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Samsung Cashback 10% (was 2.8%) on Galaxy Note 9 ($1499) & Galaxy Tab S4 ($979) @ Cashrewards


This is a huge cashback increase for the Samsung Note 9 (512GB, 8GB RAM) and Tab S4. I couldn't believe it and had to ask TA for confirmation.

The cost of the devices after cashback -
Samsung Note 9 - $1499 less 10% cashback = $1349.10 (saving $149.90)
Samsung Tab S4 - $979 less 10% cashback = $881.1

If you're intending to buy these devices outright, don't forget this cashback!

Special terms -
Cashback is not available on purchases made via the Samsung Education Store.
Follow the Shop Now button to visit Samsung and view the list of postcodes eligible for express shipping (next business day delivery if ordered before 2:00pm AEST).

Cashback Schedule
Notification: 1 to 7 Days
Estimated approval: Up to 75 days

Referral Links

Referral: random (4172)

$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 7 days.

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  • Hey guys what is the Samsung store like with eventually discounting products?
    I want to buy with coles credit card price protection. You can usually guarantee places like jbhifi will discount at some point and you can claim back the difference but not so sure what the official Samsung store is like?

    • +1

      Problem is it is already discounted $300 on preorder and by the time it gets lower than that it most likely won't be available online via Samsung directly anymore. You have to consider that the 512gb retails for $1799

  • Da Best !

  • Does any one know what was the price of Note 8 just before Note 9 came out at Samsung store?
    Trying to figure out is it worth waiting until june 2019 to get Note 9 since I got Note 8..

    • +1

      Note 9 with 10% cash rewards and note 8 trade in = $786.60

      Good luck getting an Australian stock 512gb 8g ram model note 9 for that price any time ever :)

      • +1

        Lol @ boasting about a price NET of a trade in.

  • +2

    Awesome Work TA!! Thank you for getting it sorted!

    The process was so easy!!!!!

    1. Go to this link https://www.ozbargain.com.au/goto/396861
    2. Make sure you login with your CR account
    3. Click on Shop Now, you will be re-directed to Samsung's website through CR's website.
    4. Purchased item
    5. 15min later, received confirmation email that my order was tracked.

    Happy Friyayy!!!


  • +1

    All good thanks for getting this offer reinstated again TA, CR tracked in 5-10 minutes!

  • +1

    I’m an iPhone guy, but genuinely happy for you Samsung fans and TA. Love the Ocean Blue with Yellow S-Pen.

    • Hopefully iPhone will see this, and offer something nice through CashRewards for you guys too :)

    • +2

      I'm an iPhone guy since 4s and now I'm trying out android with this note 9 :)

  • -2

    Lol $1500, these will be down to $1k new before long, happens every release, I actually got a Note 8 for $600 flipped for $900.

    • Everything gets cheaper, though iPhones still hold their value longer for some reason.

  • Im surprised no one is mentioning the he no interest go card with price protecion up to 12 months??
    Thats provided samsung shop drops the price under 1499 for the 8gb version with in 12 months…lol..

  • Nice work TA. Purchased! Used the CR Chrome extension to make sure I get my cashback!

  • Hi TA
    Could you please confirm if I choose to trade in my pixel for Note 9, would I still be eligible for 10% cash rewards & if yes then how much it would be if my old phone is valued at $750.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi sonny08. Please see here.

      • Thanks TA
        Thought I would order one in Blue, but unfortunately it’s not available (out of stock) on Samsung website. Hope it comes back in stock before Cashrewards special ends.

        • Highly doubt it, but still have hope. Won’t mind if the shipping is delayed.

  • +1

    Ocean Blue is Out of Stock!!!

    • We have ozbargained Samsung!

      • Out of respect that we are giving Samsung more business, they should accept some back orders ;)

  • +1

    Went to local Samsung store to try them out, phone felt comfortable at hand, fingerprint sensor is much easier to reach this time. In regards to color choices, the blue one did look bit sexier, although other colors looked great too (even for the less popular brown one).

    • Is this available to check in samsung stores ? Which one u went ?

  • Anyone annoyed by the fact that the Exynos version is inferior to the Snapdragon's?

  • +2

    Just went with midnight black for the time being, as I got a feeling that they won’t relist Ocean Blue as In Stock before 23rd August. If at all it happens, can try my luck cancelling this order and reordering again. Better than seeing both colours out of stock and miss out on the 300$ saving on the higher spec + 150$ saving on CashBack. CR tracked my purchase in 2 mins.

    • Preorder phones are always high priced.
      The storage upgrade and 150$ CR (300+150=450) is a 25% saving on a 1800$ phone.

