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Kogan Mobile Buy 1 Get 1 Free 365 Day Prepaid Plans - 17GB Data $399.90 ($16.66/User/Month) | 32GB Data $529.90


Edit 29/8: Data increased on the L & XL plans from 16GB to 17GB and 23GB to 32GB respectively :)
Deal Post thanks to adrenaline127.

Buy One Get One Free - Extra Large & Large Plans (Prepaid Duration: 365 Days)

Unlimited calls
Unlimited texts
Unlimited MMS

Large Plan: 17GB Data every 30 days, $399.90
($199.95 per user for 365 days / $16.66 per user per month)

Extra Large Plan: 32GB Data every 30 days, $529.90
($264.95 per user for 365 days / $22.08 per user per month)

Kogan Mobile uses the Vodafone 4G Network, and does not offer International Roaming.

Valid for new Kogan Mobile customers only. Customers will be sent two 365 day Kogan Mobile vouchers via email for their chosen plan. Vouchers expire at 11:59pm AEST on 31/10/2018. Activation must be made before the voucher expiry date. Only one voucher can be used per activation. Vouchers do not stack.

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    • 42GB/1 year = 3.5GB/month

  • +1

    Well that sucks, just got me and my friend on the $4.95 first month plan and both like it so this would of been perfect.

    Any way to get this plan if i joined up less than a week ago?

    • Continue with your first month, then just port out and port back in (could use a free Telstra SIM). You have until 4/10 to activate the SIM from this offer.

      • Using this telstra sim, do we need to pay for 1 month telstra plan first?

      • Have to be ported out from Kogan for 30 days before porting back in now.

  • +3

    Kogan and Lebara are so good value! All family on Kogan, but when plans expire I wouldn’t mind moving back to Lebara to get some international calls. Me and husband have 16gb but we use less than 7gb. So will need to see what’s around close to date. Just bloody good deals! Vodafone works better than Optus for me

  • +1

    ita always the bad timing for me…havent finished the last round, whenver it finishes, these deals wont be here.

  • +3

    I got the 16gb plan last year. Paying $19 a month. No complaints about speed or drop outs. As good as any other company (I've been with Telstra, Optus and 3 so far) This is within 20km of Adelaide. Have a friend who signed up with Kogan and he's lives in the hills and having a couple issues with call reception and internet speed sometimes. I guess if you live within the metro area there is no difference between companies.

  • +1

    Anyone wants to share please let me know.

    • See other comments.

  • After 6 months I've found Kogan works well enough BUT I'm very dubious about data usage. It can show data has been used when I'm 150km away from where the router is? I haven't found a way to email support and don't have time to wait on hold for "customer support". I'd love to find another way to track data being pulled through the router and compare.

  • Telstra Optus only run about neinhundred dollars, compared to 300+- you do good to spook those cows. goodun Kogs!

  • +1

    Just spoke to a Kogan rep, they said if I decide to port out and back in, there’s a 1 month cooling off period between when I cancel my current Kogan plan until I can join another new Kogan plan.

    Anyone has any experience??

    • +1

      Wow that's crazy and a good way to lose repeat customers!

    • Tried to apply the new voucher on my account and it's not working.
      Wondering as well how to keep Kogan.

      • +1

        I can't remember the exact details, maybe i just recently ported out and in, but the 365 day voucher wouldn't apply, so i did the minimum regular recharge ($10?), and then the 365 voucher would apply. It also replaced the previous budget recharge i had just purchased! (ie i lost those 30 days)

    • +1

      Yes, they will automatically block you from porting in if your number is still in the system

      • +1

        So the only solution is to port out for 1 month then back in?

  • -2

    wish the lebara deal was longer than 2 days.

  • -2

    If anyone with vouchers (x off) or credit on their account that wants to go with the large plan PM me if you want to go 50/50.

  • +1

    Wow, $20 cheaper than my sim-only plan plus 1gb more. Hope it's still available next year.

  • +1

    Does anyone in Sydney want to split a voucher? (16GB plan)

  • +1

    Does anyone want to split on the Extra Large Plan (23 GB)? Please pm me.

  • Anyone in Sydney like to split a 23GB voucher?

  • +1

    Wow… have to say that has been the quickest most painless port experience ever - went from Vaya to Kogan - within the hour!!! Plus the Kogan mobile portal to activate was super smooth.

    • Yes, only took us minutes when we transferred over. I don't think any other carrier is faster.

  • +1

    Hi, Anyone in Sydney an extra 16gb or 23gb voucher?

  • +1

    Does anyone in Sydney want to split 16 gb voucher?

    • I'm interested :)

  • This is terrible Kogan! What about your existing customers?!!

      • Thank you so much. I couldn’t get to that link from their website. I was shopping though aldi coles lebara. Saved me a ton. Thanks again

        • You're welcome.
          I used that link too as I already have a Kogan mobile however, have decided to port out to Belong (got a $25 pack with 5GB data, unlimited calls and text for $10 @ Officeworks) for a month and will port back in next month on one of the Buy one Get one Free offers.
          Moving up to 16GB per month for almost same cost as if renewing 6GB per month plan.

  • Can anyone clarify how this works? Are we talking 32GB split between 2 seperate accounts or is it 64GB all up and the data pool can be shared (this would make it a great deal for me)?

    Is it separately billed between the 2 accounts or does the one fee cover both?

    Can the data be pooled if that's your preference?


    • +2

      32gb on 2 separate accounts. No data sharing.

  • I'm interested in the Large Plan- if anyone else wants to pair up- please message me. Pick up or exchange from Pyrmont/Potts Hill.

    • would you consider the smaller plan ?

  • I'm interested in pairing up on the Large plan if anyone is interested.

    • Sold, thanks to Mia03.

  • Anyone want to go half-sies on a large plan ? Pick up/ exchange in Canberra

    • +1

      When I shared with someone lady already had a spare sim card so I only had to email the code and then post sim card. She paid me by PayPal first.

  • If anyone wants to go half on the 17GB Plan, please PM me. Activated mine and have one ready to go.

  • +1

    Anyone interested in splitting an XL plan with me? I've already got a spare sim card I can use so I just need the voucher emailed to me :)

    • Me please , pls msg. Thank you

  • I signed up to the XL plan but only got 1 code. Is this correct? Or was I meant to get 2?

    • When did you sign up? This deal expired yesterday.

      • When it first signed up. But I found out I had 2 codes.

        Ported about 10 minutes ago. Hopefully it ports soon