If You Had $9999 to Invest in 3 ASX Shares, Which 3 Would You Buy?

I am currently looking to invest $9999 in ASX listed shares. Investing frame is 7 years from today.

$3333 each

Here are my top picks:


What’s yours?

Please remember: investment term is no lesser than 7 years


      • I literally Laughed out loud at my desk when I read this hahahaha

        Luckily everyones at lunch and i didnt have to explain what I'm laughing at

      • Took me 10s to realise

        I lost a lung laughing so hard without waking everyone else up

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    Vanguard EFTs

    I'd say TLS is approaching the buy zone its price is pretty low and going though a huge restructure which should start paying off in 2023-24

    Also South 32 seems to be a winner

    However right now the ASX is pretty expensive sitting at around 6200-6300 points i think it is a bit of a wait till it drops back to the Mid-high 5000s before i buy anything.

    • Hi, South 32 is a interesting one compares to FMG. Any particular reason FMG is not in your recommendations rather than South 32?

      • I'd be wary of FMG and South32. I just don't think they are long term winners. Mainly because I don't like the management. I'm sure over a 1 to 3 years horizon you'll do OK though.

      • FMG is a good buy too i just know more about S32

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    • Sorry no USA Shares. Only ASX listed shares

      • Just curious, why not? I'm new to shares and I got a few USA ones.

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    I've been on the record a few months back to go for BBN. I stand by it even though its slightly higher today. But its in a better position today than 2 months back when i backed it.

    • I actually went there many times, days nights weekends, but it seems to be anybody there.

      • +2

        Thanks. Not to toot my own horn, but I do want to note on casual forums, such as this, its so easy for people to come out after the fact, claiming success in buying into ABC and making a killing. Plenty of Cyrpto examples and reminds me recently of Chumlee claiming he made a bucket from CSL and Afterpay.

        I'd like to think the true test is putting ur nose forward ahead of time and letting the results judge in time. With BBN, as i called it, collapse of competitors will feed right into BBN hands. With almost no national baby retailing brand, hence no scale of economics to any other retailer (other than BBN), BBN has huge advantages.

        I'd note two more obversations of BBN that I previously hadn't mentioned.

        I went to a direct warehouse sales, the brand was Epic Jane. I spoke to the guy, who was the distributor of the prams, I asked where would i find his pram if i dont buy it today. He named a few retailers, none of which i really knew, and i asked what about Baby Bunting? He responded he used to sell through them, but stopped. I asked why, he said "they were too difficult". I pushed no further. I have my take on what they means.

        Another obvseration I'd put out is house prices are falling, and there are reports that first home buyers are finally getting a foot in the door at auctions. Now normally house prices are bad for retailing (google it, plenty of commentary on that). But i think this will be good for BBN. Why? well, i was reminded by my brother and also a good mate, whom both recently had bubs, and it came to some (possibly many) couples, the uncertainity of renting puts them off starting a family. Having their own home is something they want under their belt before starting a family. Now this isn't hard to understand why, but if this is true, and FHB are getting a chance of getting into the market, it could be a little boost for BBN that I doubt many anaylst would have considered.

        In saying all that, BBN is a dollar more than what I paid, some 75% higher, and valuation matters. So not nearly as cheap today as when i called it.

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    If I were to invest with a min 7 year horizon, I cannot go past:
    APX: Appen (Artificial intelligence and machine learning) - all the FAANG (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google) are its clients
    DXN: Data Exchange Network (data centres and cloud server storage) - setting up now, potentially grow into a juggernaut
    SPZ: Smart Parking (smart parking technologies like sensors and automatic number plate recognition - already implemented in a number of shopping centre carparks and councils)

    IMHO these technology advancements will become the norm in 10 years time.

    If keen on overseas shares, Tencent (social media and gaming giant - owns WeChat, QQ and online games such as Fortnite). It is the biggest company on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and is what Facebook wants to be but is not. The WeChat ecosystem is an integrated single product offering which includes social media (similar to Whatsapp), sending and receiving payments (which makes it easy to sell products within the platform), music streaming (like Spotify and a superior version of Shazam/Soundhound), Netflix style Tencent Video Service). Billions of people in China use the app which is so convenient (one stop shop) and is used for everything in daily life.

    The above represents my opinion only, so please do your own research and buy at your own risk.

