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Firebox Pizza Oven $29 (RRP $119) @ BIG W


Came into Big W looking for some of the games on sale (saw online somewhere) and instead found this deal, $29 is worth the try!

On mobile so did some quick searches and can only find these prices for the enamelled black unit. Couldn't see on Big W store.

the good guys $89
Harvey Norman $119
JB Hi-Fi $119

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  • Oh photo is also Bendigo store

  • I have the Bakerstone brand (which I am happy with). This one looks similar but I wonder how it compares?

    • So these don't work without a barbecue (gas or charcoal) underneath..

      Any benefit of these over just using a convection oven?

      • Mobility, one can even cook it on the back of a use is unreal

        • What about the taste and pizza quality difference?

          and is it faster to cook vs convection oven?

        • +5

          @pinkybrain: it's not faster. Takes ages to heat up the box to a reasonable temp. Tastes slightly better. But I don't think it's worth the extra effort.

          Mine is just collecting dust in the garage now. Regret the purchase.

        • @Name:

          thanks for the info

          yeah I made some pizza in convection oven and they taste pretty good.

          I can see why it would take more longer to heat up
          since there is open vent design.

          how does the open vent keep the temps stable?
          seems like heat would keep escaping.

        • +1


          It’s more about the fuel you use. If you use a charcoal bbq and this attachment it will taste way better than an oven.

        • @snagseb:

          if you use a charcoal bbq and this attachment it will taste way better than an oven.

          How many oven has you ate so far ? What does it taste like ?

        • @pinkybrain:

          Thing is to cook pizza properly you need a temp higher than your conventional oven can manage. Hence the idea of something on your BBQ where the temp can be higher. Mind a pizza stone is probably enough to achieve that, the only benefit of this would be to have that enclosed steady higher temp.

      • *Needs a hooded BBQ

        It can get much hotter and faster if you put the hood down on your BBQ. I'm getting Pizzas out in 4-5 mins. My oven was more like 15-20 mins.

        Without a hood it's more like 15-20 mins with the benefit of the stone.

        Like all of them it's subject to hot spots. Mine is at the back so you need to rotate the pizza to get even cooking.

        Once you get the hang of it, I highly recommend it.

    • Having not owned both so based on visuals. Bakerstone looks like its got stone panels on sides and top, this one looks like only on the base. So Bakerstone would be better at cooking the pizza more evenly.

      • Correct. I’ve used both and the Bakerstone smashes out a pizza in 5-10 minutes depending on base and toppings. This one is a lot slower.

  • I have seen these on sale for $59 for months but they never sell. $29 seems a better price but I will hold out for a further price reduction.

    • +9

      not sure you will see lower soon if this is like the lowest ever and well below RRP?

      • +15

        Realistic username confirmed

      • +2

        Possibly not, but I don't have FOMO so I am happy to wait. :)

        • +2

          I fear if you wait too long, you could miss out!

        • +2

          @dm01: FOOMO?

        • +1

          FOOBMO - Fear Of OzBargainers Missing Out

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    TIL pizzas need to be cooked hot and fast. so efficient heat transfer is very important.

  • One left at Runaway Bay, QLD. Also told Pacific Fair had a few left. Thanks OP. Couldn’t say no for $29.

  • +1

    I'd get one if I knew a store that had them in stock…but don't want to drive around hoping to find one. Boo.

    • +27

      If only there was a way to contact stores to inquire about stock levels without leaving the house…

      • +1

        I do wish for an automated stock checking ability across multiple stores instead of manually calling several stores to repeat the same conversation, yes. But point taken, I do forget you can call shops :P

        • +6

          You didn't simply record your enquiry and play it back to each store you called?

        • +12
        • @dm01: hah, nice

        • @dm01: lmfao!

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    They had sunbeam foodsaver machine was $119 now $49. Had about 20 in stock at bendigo

    • Just scanned one in nsw, still $119. Local store price?

      • +1

        Two models

        • Yeah indeed.
          Just scanned the second model, showing at $49.

          Good find cheers.

        • @Jayjay93:

          Just posted as a deal sounds like a good deal.

