Used Car - Extended Warranty’ (Zooper Car)

Looking for some guidance here.

Bought a used car from Zooper(they sent me to local dealer). It’s a 2011 model and doesn’t have any factory warranty left. It’s coming with one year simple warranty from zooper but it doesn’t cover all.

There is an option for ‘ premium ‘ warranty . 3yrs premium warranty which covers most parts and some other perks like 10 yr premium roadside assistance. It is 1400$. Considering age of the car looking at buying this warranty.

Is it good? Any personal experience with zooper. Car is going to used by learner licensee occasionally.



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    Read the fine print before you decide. These additional warranties are often more like an insurance policy that u can only claim once on. They also require very strict servicing at a particular location.

    IMO not worth it. Save your $1400 for if something might go wrong.

    What car?

    • Honda Civic. It clearly says can be claimed unlimited times with 2000$ per claim. I can choose from any zooper servicing guys . I checked, there are enough under their belt in my region.(Brisbane).

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        That's basically just peace of mind then - i.e. if the engine blows up. Because most issues and repairs would likely cost less or around $2,000 to fix.

        Think of it this way - for the $1,400 you spend on this warranty, and the min. $2,000 you'd spend to use it even once, you have $3,400 more you can put towards a newer car. If you go with say, Kia, any car newer than 2011 would still have some factory warranty remaining and that'd both be a factory warranty, and come free with the car.

        Also - Honda engines and transmissions (the two biggest and most expensive components) are by and large bullet-proof. That's not to say your particular Honda will be 100% fine, still get it checked out mechanically, but it's certainly one brand/model that least needs any kind of extended warranty.

  • 3yrs premium warranty which covers most parts and some other perks like 10 yr premium roadside assistance.

    Be very careful what "most parts" mean, because in 99% of cases it doesn't include wear and tear or consumables. And those two categories include everything from brake pads (fairly standard, cheap) to things like timing belts, filters, broken o-rings and seals, etc (expensive to fix/repair/replace).

    Also look up how much 10 years of roadside assistance costs normally (from say NRMA), and see if they have any call out or other fees and charges.

    • it says relevant to brakes, "Brake booster, brake linkages,brake pedal box, brake pressure limiter, calipers, handbrake cable,
      handbrake mechanism, hydraulic brake lines, master cylinder, proportioning valve, wheel cylinders."

      does it make any sense.? I am surprised there no direct reviews on this product.

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        That's fine but just be careful what the conditions are. Some like the one I took out had conditions such as ware and tare also wont warrant contaminated liquids ect, I had the car 6 months and had to do a major repair and they didn't want to know anything about it because they deemed it as the use of dirty fuel which after the car had done 200k and I did 3, How's that really fair or my fault? I paid around what you did for your warranty. Never again. That's my experience anyway

        • Thank you.

        • ware and tare


          Sorry for the snark, it's "wear and tear".

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          @HighAndDry: lol my bad to tired today and was kinda annoyed thinking about it again. rage quit

        • @Roofus: Haha, no worries, good for a chuckle and I think everyone got the meaning anyway.

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        That makes sense - those are also the least susceptible to wear-and-tear and generally will last the normal life of any vehicle less than 10-15 years old. Since it's a Honda Civic, probably closer to 20 years if that.

  • I didn't buy through zooper but have had a previous extended warranty bought with a car and I can tell you right now these third part companies will do anything to get out of paying if something goes wrong. You should have 3 months from the dealer?

    • nothing from Dealer, but one year from Zooper.

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        Second-hand vehicles (other than motorcycles)

        The dealer guarantee for a second-hand motor vehicle which had driven less than 160,000 km and was less than 10 years old when purchased is limited to 5,000 km after purchase, or three months after purchase, whichever occurs first.

  • Save the money and use it for maintainance/repairs if needed.

    • but, i am concerned, what if any major repair comes up?. even a minor repair will cost you 500$ these days.

      Thanks for msg anyway.

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        You said further up that it's:

        2000$ per claim

        You're still going to be paying for those $500 minor repairs yourself. And cars sold by car dealers come with a 3 month warranty on basically the same (or better) terms than this one by law - just shorter. After 3 months though, you're going to have a hard time proving any defect is one covered by warranty and not something you caused through your driving, which you can bet will be their go-to excuse.

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          You're still going to be paying for those $500 minor repairs yourself.

          No he's not, that's the maximum amount covered, not the excess.

          So if a $1500 part goes bang, it's free
          If a $5000 part goes bang, it costs op $3000 to fix.

          Extended warranties are like insurance - you may never need it, or it may royally save your ass, you decide on which way you wanna gamble.

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          @Spackbace: Ah, you mean the $2k isn't the excess, but is the max claimable amount? That… doesn't seem useful at all. I'd rather everything above $2k covered rather than everything under $2k. Insurance is supposed to take care of the low-probability/high-cost events. This would be the opposite.

  • Thanks guys. Not Taking it.

    • Get the car checked out by a mechanic of your choice and that you trust.

  • Glad you are not taking the warranty, its money that you keep and its money that the car dealer (and the insurer) would have had as pure profit. Unless its a new car warranty everything is basically excluded that is likely to go wrong anyway. No different to the extended warranties people often take out on electronics and appliances, pure profit play for the sales person and of little benefit to you. If you were to keep the extended warranty amount from each item you purchased and put it away you will be in a net profit situation with the money in your bank account not a corporations.

  • We purchased a second hand Mazda 6 back in 2012 and had issues with how the dealer did their 100 point check. After talking to Fair Trading in WA and also asking about extended warranties I was told they are a waste of money as you are now covered by the Australian Consumer Law Consumer Guarantees:

    Consumer guarantees

    Consumer guarantees - a guide for consumers

    Exert from page 12 is below:

    Extended warranties

    "Suppliers or manufacturers may offer extended warranties to provide additional
    protection or to lengthen the coverage of their manufacturer’s warranty. You will
    normally have to pay extra for these warranties when you make the purchase.
    It is important to understand that these warranties do not cancel your right to
    make claims under the consumer guarantees.
    Before you buy an extended warranty, check to see if it offers you more
    protection than the rights you automatically have by law. Make sure you also
    check the terms and conditions, as they may outline things you must do in order
    to make a claim under the warranty"

    So my understanding is that if you buy a second hand car and 12 months later the car engine computer has a fault. It should be covered under the consumer guarantee as it should last much longer than 12 months. Therefore to me the extended warranties being offered now seem redundant and a waste of money.

    • had issues with how the dealer did their 100 point check

      How much can you trust these conflict-of-interest checks? The wheel nuts alone probably constituted 20 of the 100 points.

    • Used vehicles are covered by state statutory legislation.

    • Don’t think the ACCC rules apply to second hand items do they?

  • Honda fairly reliable.ext Warranties generally not worth the paper they written on

  • Save yourself the $1400 and keep it in your pocket in case of need.
    These warranties are designed so its not worth it to claim.
    Often the excess will pay for most if not all of the job anyway.
    If you service the car regularly, and check oil and coolant levels at least once a fortnight you should be fine.

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      The $2k isn't an excess, it's a maximum amount per claim. 'Warranty' repair up to $2k costs nothing, but if it needs a $3.5k motor you're $1500 out of pocket.

      But yes:

      If you service the car regularly, and check oil and coolant levels at least once a fortnight you should be fine.

      and you've got $1400 in your sky rocket if the excrement is flung at the blades that move the air.

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