Telecube no longer offering NBN

The purpose of this letter is to inform you that Telecube will no longer be offering NBN services from 4th September 2018, after that date the NBN services are in danger of being disconnected. Please act promptly and arrange for a new provider as soon as possible.

We understand that this news is short notice and we also acknowledge the importance of your internet connection. As a result we have made arrangements with two Internet Service Providers that we think are a good fit with your service. Below are the prices and links to their respective sites.

** ABB (Aussie Broadband) **

Aussie Broadband is pleased to offer Telecube customers switching over to us $10 off for the first six months on any unlimited plan, or $5 off for the first six months on any of our other plans.

We know changing providers can be stressful so we aim to make it as painless as possible – online applications will usually see your service switch across in anywhere between 15 minutes and a couple of hours. Please note that if you want to port across your phone number, switching across will take longer.

Aussie Broadband offers all-Australian support, no connection fees and no lock-in contracts (so if you don't love us in the first month, you're free to leave).

To take up this offer, you need to sign up at the Aussie Broadband website or call our friendly team on 1300 880 905 and use the following promo code at the checkout: telecube

This offer is only available to current Telecube customers and will expire on 31 August 2018.

** Siptalk **

Siptalk are offering two speed tiers with unlimited data. As an incentive they will add a credit to your account for any unused days on your old Telecube service.

  • 50/20 unlimited $75/month
    -100/40 unlimited $95/month

Please log into your Siptalk account at and you can add a service there.

Thank you for your past business and we wish you all the best for the future.

Kind Regards,
John Matich


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        • On NBN Wireless it looks like Barefoot charge more:

          25/5 = $59 for 6 months then $69 afterwards
          50/20 = $79 for 6 months then $89 afterwards

          The providers I have listed offer better prices/deals/service.

      • DCSI looks like a tiny business. I think after being stung with Telecube people wanting to jump ship to another tiny provider with questionable long term service they will avoid it.

      • 25/5:

        TPG Unlimited 25/5 = $69
        Aussie Broadband 500GB 25/5 = $70
        Optus Unlimited = $75
        Internode 500GB = $75


        Teleron Unlimited 50/20 = $54.50 for 6 months then $61.50
        Spintel 500GB 50/20 = $64.95 + $49 credit on first bill
        Mungi Unlimited 50/20 = $69.95 (5 months) then $74.95
        Telstra 1000GB 50/20 = $79
        DCSI 1TB 50/20 = $60
        Exetel 50/20 Unlimited = $60 NC
        TPG 50/20 Unlimited +phone line $70 & 3 months free sim optus NC
        ABB 50/20 Unlimited = $79 NC


        Exetel 100/40 Unlimited = $90 NC
        TPG 100/40 Unlimited +phone line $90 & 3 months free sim optus NC
        ABB 100/40 Unlimited $99 NC

        • +3


          TPG Unlimited 25/5 = $69
          Aussie Broadband 500GB 25/5 = $70
          Optus Unlimited = $75
          Internode 500GB = $75


          Teleron Unlimited 50/20 = $54.50 for 6 months then $61.50
          Spintel 500GB 50/20 = $64.95 + $49 credit on first bill
          Mungi Unlimited 50/20 = $69.95 (5 months) then $74.95
          Telstra 1000GB 50/20 = $79
          DCSI 1TB 50/20 = $60
          Exetel 50/20 Unlimited = $60 NC
          TPG 50/20 Unlimited +phone line $70 & 3 months free sim optus NC
          ABB 50/20 Unlimited = $79 NC
          Shittalk 50/20 unlimited $75


          Exetel 100/40 Unlimited = $90 NC
          TPG 100/40 Unlimited +phone line $90 & 3 months free sim optus NC
          ABB 100/40 Unlimited $99 NC
          Shittalk 100/40 unlimited $95


        • +1


          Also look at Spintel, they still have 12/1 plans for people who want the lowest cost unlimited plan. Works out to $54.95/month for unlimited data.

          The next faster plan is 50/20, at $64.95/month. For this speed, other companies are cheaper.

          Fastest plan is 100/40 at $79.95/month, but they don't offer unlimited, it's 1TB of data. Could be good for some.

          All of these prices are with no contract, and apparently no joining fee.

        • @hawkeye:

          "ABB 50/20 Unlimited = $79 NC"

          Still says $89 on the ABB website? For FW that is.

        • +1



          posted Yesterday at 9:00 pm
          ABB is changing their plans for FW tomorrow so keep an eye on them.

          Just checking I'm still getting $79 on this link

        • @hawkeye: Thanks. :) Yeah was just on the phone with ABB and CSR knew nothing so I told her to put a hold on my connection from yesterday until the new plans come out.

