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Wipertech Aeroflex Wiper Blades for Jeep Cars (Front Pair) $25 Delivered -


Wipertech AeroFlex Wiper Blades for Jeep Cars (front pair) $25 Delivered

High performance, premium-quality wiper blades that are durable and deliver superior performance, safety and comfort.

Wipertech wiper blades are specifically designed for your particular vehicle and are easy to fit. They simply fit right out of the box, and no tools are required.

They are backed by Australia's most comprehensive wiper blade warranty which not only covers structural damage, but also wear and tear.

Upgrade your wiper blades today and enjoy perfect, streak-free vision and a quieter drive.


  • Durable: High quality, precision-cut, single-piece, frameless construction with no moving parts or exposed metal components.
  • Clear vision: 100% Natural rubber blade with specially formulated graphite and Teflon coating ensures a clean, consistent wipe.
  • Lower noise: Aerodynamic shape designed to reduce wind noise and blade lift-off at high driving speeds.
  • Better visibility: Sleek and smooth design that delivers less obstruction to the driver’s field of vision.
  • Designed for your car: No messy or bulky multi-fit adapters, simply fits right out of the box and no tools are required.
  • 1 Year warranty: Real, full-blown warranty that covers wear and tear.

Need rear wipers?

This coupon will also apply a discount to:

  • Jeep front pair and rear wiper blade kit: $35 Delivered
  • Jeep rear wiper blade only: $19 Delivered


  • To redeem this offer you must enter the promotion code "jeepwipers" at the cart page, beforing going through checkout.
  • Max 1 set of front wipers per customer. You can purchase more than 1 set, but the discount will only apply to 1.

High-performance windshield wipers that fit your car perfectly, Guaranteed.

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    Hey rep, it is time to do a discount for all models and not for random not very common cars…

    • +2 votes

      Check and see if your car model shares the same size as a Jeep. Look up your car model, scroll down and see what the driver/passenger wiper size is. Then hit up Google with a few search operators. For example if I was looking for 20" driver and 20" passenger wipers I would do the following search "Driver side: 20" "Passenger side: 20" "jeep"

      And you'd come up with a listing for '96-'99 Jeep Grand Cherokee which uses the same sized wipers. Alternatively if you have different sized wipers that don't come as a set for Jeep such as 21" driver and 20" passenger, you could order one pair of 21" wipers ('05-'10 Grand Cherokee) and one pair of 20" wipers using the same search. If Google filters by most relevant results, make sure to shot the omitted results. Good luck!

      • +1 vote

        I don't need two pairs (and the lengths I need are completely different to these models), and also the fitting type will be different at different cars, so don't see the point to do it this way…

        • +2 votes

          Hey buddy I'm just trying to bargain hunt like you. It's what I did last year for their $19 Honda wipers as well. Wiper blade fitment is generally standard across most manufacturers. Besides, wipers are shelf-stable and should be replaced around once a year anyway so no harm stocking up? Alternatively you could mix and match across cars?

        • +1 vote

          @KayDat: appreciated, but as I said both my cars have different fittings to ones that I can see on the listed models (and I don't think different connectors will be supplied as they come as model-specific). Thank you for your effort anyway :)


    Hi rep, anything for Kia carnival?


    Hi rep, looking for Honda Accord Wipers. Any deals?


    Many thanks from a Jeep owner! Ordered.


    Thanks OP, I have a Jeep and needed new wipers. The last batch I got, lasted a solid 2 years. Very happy with the deal. I think I paid $45 for the last deal and that did not include the rear wiper.


    Hmm, the FJ cruiser ones says it's a pair but the car has 3 front screen wipers? Something seems incorrect.


      You'll get three wipers if you purchase from this product page. It is displaying incorrectly on the front-end but we've set it up in back-end so that three blades are shipped. Apologies for the confusion.

    • +1 vote

      Go shoot the customer service an email, I've gotten them to correct errors on their listing when I got wipers for my IS200 where they listed the passenger side at 18" which are too short. They even sent me out a 19" wiper free of charge when I told them about the error!


    Hey Rep
    Any special deal for VW GOLF Hatch - 2018?
    Also, how's your wipers compared to OEM, Bosch, Tridon etc ? Thanks.

  • +1 vote

    A set of wipers for a Jeep. Sounds like a fair swap.


    My car does not have rear wiper. How do I setup or install a brand new wiper so comes handy


    Bugger, I need new wipers but have a 04 Kia Sorento. 24" driver and 18" passenger 14" rear.
    C'mon OP do a site wide deal please

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    Costco are selling Michelin hydroedge wiper blades for $9.79 each if anyone is interested.

    They sell them individually so just pick up the sizes you need.

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