopping centre's though ;/

      • They’re from Melbourne …

        • I meant, I dont live close to a westfield sc, I am in Melb cbd.

        • +1

          @Ryxxi: No Westfield in Melbourne is participating anyway. Only Westfield Sydney

    • +1

      Myer provided you have another Amex that’s registered

      • Only have 1 Card. What gift cards does DJ sell ?

        • Not Myer ones, that’s for sure. They only sell DJs gift cards.

          You’ll have to find $50 then if you don’t have a second Amex

        • @kerfuffle: Ahhh damm, am trying to buy a $89 Philips hue. May be someone on here is willing to trade my $50 DJ GC for their myer GC haha ?!?

        • +2

          @kerfuffle: I found a workaround for this :)) Coles sell David jones gift cards.

          1. Buy Coles Myer card from Myer store

          2. Go to coles and turn it into a David Jones Gift card

          3. Go to David Jones and Buy a $50 DJ giftcard

          4. Save $40 for $100 worth DJ GC's

          Doesnt work for more than $100 :(

          o I can get a $60 hue bulb + left over $10 ?

        • +1

          @Ryxxi: can you still buy gift card with Coles myer gift cards? I thought they banned all gift card purchases with another gift card.

        • @bkllo00: hmm good point, but it should work though because I am buying a David jones card using coles myer card.

  • +2

    Im surprised registrations are still open. 100,000 max not reached???

    • Yeah I’m not surprised. This offer is only good if you can get to Sydney city or Melbourne city between August 31 and September 14 …

      • True.. But so many people walking about Sydney!!

        • Not all of them have Amexes though :P

        • @kerfuffle: Shame..Get em to sign up, stand like that airtasker person… good way to get referals!

      • +8

        @Turd. We are all in a money saving bubble here. You must remember that there are many, many people who will not do anything additional to save money. Even something as simple as looking at the specials when shopping at a supermarket and there is an identical item, same brand bigger size but cheaper as on special on the next shelf and people do not even look. I have observed this many times. Compared to that this is complicated. To be fair sometimes people are too busy making a living.

        • +2

          Yes that describes my eldest son pretty well. It seems that I failed to pass on the 'ozbargain' gene.

        • @SydneySwan:
          So funny, both my sons were on ozbargain before I told them about it.

        • But they compare about the cost of living. When in fact if you play it right you could be better off.

  • +1

    Westfield and Myer emails coming instantaneously. Made one purchase at DJs - no email so didn't buy anymore. Twenty mins later when I was on the train home email arrived.

    Myer has heaps of Coles Group gcs - emails received for all.

    • ZARA no email as well.

  • +1

    H&M Bourke St have spend $80 get $20 off in store today only. Then you can double up with the AMEX offer.

    • Damm not Sydney! booooo

      • +1

        They'll probably have the same offer on the 6th for Sydney

        • +1

          ooo good thinking 99!

  • +2

    Anyone coming to mel Amex night tonight by car?
    I have a free parking from 4-10 tonight, if anyone interested, pm me

    • +1

      I will be using the Train, will it fir a train ?!?

  • +2

    Queues have died down due to rain and there are still Amex bands available but theres a bit of a queue to get them and get into the lounge. But nothing like before.

  • Anyone get an email confirming the cashback? Hasn’t come through for me.

    • Yes; two for DJs and two for Myer but this was around 10 a.m.

      • Strange one did not come through for me. Not sure if they treat DJ from Melbourne as two separate stores and one qualfies while the other doesn’t.

        • Same. 2 DJ stores but only one email came back

        • @mooreshady: Two DJs stores on the one Amex? Bourke Street Mall counts as one even though there's two stores. Elizabeth Street and Market Street are two stores distinct from each other

        • @kerfuffle: Hi, separate credits from DJ Market St and DJ Elizabeth St confirmed?

        • @eric402: No idea. Others say yes. Try it out yourself and let us know?

        • @kerfuffle: tried it today. i got separate emails, will await if credit is separate

        • +1

          @eric402: got separate credits for DJ Elizabeth and Market St stores

    • Received instantly for Myer, Mecca and Uniqlo. Nothing from DJs hours later.

      • Are gift cards available at Uniqlo?

        • +1

          No - I tried to buy one yesterday.

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