        • +3

          I had my mobile with spintel and it was a disaster, won't go near them again

        • @hawkeye: Does anyone know any of these providers provide a public IP for the connection?

        • @empty:
          ABB has a semi-static IP by default. (doesn't change for months)
          You can pay extra for an actual static IP

        • @scubacoles: Oh good to know, on what occasion the ABB IP changes? Was thinking of going to Exetel because of their free static IP but I don't mind it change once in a while (as opposed to TC which changed like everyday due to frequent disconnects).

    • I'm on Mungi fixed wireless 50/20.

      Get 48/18 speeds in Aus and 40/15 to Germany.

  • Jumped ship after they increased their prices to Aussiebb, like night and day.

    Glad to see their above board business practices paid off in the long run.

  • +1

    What is wrong with these guys. First the price hike, then the sorry we want to make it right price. My regular contact at Tc Graeme has always been helpful and he just moved me to a faster router yesterday when I was getting slow peak speeds.. Geez. I think it's just a strategic decision to dump all users on the cheap plans and the best excuse is just to terminate nbn service from 1 company and then start the service on another with a higher rate. Fark it.

  • They are still sending the infernal "critical balance notification" email every single day, starting on the day after billing date. I never did get around to trying to turn them off and now I don't have to.

  • +1

    Anyone else here on the Opticomm network?

    Telecube did a bait and switch; then peace offering with "we want to make it right" price adjustment bullsh*t; now this.

    Make sure you tell your bank to block them from taking anymore payments as they've just disabled the payment tab altogether.

    FYI Siptalk is a subsidiary of Telecube so don't fall into the trap of going with them either!

    Good luck comrades =D

  • It's a shame, I've been with Telecube since March and they have been great. When I had an issue with TeamViewer, they helped me sort out the DNS issues after hours. Never had a drop out and the speed has always been great. I get 11/.9 on the 12/1 plan.

    Have now signed up for exetel, hopefully they will be just as good.

  • Anyone know who would be the best for a 50/20 connection and 500 or 1TB p month usage?

    I'm hoping to spend around $60.

    • 500GB is plenty even for moderate/heavy usage unless you're actually torrenting etc.

      • I do torrent but not very heavy.

        I'm currently looking at exetel. They seem a decent shout.

        • I had congestion with them. Product reviews rating is terrible. I signed up with barefoot, but carefully considered Tangerine.

        • @Make it so:

          where are you located?

          I'm also considering barefoot.

          THe thing that tipped me slightly towards exetel is this article and

        • @johnthepg: I'm in Perth. My connection hasn't been switched over yet (they said 1-3 working days), so can't tell yet (from the ping) whether all traffic goes through Eastern States (as it did with MyRepublic - ping was 80+ms).

          By all accounts Exetel looks like the better deal. Just that last time I was with them (my first NBN connection mid-2016, 25/5), I had a lot of congestion (barely got 17Mbps peak, and never got more than about 20Mbps) and I recall a lot of outages during weekend evenings (I suspect their maintenance windows were about midnight Eastern States, which is evening in Perth). So all in all, not great.

        • Also looking at Exetel 50/500GB since they also give you a free VoIP DID (PAYG)

          Anyone game to sign up for 12 months for $5 off (and free modem too I guess)?

        • +3

          Also just signed to Exetel in Perth. Painless process and the 12 months deal currently is better than BYO modem so took the plunge. Modem ZTE is unlocked and also the sales consultant sympathies with us TC customers. He has advised that I can call Provisioning after 24 hours of order to ask for expedited process in provisioning without waiting for modem delivery. Perth takes 5-7 business days just for the modem delivery then provisioning takes another 2-5 business days.

        • +1


          Good to know about expedited provisioning

        • @bamzero:

          Yes I told him that after 4/9 we most likely will have no NBN and easier to make a transfer as an active connection than disconnected. Maybe he wanted the sale as I sounded hesitant throughout the call clarifying some points.

  • Make sure you ask them when you will be connected. Some providers told me up to two weeks so I ruled them out right away. Another one told me my existing modem isn't compatible which I find hard to believe but whatever, crossed them off the list. In the end, I went with Aussie Broadband who connected me last night in minutes. They said to look out for a text message saying I am connected but I only got that this morning.

  • Surprised no one has recommended Skymesh? They do a price match on any competitors plan than isn't unlimited. Example I'm on 50/20 500gb for $54.95 price matched Exetel. I used to price match 100/40 1000gb spintel for $74.95, but the speed/gb increase isn't required at this time.

    Skymesh offers good local support? Good peak speeds all the time once they changed to on-net in Darwin area. Main thing to check first is that they are providing on net or off net, off net I did experience some slow down.

    "On-net services are offered in locations where SkyMesh owns a CVC and POI in your area."