      Now the wait begins…..

    • Just checked with Samsung online chat and they confirmed they will not be replenishing stock of the Ocean Blue till after the pre-order period.
      Wondering if you can purchase the black/copper now and then exchange it for the blue once its back in stock.

      • Only if unopened and they replinish stock within 14 days.
        Also their change of mind policy mostly talks about refund.

        • Hmm yea good point. Perhaps I'll just have to stick with the black.

        • +2

          That would also might screw your order especially CR tracked to your original order. I presumed the order will have to be cancelled if you do change mind and want to swap different colour. Very risky.

        • +3

          @cloudie9: agree with this point. In order to swap colours (even if box unopened), you will go through the return process which means a refund will be issued. This in turn will void your CR cashback. If you then proceed with a new order, you will not get 512 GB for that price. Also CashRewards will then most likely be back at 2.8%. Very risky indeed!!

  • Hi all, can anyone clarify if I will be able to claim this phone through TRS if it is an online purchase?

    • You’d just need a valid tax invoice.

    • Yeah I claimed TRS for my S9+ online pre order

  • grabbed 2, thanks.

    • yup, cash rewards confirmed within 5 mins, like everyone else.

      "Your transaction will now appear in your account as 'pending'. When Samsung has confirmed your transaction, your cashback will be approved and added to your rewards balance."

      "Estimated approval 2 Nov 2018"

  • I jumped on this on Friday arvo, yet to receive my cash rewards confirmation. It shows up on my click history, so getting anxious…. Anyone else with a delay?

    • You might want to follow up as you should have received some confirmation by now. I received my confirmation in approx 10 mins after I purchased the device.

      • Thanks, jest sent a ticket through. Hope it gets resolved!

  • Went with copper as that's the only color not available through the carriers. Also in Asia everyone's after the copper instead of the blue….

  • +1

    Finally bit the bullet on this one, couldn't walk past the deal! thanks very much to TA for bringing back the 10% cashback.

    I ordered it this morning and got confirmation after 2.5 hours, ordered the midnight black.

  • Can someone explain to me how does the cashrewards work? I haven't used it before and wanted to buy the Galaxy Note 9.
    I am flying overseas, will I get a receipt and can I claim back the GST?

    Also, what does this below mean?
    Cashback Schedule
    Notification: 1 to 7 Days
    Estimated approval: Up to 75 days

  • Hi I followed the instructions provided and purchased the Galaxy Note 9 and cover. I even checked "My Click History" under cashrewards and it shows Samsung. However, it is still now showing under my reward. Am i doing something wrong? Can someone please advise? Thanks.

    • +1

      Hi WSC. Like the comments above, you should have received a tracking email within one or two hours of purchase. If this is not the case, you most likely had AdBlock on, or you clicked away from Samsung after clicking from Cashrewards (CR Shop Now must be your very last click before purchase). Having additional browser tabs open may cause issues as well.

      • I had the same issue, it's in my click history but not tracking. I've sent a claim ticket through. I had one other tab open, the CashRewards site. Not sure why it didn't work. My browser did crash, but i reloaded and started from the cashrewards site again. I hope I can get this through!!

        • I just saw your ticket. I'll reply with a screenshot of your clicks. Last column indicates you have AdBlock enabled.

        • @tightarse: arghh! what happens when I'm not on my home device. I thought I had white listed CR. Will this go through?

        • @the01: Please turn on your OzB PM - My Accounts / Settings / Messaging.

        • @tightarse: done

      • I guess i have multiple tabs open maybe… Obviously, nothing can be done at this stage?

        • +2

          If you can, cancel your order, then start again. Make sure you have Adblock off, or use a clean browser such as MS Edge. Don't open multiple tabs, and make sure that the last link you click is from CashRewards. This happened to me, I just redid it with TA's help. I did this and it tracked immediately.

  • What to do if your purchased is not tracked from your last click history? Cancelled order and try again?

    • Yes - that is the recommended/ preferred way.

  • Anyone get a star track delivery notification? Just received sms from star track with tracking details saying shipment is being picked up today for a delivery 22/8!

    • That won't happen. They will held it at depot for 24th Friday delivery.

      • yes it is very likely they want to get the shipments held at the local depot until Friday release day. Oh well, at least its on it's way in some form of shape!

    • Thats great news.
      When did u order??

      Cant wait.