    • APX is the one to pick from the 3 but in terms of growth, i like the other 2 better

      • +1

        In my opinion, DXN and SPZ are both speculative as of now. DXN is pretty new and just raised their capital to build 2 data centers. They have big task in front of them to deliver. I'll wait to put decent money in it till I start to see some re-occurring revenue starts coming in. But happy to put 500$ and watch from sidelines.

        For SPZ, they're just coming out of big corporate governance issues in their UK business. Share price dropped almost 70% (from .55 cents to 20) since they informed regarding these issues. Again happy to put small amount as a speculative investment and wait for earning season and their new future guidance

        Do your own research.

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    there is an investment strategy called the "Dogs of the Dow" which may be worth reading up on.

    • Thanks, I will have a read

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    • APX? This one should be on my raider, thanks for reminding me

      • Who is your raider? Sounds scary.

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    You would be crazy to not invest in AC8 right now.

    • That's what they said when the shares were 1.30+.

      I'd wait till they actually get closer to making any $$$

    • +9

      LOL this guy. Gets salty at others for earning high income, but brags about his financials every chance he gets.

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  • Super amateur here, how do you report this to centrelink when on youth allowance?

    • If you don't sell there is nothing to report…

      (Never been on centerlink so do your own research also)

    • No idea either but I think if you make a certain amount it becomes Capital Gains Tax affected and you have to report to ATO and then report to Centrelink as income for the week/fortnight etc

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    If it has to be ASX: Mineral Resources on its next dip, Oz Minerals ditto, Coles float (if there is a dip after floating, buy then).

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    • DXN is definitely worth a look if they dont burn too much cash at the start. Great business model and if they have moderate success I think it will be a $2 stock easy

      • Everything is pretty much data driven these days and if DXN play their cards right, they could well and truly get over $1. Not too sure about $2 but you never know over a 7yr term.

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    XRO.AX The single touch payroll requirements will drive short term growth domestically and is currently going well in the UK. Well placed to crack other international markets in the coming years. The majority of the product is transferable; only some changes to tax rates/payroll need to be tweaked for new markets meaning minimal development costs.

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    Pork bellies
    Frozen orange juice

    LWP - proppants, no graphene batteries, no soft serve machines.
    IOT - smart watches, no flying selfie sticks, no blockchain.
    AVZ - ebola, child labour, scenic route to port.

    Ok, enough silliness.

    These might be terrible, but you never know….

    PXX - copper and gold in mining friendly Alaska. Just getting started.
    NTC - share price hammered. NBN and AT&T contracts pending.
    MDR - will be integrated with US healthcare in 6 months.

    • I have the NTC in my portfolio at the moment, missed the chance to sell at $2.88 but I am still hopeful

  • This one is a bit of a left field one, but one certainly worth looking at. Its currently $2 on the dot for the record of time of writing.


    it owns loads of land and timber/trees in kangaroo island, and is in the process of getting wharf approval from SA govt. If it gets it, it can export its timber and sell the stuff. The current method of barging is expensive and not very profitable (not very, meaning it is profioable).

    It currently trades are less than NTA. Which is why it seems like a good buy, little down side, lots of upside if the approval goes ahead. These are the kinda stocks i consider investments.

    • Sounds bit more speculative but worth a look into

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    A200. ASX200, less fees than vanguard.

  • -1

    This is just like the threads on hotcopper. Pure speculation. DYOR. You can loose a lot from penny stocks but gain the most. Bluechips can be quite slow going.

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    I hope nobody is reading this post as investment advice. Nobody has mentioned anything specifics about companies, PE ratio, growth prospects, dividends franked or unfranked etc. If you don't understand all these things, you are better off buying an index fund with low fees (eg Vanguard), which reflects top 300 ASX companies to avoid putting all your eggs in one basket. This will go up and down as the market always does, but in the long term it goes up. And think about dollar cost averaging - which may be helpful in avoiding buying too much at the peak.

    • +1

      At the moment ASX does look a bit expensive, however if growth trend continues it wont be much time before we see the 7000 getting breaking this year.

  • ABR - look it up, it will make you millions…

    • +1

      $500 maybe, but $3333 i think its too risky

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    delvu media.

    • My favourite.

  • After 7 years what do u expect that 10k principal to be worth? What is your target?

