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Swann 8 Channel Security System 1080p DVR-1TB, 2x Dome, 4x Bullet 1080p Thermal Cameras $409.97 @ Costco (Membership Required)


Saw this at Costco Moorabbin. Looks to be a very good deal. Membership required.

Special note about the Warranty: Costco quoted me saying their warranty is "Forever" as long as you maintain your membership, i.e in 10 years time if this product fails, you can return it regardless of Swann's warranty.

Resolution: 1080p (2MP)
Night Vision Distance: 30m
Viewing Angle: 102°
Camera Outdoor Rating: IP66, Weatherproof
DVR HDD Size: 1TB (Up to 1 year recording)
Cable Type: BNC (DVR)
App: HomeSafe View, View 24/7
Warranty: 12 Months


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  • How are they thermal cameras? Do they have FLIR built in?

    • is a FLIR really any different to this? except resolution

      but yes OP should change this to thermal sensing

      • Umm…yes. There's a night and day difference between IR cameras and FLIR cameras.

        • PIR and flir cameras though?

        • @HFB: Still yes.

  • +3

    Just a warning regarding swann. Customer Service is really really bad, last issue I had with one of their security products took 5 months to get to an outcome, which was take it back to the store for refund as they had no expects that understood the product. Whilst the Costco policies are reassuring not much use if you have smaller issues like intermittent image drop out or other such failures. This is ultimately a quality problem and given your probably going to make some "physical" adjustments to your home to "install" a security kit you really want to be sure the product is quality and the company will repair/replace or provide advise on resolving issues not just fall back to refund. Anyway just my experience.

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    The OP is correct around warranty. However for this type of product its not worth the hassle.

    Costco requires ALL items within the package to be returned. They do not do 'repairs' or replacement parts.

    Therefore if you had 1 issue with 1 camera you will need to remove all cameras + DVR and return it.

    I remember when I was at the returns counter and there was a guy having issues with the DVR, he only took that in, then the lady said he had to bring all the other stuff too.

    • +1

      That would mean Costco isn’t compliant with the trade practices act. I’m sure reminding them of that fact and the associated massive fine for just refusing to acknowledge their obligations would have them being more helpful. It always works at HN et al.

      • How is requiring return of ALL components a breach of the ACL?

        • It's not. But requiring all items be returned in the original packaging is.

        • -1



          What Costco is offering (forever), is well above the minimum required under consumer law.
          It's their specific warranty they offer in addition to your normal rights, so they can set any rules they like to offer it.

          The manufacturers warranty is the minimum offered time, and unless the manufacturer warranty is unreasonable (ie You'd expect a $3000 TV to last longer than 12 months, so a warranty of 12 months wouldn't be reasonable), that's the 'reasonable time frame'. Ultimately its the retailer that's responsible however, and they can't just push customers to the manufacturer.

          But in this instance, a "forever warranty' would obviously have some seriously steep conditions.
          If they want all items, and packaging, and a red ribbon, and a pretty please with cherries on top, then that's what you have to do!

        • -2

          @UFO: Regardless of the length of their own warranty they still can't breach ACL by requiring all packaging. Their own terms do not override ACL under ANY CONDITIONS. What a waste of a read.

        • +1

          Maybe you should read again.
          Costco fully honors all ACL requirements, if it's broken in the first 12 months, you don't need packaging.
          If you want to return it under costco's lifetime warranty in 25 years time, you need packaging.
          Their warranty, their rules.

        • @potplanty:

          Ok potplanty, can you please show me exactly there in ACL terms it states what you're supporting?

          Take a deep breath and re-read my post. Once the manufacturer warranty period ends, their requirements under consumer law in relation to warranty also ends.

          ie After 12 months, the warranty changes from what's required under ACL to what's required under the terms of the extended warranty provisions provided by Costco voluntarily.

          I BEG YOU, please… show me WHERE you think under ACL that Costco is required to follow ACL when offering THEIR OWN FOREVER WARANTY?

          They don't have to offer a forever warranty, but since they do- THEY can set any terms they like when offering it.

          Waste of read? Hardly. Learn to read next time and you won't look like a fool.

        • @UFO: Mind linking to that part? I'm not finding it but if it exists then I'll concede.

        • @UFO: I don't disagree that if Costco want to offer an extended warranty they can impose their own terms.
          I DO disagree that the statutory warranty expires when the manufacturer's warranty ends.

        • @blaircam:

          I completely agree with you.
          My first post mentioned that point exactly… my second post wasn't as clear as I trying to make a different point.
          You are 100% right. Manufacturer warranty is completely different to statutory warranty, hence my $3000 TV example in previous post.

        • @potplanty:

          That's my point mate. There is no part in ACL that requires them to keep following those terms in any extra warranty they offer. Nothing can invalidate your consumer rights. So no packaging requirements etc on return of item during standard warranty period. But if you want Costco's 'forever warranty', you need to follow their rules 100% and not rely on your statutory warranty conditions in the period prior.

        • @UFO: LOL, not sure why everybody is arguing over the legality of returning with original boxes.

          Costco DOESN'T require the boxes to be returned, just all the gadgets within the box must be returned e.g. if it came with 8 cameras and a DVR then all of the 8 Cameras and the DVR needs to be returned.

          Haven't tested that the cabling needs to be returned or not… i think they might understand if you don't return that one…

          You just have to be courteous and not be a d1ck about it like some people i see which starts getting aggro when they try to explain the policies. People are more likely to turn a blind eye to policies if they are being treated like a decent human being.

      • They don't require the box just all the items, e.g. all the cameras and devices that came with it. Which isn't a breach of trade practices.

        It is a breach if they required the boxes and stuff.

    • +3

      easy, purchase the new one upfront and then just swap the dead cam over as they refund.

      • thats if they still have the model though. They have been switching their swann camera packs every 6 months.

  • Ill keep my eye out on this now that they have started to discount it further. A good price point would be $300.

    • I wouldn't touch this one, because it uses BNC. For future proofing you should go with CAT6 and IP cams.

  • +1

    Worst camera system compared to the others.

    • Of course it is!

      It's a six camera setup WITH a 1Tb DVR for $400! And yet people still expect it to be acceptable "forever".

      A fool and their money are soon parted. The expectations of most of the people buying this terrible product (as a good security solution), will not be reached. It's very old tech, it's terrible quality, and it should not be expected to last long at all.

  • :(
    I purchased this for full price in June end from Costco only. I have already fitted them so no way I can take all out.
    What are my option to get refund of the difference?

    • Umm… you have none, you bought it a couple of months ago.

      Unless you bought with a credit card that has buyer price protection?

    • If it’s the exact same model and you still have your old receipt, you can try this. Grab another box at the reduced price, pay for it and then return it with the original receipt. Maybe the counter person can even look it up for you.

      Should be straight forward, Gluck!

  • any thoughts on how this advertised unit (swdvk-845806d2) compares to SWDVK-845958?
    Kogan have it on a big discount …. still learning on quality and features, so interested to hear feedback!

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