  • I ordered it this morning through CR website (Samsung Online)

    The samsung order tracking states despatch date 23/8, whilst star track tracking despatch 20/8

    • any screenshot for this hah? Eagerly waitin

    • Thats interesting.
      I placed my order on 14/08 and website shows "preparing dispatch"

      • yeah i just checked it is saying the same thing

      • Same here

    • Just checked the tracking.

      it was scanned at the local depot 7.30am, and then it was scanned as 'on board for delivery' an hour later which is strange if it was to be held at the depot until Friday?

      • it must be something else? hah

        • oh dear, they've sent me a Note 8?!

        • @Draeko: youve got to be joking….

        • +1



        • @Draeko: how? ahaha

      • +2

        Actually, this was waiting for me at the front door.

        Looks like Friday has come early!!!!!


        • thats awesome! Tell us your initial thoughts on it.

        • +1


          Initial thoughts on the Samsung service? very fast, i ordered yesterday and received it today. so much for the package being held at the depot.

          I'm gonna hold off opening until i receive my eBay case and tempered class, should be here in the next day or two…refuse to use it without adequate hardware protection haha. I do site based work so dust, contaminants, etc can cause scratching (from experience).

        • @Draeko:
          Wow. Awesome.
          Looks like u r UPgrading from Iphone -X to Note 9. Haha.


        • @Draeko:
          What's your address's, I'll come an d open it for you

          But seriously congrats

        • @Bippz01:

          oh i'm keeping IPX as its my personal phone - i keep the work phone seperate. Upgrading from an IP7+.

          Unfortunately I am married to the IOS ecosystem, as i also have an apple watch and MBP lol. always try to alternate to an android every now and then for my upgrades. should be good, kinda missing the android freedom some times.

        • @Draeko: I sorta swapped to android completely this time but for keepsake, I have iPhone Se to upkeep my apple eco system lol.

  • +1

    I finally pulled the trigger after waiting a week

  • I pulled the trigger knowing this is the last flagship of 2018 using the SD845 or equivalent chip. Next years S10 will be a huge change…..

  • Gosh! The temptation is strong with this one.. I couldn't help myself, so i purchased it.

  • Samsung reports Note 9 sales have been better than S9, but less than the Note 8….(which is probably because pent up demand for Note 8 due to Note 7 battery fiasco).

  • I couldn't resist and placed the order. so waiting for new experience from S5 to Note 9

    Wondering where to buy the accessories from like phone cover, glass protector.

    I have ordered the blue device so any suggestions for matching accessories will be helpful :)

    • Ebay….lots there. I already ordered a glass screenguard and Otterbox Defender for it.

      • can you share the links for both please. Have send you message as well

      • did you get the otterbox def. with the included screen protector or without? Usually the def. comes with a in-built one?

  • -1

    Cash back didn't work for me and Samsung are telling me it's too late to cancel the order as it's been shipped to the courier. I've just lost $150 for no reason unless I dispute the transaction which means I won't get refunded in time to re-order the phone. Terrible experience.

    • on the samsung website does it say preparing dispatch or on its way?

    • So you didn't get any Cashback email?

      • nah i did but you mentioned a it has been shipped to courier thats why?

    • +1

      I had the same issue. However, I had successfully cancelled, reordered, and tracked using the instructions provided by TA.

      Had to explained to Samsung what happened and even they suggested me to cancelled the order. I was given a reference number.

      If your order has been shipped, upon receiving the item, Samsung advised that we can reject the parcel and we will get our refund in about 30 days… Just FYI

  • +1

    Just bought the Copper Note 9!! Thank you OP for the post & TA for holding my hand through the Cash Rewards process. Got the CR confirmation email & really excited!! Any recommendation of a glass screen protector from anyone?

  • +1

    Just pulled the trigger on this to upgrade from my S6. Was about to post "nervously waiting for my cashback to show up in my account", then it appeared. Took 4 minutes.

    Thanks TA!

  • Samsung Tab S4(cashrewards.com.au) - $949 less 10% cashback = $854.10 (saving $94.90)

    Hi chibot
    Is that a mistake?
    Has Samsung increased the price?
    Or, am I looking in the wrong place?

    It has always been $979 since I first looked at this post.

    I notice PhilipJWitow mentions the same thing

    PhilipJWitow on 15/08/2018 - 11:11
    Has the Galaxy Tab S4 gone up in price? I'm seeing it for $979 not for $949?

    Also TA, I am wondering if the cashback also applies to the 4G version of the Tab S4?
    (It doesn't seem to be specifically mentioned or excluded)

    • +1

      Hi oz-dave.

      Also TA, I am wondering if the cashback also applies to the 4G version of the Tab S4?

      It certainly does. Use this link for the Tab S4 :)

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