Which 7 Seater family SUV New car I should go for!

Hi fellow ozbargainers.
Looking towards buying a new 7 seater family SUV.
Having a budget of around $45k I know I could afford only base models of some well known 7 seat SUVS.
After bit of thought & online reviews got myself confused between below 3.
Would like to know from the ozbargain family what their thoughts are on the shortlisted models & which one I should go for. List out if there's any other I can get with a budget of $45K & better than the shortlisted.
Thanks in advance.

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    Mazda CX9
  • 4
    KIA Sorento
  • 7
    Hyundai Santa Fe
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  • Kluger GX

    • Definitely the best choice if reliability and cost of ownership are a concern.
      My opinion is based on driving one every day for the past 6 years.

  • Mazda CX9 - go for a demo model and a better variant should fit in your budget.

    Also suggest, add X-Trail to the list and review.

  • +1

    The Santa Fe is the leader in most of the reviews.
    CX9 looks best but only has 3 year warranty.
    Sorento has the best warranty at 7 years.

    So in short… good luck.

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      Mazda just changed to a 5 year/unlimited km standard warranty today

  • Out of those? The Mazda. At least driving a Mazda isn’t that embarrassing.

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      You're living in the past mate.

      • -2

        No, I’m living in the inner east. If I was living in Cranbourne I’m sure I’d share your opinion.

        • Oh sorry! I didn't realise you were from the prestigious inner west.

        • -1

          I'm sorry, I assumed you could read.

    • Embarrassing? LOL

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    Kluger or the Mazda if it has to be from that list.

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    Have a look at the Skoda Kodiaq. Good drive and value with excellent tech.

  • What are your requirements for 7 seats? Do you have 4 kids or are you driving parents / family around occasionally?

    All those soft roader small suvs have bugger all space in the 3rd row, so there’s no chance any adult over 5”5 would want to sit in one. Also a lot don’t have a split 3rd row so you can’t put 6 seats up and luggage in half the boot.

    • Would have parents in for a year. Other than that it would be used a s a 5 seater. Cheers.

      • Honda Odyssey?

        How old are your kids ?
        Do they need booster seats ? Are you or your wife very tall?

  • +1

    For driving and interior space, I would only consider the Mazda. If you are after more gadgets for your bucks then pick the Hyundai. However, I would say the last row in the Hyundai is not practical for the car to be considered a proper 7 seater. Kia is basically the same as Hyundai so boils down to which style you prefer out of the 2.

    I shortlisted Territory, Kluger, Santa Fe and Cx-9 for myself as well. In the end went for Mazda since I liked the driving experience and haven't been disappointed so far.

  • we have a santa fe 7 seater the back row really is only made for kids but that would be the same as any 7 seat SUV if you want to fit 7 adults I would go for Honda odyssey.
    the older model santa fe's only have turbo diesel in the high range vehicles.
    the new santa fe has 3.0lt V6 petrol

    mazda CX9 has the same amount of gadgets and stuff as the santa fe but I'm only comparing my 2013 highlander to my friends current model CX9 GT model

    haven't been inside a new santa fe yet. but I do like the new CX9's

  • +1

    MY17 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport GLS - You can get an ex-demo for $43k to $45k - Carsales

    • I second this as well, good value for money SUV and 4x4 7 seater. leather upholstery and gadgets.

  • +1

    I would say Kluger. Those things seem to loose barely any value. My cousin has had 3 of them starting from the first generation and done heaps of KMs with never a complaint.

    I have ridden in it with her driving, myself and my wife, two young adults, a teenager and a toddler, and it was quite acceptable. Although, I note that they have a V6 engine which is both a good and bad thing.

    Mazda CX-8 is available now with the diesel, so that would probably get great economy with good torque. It is 7 seats and broadly similar to the CX-8 (slightly shorter).

    Your budget would only allow for front wheel drive variants, which can be difficult when you are hauling 7 people in such a big vehicle. Undoubtedly the front tyres on these things will be tortured.

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    If you are going to use 7 seats more than occassionally Kia carnival.

  • Which one do you like best? In terms of reputation, Toyota and Mazda win, but Hyundai is hot on their tails and Kia is built by Hyundai so improving as well. All should serve well.

  • Honestly, I'd prefer a slightly older Kluger

    Case in point, we have a 2015 Kluger Grande, AWD with 75,000kms for $45,990 (plus stamp). That car has lot of life left in it and shits all over a new GX. Only advantage to the new GX is radar cruise control, whereas the Grande has so much more. Trip display is the same, everything looks the same it's just better featured.

  • I voted the Kia Sorrento as we've had one for nearly a year and very happy. We drive on country roads doing country miles (fair bit of dirt but not 4WD).

    It's a diesel manual 6 speed, quite fuel efficient. Apparently you can get them relatively cheap because the urban soccer mums don't like to drive manuals.

    We've towed with it and driven it interstate. Comfortable but robust.

  • Since it's a base model 7 seater I would go for the Kia Sorrento simply for the 7 years warranty. A friend had the top of the range Sorrento and there is nothing to complain about.

  • Thanks a lot guys. Finally pulled the trigger for Mazda CX9.
    Went for one up model Touring for 49150.
    Gladly was informed by the dealer that Mazda's going to do 5 years warrenty so I would be getting that as well.

    • Congratulations… and enjoy the new car.

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