What Are You Saving for?

Everyone on Ozbargain wants to save money, but I’m curious to know what you are saving for? Surely its not to save just for the sake of saving? Perhaps it’s to buy a house? holidays? kids education? retirement? For us it’s pretty boring - pay off our massive mortgage of $700k to achieve financial freedom of having all our pay to spend on what we want (after paying school fees).


  • I only save in Super.

    I am saving for my retirement.

  • Eneloops. You can never have enough eneloops.

  • This is the way I am, I can't not save. Justify it by house/retirement/unemployment/emergency. But it just gives me the peace of mind, a safety net.

  • A holiday and saving up for rainy days just in case

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    I consume avocado… So I could never own a house.. I am saving so I can keep eating avocado..!!!

  • Attainable : Patek Philippe 3919
    Unattainable: Patek Philippe 2499

  • Sex change

  • F R E E D O M !

    PS. not this - https://www.freedom.com.au/

  • I just generally try to be gite a bit thrifty where possible, but I am here on a working holiday visa and have been doing the backpacker kind of thing the last few years so always try to find cheap places to eat and cheap days out. I have managed to save quite a bit of cash on lunches thanks to this app and always try to share deals where I can.
    I can't really accumulate stuff as I am on the move a lot but have picked up some useful stuff like wallet ninjas, and hard drive readers thanks to this site.

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    Partner visa =l

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