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    Ooh I want one…. use it for the half price Oetker pizzas on sale at Woolies 😂

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      This is professional.
      You need to be promoted to Power User.

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    Hmm, now I'm wondering if I could just put a paver in my BBQ and close the lid?

    • +6

      You'll want to turn it after 6 or 7 minutes to ensure an even crust and that it's cooked through.

    • I used to do that with a pizza stone I got from the Masters clearance, but I got a similar one to this from the Bunnings sale last year and it's waaaaaaay better.

      Edit, the pizza stone and closing the lid combo still worked ok if you don't want to buy a pizza oven though.

    • Does your bbq have a cast iron cooking plate?

      If it does you don't need to add pavers

    • You don't know what chemicals are on the pavers or what they give off when heated. I'd stick to cast iron plate as others have suggested

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    Heaps available in Warwick, QLD! Marked at $119 but scans at $29.

  • +1

    Quite a few at Big W Lilydale… Showing as on clearance $59 but scan for $29.

  • +2

    About 10 left at Canberra city

  • Thanks OP, went to BIG W Macquarie Centre and there were two left, bought one, left one. Now I just need a BBQ…

  • What size are these? Would it fit on my Ziggy 2 burner?

  • So this goes on top of the bbq?

  • I've got one of these. Pizzas are pretty good so I'd recommend them.

  • You don't need these if you have a cast iron bbq hot plate.

    Get the bbq and plate hot and add your pizza to the plate

    • +1

      Won’t the pizzas taste like sausages and chops?
      Mmmm that gives me an idea! 🍕🥩

      • No, not if you clean the hot plate first

        • Nevermind, Dominos are here 😅

        • @muncan:

          That's probably half the cost of this oven!

        • Clean the hot plate? Doesn't that defeat the convenience of BBQ? Cook food, close lid, walk away?

  • +1

    There's a couple left at Doncaster, Victoria, as at 4pm. The price ticket had them at wrong price. Scanning at $29 though.

  • +1

    Still five more available at Parkmore - Keysborough!

  • Sunbury Broadmeadows Epping and craigieburn all out as of Thursday

  • Will it fit weber family 3100???

    • +1

      Yes fits in as my mate got one for his

      • Yep cooking it in one now.. thnx

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    Just cook your pizza in a normal gas oven on flat out. if you use proper ingredients you'll cook a great pizza in 8 to 10 minutes.

    Only go for a full woodfired stove backyard set up if you want to go the extra mile. But those things are only good if you and going to cook a bunch of pizza for a party, otherwise use too much wood/time.

  • +1

    About 4 left at big w fountain gate in Victoria

  • +4

    Rouse Hill didnt have any on display but after asking, they got me one out from an unopened pallet at the back. They did say that they're waiting for the current promotion to end before they open these.

    Anyways made pizza using this on my Weber charcoal kettle, even though it didn't go up to the middle of being at an ideal temperature, the pizzas turning out amazing! Highly recommend this if you've been wanting a pizza oven like me and don't want to part with your wallet, this is so cheap for what it can do. I also made flat bread which turned out really nice!

    I made basic pizza base with plain flour, topped with mozzarella, peppers, chilli and Italian salami. Impressive!

    • They did say that they're waiting for the current promotion to end before they open these.

      They are withholding stock until the sale is over? I didn't even know that was legal..

      • Wouldn't it be the same as putting up limited quantities for sale? I never thought a sale had to be all stock available … strange law if it is one.

  • -1

    At Werribee Plaza they are $59.

  • +1

    Picked up the last one at Big W Melton for $ 29.00

  • Got a different brand to this a while back and use it on top of our wood heater. Works great as a general oven as long as what you put in isn't too tall. Hangs over the front a bit but still very stable.

  • There are 11 left at BigW Geelong


  • +1

    heaps at Campsie Big W

    i got one and used tonight on my little 2 burner. I would say this is designed to work better on larger, less compact BBQ's then mine although the pizza still came out tops.

    it does take a long time to warm up and down though guys

  • Anyone had luck in WA?
    Mirrabooka all gone

  • I bought 1 of these and they are good

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