    • Spend $XXXX, Receive $XXXXX. That's up to 10X more, or is it 1X more… 🤔

    • +1

      Good questions.

      Double my money will be good but I would be very happy if I can triple it

  • Does anyone know cheapest platform to buy US shares?

  • Wtf is with 9999? Can’t you just use 10k

    • +7

      Try divide $1 equally between exactly 3 stocks. Get back to me soon.

      • +2

        you you still cant allocate exactly 3333 to each stock. you will have change leftover anyway SMH

    • could have been 9999.99 mate..

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    Long term safe bet with good returns:


    • +1

      I'd replace IAA with VAS for more Aus Exposure, but otherwise agree. (Except I don't as per my comment just below)

    • Opinion on that verses VDHG???

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    For 9999 and 7 year+ term, I'd put it all in VDHG and call it a day.

  • Investing by hand is nearly always a terrible idea.

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    fewer than 7 years.

    • If the target price is achieved, yes for sure

    • +1

      Thanks Stannis

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    depends on your risk appetite and expected return

    for 7 years i'd have at least 1 go for broke stock in there. others have mentioned APT already. and i think they have a great chance to be huge. a lesser known stock in the tech industry would be LVT who are doing amazing things with Microsoft in the AI and cloud computing space.

    if blue chips then RHC or RMD

    • I'm hoping LVT will be a 10 bagger within 5 years

    • Have not heard of LVT but will investigate. Thanks

  • MEB

  • I hope nobody is using this post as their research before investing in stocks.

    • +1

      Here's the thing though mate, technically it's all speculative investing. Past performance is not a good indicator of future performance, though, despite that, all we have is historical data. The best data is that whole market returns over the long haul will do nicely and beat inflation by a decent margin year on year (over time) to give you a nice little nest egg.

      Honestly it's all pot luck, things could go to shit tomorrow and it could be that way forever. Stock picking or whole market indexes… doesn't matter.

      This thread is no worse than any other opinions being delved out.

      Want a perfect example of how nonsense everything is? Even a huge company like Vanguard will not give financial advice, fee for service or anything… they will literally tell you that you are on your own brother! Peace.

  • +1

    TLS because it's undervalued, they have the cash to turn it around, 5G on the way, and have made significant changes to structure and management to enable growth.

    CLH also undervalued, new tech to lower costs and well positioned to take advantage of the mini housing credit crunch underway.

    IMU as a well managed biotech play with several products in development, strong industry partnerships and massive, massive potential.

    • +1

      Nice one. Will have a read their business models

    • +1

      I like TLS as a great Dividend investment. They are at a historical low as well and believe they will get back over $3 before the year is out.

      • $3 before the month is out :).

        • Yeah very good! Not surprised tbh..

        • TLS sky rocketing today - up over $3.20

          Anyone who got in a month ago around the $2.70 price would be loving it. Especially with dividends coming up at the end of the month.

  • NEU worth a go - is currently cheap and is in an exclusive negotiation phase with all positive news so far. Check it out on hot copper. Wouldn't be putting all 10 there, but a few thou would be about right. Specy as hell as with any BioTech but that's half the fun!

    • Never heard of this company. I will look into it

  • -1

    WOW so far no one has mentioned BUB which is one of my pick

    Does goat milk not interests you guys?

    • I looked into BUB a few months ago when the milk industry was going crazy overseas.. Also looked at A2M and BAL. I didn't get a good feeling with them and thought they had peaked so didn't invest in them. Apart from BUB which is currently similar price to what it was when I was looking at it, both A2M and BAL have dropped back significantly.. Now might be a good time to buy A2M or BAL but still not convinced with BUB yet.

      • Your decision is based on market share or fundamentals?

        • Both - I look at its potential growth through data, company strategy and what the overall market is doing within that sector and tbh, I just don't see them growing as well as some may think. But I don't have a crystal ball so I could be completely wrong. My methods so far have served me well and I stick to them always. Simple rule is don't be greedy, set small targets and never trade emotionally.

        • +1

          @CrocDundee: ok thanks for sharing

        • @house2015: look at BUB now since your original post. Down 10%. Just too risky to get into imo…

        • @house2015: BUB Now down 25%…


  • Bitcoin

    • +1

      Sorry too risky for me, I rather go Ripple

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