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NAB: $1250 Bonus with an Eligible NAB Home Loan Banking Bundle


$1,250 bonus for customers with an eligible NAB Home Loan Banking Bundle

We know that buying, investing in, and/or renovating a property can be challenging. To make things easier,
we’re offering customers a $1,250 bonus with an eligible NAB Home Loan Banking Bundle from Monday
23 July 2018.

There are two steps for customers to receive the $1,250 bonus:

  • 1) NAB Home Loan

  • Apply between 23 July 2018 and 2 December 2018, be approved and drawdown by 1 March

  • Take out new NAB home lending of $250,000 or more

  • Available on all NAB Home Loan products excluding lines of credit and Portfolio facilities

  • Not available for new home lending with refinances from UBank or Advantedge

  • Not available for refinances from NAB

  • 2) NAB Transaction Account

  • Hold a personal NAB transaction account and continue holding it for the next 60 days: The
    nominated NAB transaction account must be open at the time the $1,250 Bonus is to be
    credited to the account

  • The $1,250 will be transferred into the nominated NAB transaction account of the primary
    loan applicant within 60 days following home loan drawdown.

With Cashback Customers will receive an additional rebate (average $6,000 cashback for a $1,000,000 loan).

Talk to your mortgage broker or contact us for further details:

With Cashback
1300 685 008
Same loan, same bank, more cashback!

Credit Representative Number 502385 of Australian Credit Licence 498325

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  • Same loan, same bank, more cashback!

    Not for existing customers I guess.

    • +2

      Hi homersimpson, you are correct. Unfortunately this offer does not apply to existing customers.

      • -5

        Why not?

        • Hi jv, it is a NAB promotional offer and those are unfortunatley their terms.

        • @WithCashback:

          those are unfortunatley their terms.

          So NAB prefers to screw their current customers and only look after those who aren't their customers?

        • +3

          @jv: seems like..atleast thats what was presented at the Royal Commission..

        • +1


          All places that offer a service screw thier current customer and only look after new

        • +2


          That doesn't make it right…

          If they looked after their existing customers well enough, then new customers would want to move across too, and neither would get discriminated against and pissed off…

          Judging by the -ve votes, it seems a lot of OzBargains like getting screwed by their banks…

        • @jv: its not logical as to why ozB's want to be screwed over.

        • @live_1991:

          Not NRMA, loyalty discount goes up by the year for existing customers.

          Yes, some of their policies may be higher, but they coverage is more comprehensive in the fine detail. I.e. landlord insurance, where CommInsure & QBE offer tenant vandalism as an "extra" where this is included in NRMA & Suncorp's cover. Kid you not, a friend recently discovered his investment place needing the tenant vandalism piece after realizing not being eligible.

        • @jv:
          Are you familiar with the concept of a promotion whereby a company offers a special deal of some sort to attract new customers??

        • @NoDiggerty:

          Are you familiar with

          …at the expense of existing customers… Yes, I am.

      • Existing customers with a current NAB home loan or an existing customer as in I have a bank account with you type existing customer?

  • +2

    What’s the variable interest rate ?

    • +1

      More than many other banks.

    • +2

      My mates on nab with offset variable at 3.80%

      • -1

        That is expensive.

      • I'm 3.91% with NAB. 100% offset. Variable with my Home Loan (ie not investment).

        3.8% is not bad but as I'm about to pay off the home loan this month, I'm not going to bother quibbling over a few cents.

  • I am purchasing a house this week and my home loan amount doesn’t exceed 250k. Any chance for getting the offer?

    • Why not just take out the amount you need to get the offer and pay the excess amount back immediately?

      • +1

        maybe he bought a unit in perth

        • Not for that he didn't.

      • Not a good advise! I end up paying more LMI

  • Is existing banking account holder but no home loan eligible?

    • Hi Baron33, yes.

  • Was interested for an investment loan but searching shows no NAB products… 😒

  • Hi, is the 380000 point offer expired?
    What is the best offer NAB has for FHO, owner occupied, home loan of about 400k?

    • Or, is this offer better than 380000 NAB point offer (equivalent to $2500 dollars I think)?

  • +1

    Garbage deal. I'm with NAB. On a good interest rate.. I'm about to move to Commonwealth, get $2k and a further 0.2% reduction in rate.

    There's always an offer to churn, $1250 is a bloody LOW offer. Last time when I came to nab it was $1800 (of gift cards, via points redemption)

    Withcasback is just a broker.

    • +1

      Can you elaborate how you get the $2k from CBA? Thinking about moving as well but can't find it on their webiste

      • -1

        My partner applied for it, so I'm not sure. Call and ask

      • +1

        Not sure if the offer is advertised, but it is for refinance applications received until 30th September 2018.

        Below are the terms that have been communicated to us:

        ► Owner Occupied Home Loans with Principal & Interest repayments only;
        ► All Investment Home Loans; and
        ► All Lines of Credit.

        ► Applications must be submitted between Wednesday 23 May and close of business on Tuesday 31 July 2018 and loans funded by 11.59pm AEST on Sunday 30 September 2018.
        ► Customers must apply for the $2,000 OFI Refinance Cashback Offer between Wednesday 23 May 2018 and close of business on Tuesday 31 July 2018.
        ► Customers must refinance their eligible Home/Investment Home Loan from an OFI.
        ► The refinance amount from the OFI must be $250,000 or more. Note: New money and Top Up applications are not included in the $250,000.
        ► Refinancing of an existing CommBank or Bankwest Home/ Investment Home Loan is not eligible for this offer.
        ► Limit of one $2,000 cashback payment per borrowing entity and per customer.
        ► We will credit the $2,000 cashback amount only to a CommBank Transaction Account within two weeks of loan funding.
        ► We will not combine the $2,000 cashback offer with our MAV fee waiver.

        Your broker should be able to take up this offer for you, otherwise you are welcome to send us a PM and we can assist you in organising the refinance.

    • Our standard cashback rebate is 0.6% of the loan amount (i.e. $3,000 cashback on a $500k loan) - hopefully that separates us from standard brokers.

  • +1

    No deal. Won't cover the higher interest they charge.

  • What's the best rate that's being offered? Not much of a deal without knowing this.

  • Bank of melbourne @ 3.64% sounds good…???

    • Depends how you manage your money. We accrue money in an offset account, so we want to be protected. Bank of Melbourne is not protected.


      If you can't afford to lose your savings, answer is no.

      Big 4 banks CAN produce rates only slightly higher than 3.69% but honestly, don't expect to get them. Calculate what the difference in interest will cost you per year then decide whether you're willing to pay that for the insurance in your savings.

    • Bank of Sydney are also doing 3.58% pa (3.59% pa CR), 100% Offset, no upfront costs.

      • Any Cashback?

        • -1

          Not directly from Bank of Sydney, but you would still be entitled to the cashback on offer with us.

  • +1

    We just refinanced away from NAB. Was on a standard variable rate from 3 years ago. Looked at it earlier this year and it was sitting at 4.2%! Seems when reserve rates go up they jack yours up to, but not so much when it goes down. They offered 3.89 best offer with offset when I threatened to leave.

    Went with ING at 3.69 with offset.

    • I agree, I had same issue with NAB. When it goes up, its go up instantly but when rate went down, it just stayed there at high rate. So its better to fix rate with NAB.

      • It's funny. I found that over the last five years (I didn't really track the previous 5 years before that) NAB seemed to be the only one that DIDN'T instantly jack their prices up and that it was the other big four that did it. This was for my variable interest loan with them.

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