Desktop PC for senior citizen ~$500

I have to find a new machine for an older family member who has been using the same old dell laptop for the last ten years.
Mostly just goes on the net and basic office work. Getting on in years so bigger screen and ssd would be a priority.
Budget around $500. Looking around there are a few options, if you have any more let me know.
1.Refurbished Dell-i5/8gb/250gb/sff($185) +28" screen($200) + 500gb SSD ($110) total ~$500
2.AIO desktop- i5/8gb/1tb/23"($400) + 500gb SSD ($110) total ~$500
3.New amd-7650K/8gb/128 ssd($400) + 24" monitor ($100)

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    Refurbished Dell
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    AIO desktop
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    New AMD
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    Something else


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    An iPad…
    Or a tablet either way it would be easier for him to acsess the web and also would solve a lot of accidental tech issues that would pile up and make the machine unusable. Also word and the office apps are usable on the Android and IOS (I'm fairly sure)

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    Bought a used Dell Optiplex a while ago for my parents and it's been fantastic.

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    "Getting on in years so … ssd would be a priority."

    Is that due to falls, or just constantly losing things?

  • Dell 9010 all in one easily fits the budget. You get a decent screen, wifi, Bluetooth, webcam, speakers, etc so they are really good value compared to most tower desktops. You can still upgrade ram and HDD easily too. All you need is a power cable and a kB/mouse receiver and you're good to go!

  • Thanks all, going with the optiplex, which was my first thought. They already have an android tablet they use but need something they can write emails and type easier on.

  • Usually I suggest building a new PC, but a refurb Dell is well worth it in this day and age.

    Start building PCs around the $600-800 budget mark though.

  • Have you tried your local computer user group ? Our local one is run by retirees who get the local council outgoing computers and peripherals (sometimes not even unwrapped), wipe them, re-stall Win10 and sell complete systems for $80-100.

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