    "Off-net services are offered in locations where SkyMesh does not own CVC and POI in the area. An off-net service means that SkyMesh has partnered with an aggregate provider to deliver the NBN to you."

    Happy with my current price, but I check every few months for a better deal that I can price match with, all the while not having to bother changing providers. I have changed plans 4 times to suit my needs/get the best deal.

    • So they matched the 12 month price on a month by month basis? Exetel do give you a free VoIP DID though, if that's something you need (while I don't call out, be good to keep my number for incoming calls if it doesn't cost anything).

      • Nah you agree to a contract period that matches their competitors, was 18 months in my case. I've never had any issues getting out of an NBN contract though, get TIO involved and provide evidence of slow speeds and you're off for free.

    • how do I know if i'm on-net or off-net in my area?

      • 1300 759 637, call up Skymesh and ask.

    • I tried to sign up to skymesh once. After waiting on hold for 30+min at a time for a couple of days and then emailing them and them never getting back to me, I gave up.

      • Just called them, took 1m 26s to get through to a sales rep by pressing option 1 for new customer sales (I'm at work with time to kill so I thought I'd test out their service at a busy time of 1700 AEST.)

        • Lucky you, when I tried it was a year or so ago, figured they didn't want my money. Perhaps they've realised they need staff to be able to answer phones to sign people up.

  • my internet is through Siptalk, so appears to be unaffected ?

  • I was on Belong 25/5 plan but got an email sometime back informing me of speed increase during evening 7 to 11 to 50/20. Turns out that I am on 50/20 all days instead of it only being in the evening. Pretty happy with the connection as well. Typical evening speed hovers around 43-47 mbps. I pay $75 a month for unlimited internet and it comes by default with a static ip. Worth checking them out.

  • Ffs.. I was with AussieBB then moved to telecube. Looks like may go back to ABB..
    However I remembered when I moved from ABB to Telecube it was not straight forward process as I think ABB uses IPSec and Telecube PPP or something, so I had to tinker and troubleshoot with the router settings which was a PITA.

    Anyone had the same experience?

    • +2

      for FTTN, ABB is easy
      Just set it to AutoIP/DHCP and thats user/pass etc. Just auto assign, reboot modem, done.

      • Really? No username and password to connect? Do we need to disconnect from TC first before we can connect with ABB?

        • +1

          You can connect with ABB before tell TC to leave.

        • @jiulun: you mean without telling TC?

        • +1

          Do we need to disconnect from TC first before we can connect with ABB?

          Tell them what.. they ended the contract with their announcment yesterday.
          Only correspondence they getting from me is
          1) request for refund email

          No response by COB today and CC chargeback getting initiated as they billed me on the 28th for my new month starting yesterday

      • Yeah i think its something like that.
        I had a problem getting access to the router itself since it's in bridge mode I think. Cant remember exactly how I eventually figured it out lol!

  • +2

    Special deal for Telecube customers can be found here:

    Expires 4th September 2018.

  • Lucky I jumped on the 20% off ABB plan for 6 months. 2 weeks ago :)

    Waiting to churn on 4th Sep.

  • Glad I went with Kogan back when they had their introductory offer.

  • Will SipTalk be affected? I have VOIP with them.

  • Looks like a Liquidator has been appointed so credit card chargeback would probably be the best option:

  • New new ABB FW plans are out, the top one seems to be 50/20 unlimited for $79 (minus any discount promos.) It was $89. Maybe I should post it as a bargain. :)

  • What's the quickest way to cancel with Telecube guys. I see no option in accounts page so I presume email, which they never seem to read? Oh they have Live Chat, I'll try that first!

    • At this stage I think they have gone dark so just send an email to [email protected] Though given they are the ones that cancelled the service I wouldn't get too stressed about it. Also cancel any direct debits you had set up with them. :)

    • Live Chat is Dead.

      • Live chat is alive on Siptalk…I just spoke with Graeme to sort out that "all card processing has been cancelled from Telecube"

        • Has it been disabled on Siptalk now? I can't seem to find it.

          Wanted to find out whats happening with our VoIP DIDs after the 4th.
          Exetel will take a fair bit longer to port the number over.

          Might have to ring them.

    • Oh they have Live Chat, I'll try that first!

      pretty sure thats disabled now

      • Thanks guys, I'm just completing my TIO complaint in the background.

        What a mess this has become.

        • It is worth while completing a TIO complaint if it's highly likely we wont be getting our money back?

        • +2


          TIO have helped me in the past in similar circumstances so I think so. I paid $60 2 days ago. I got a similar amount back via TIO action after an ISP had stopped trading and everyone said I'd never see my money again. So I say give it a shot. Their complaints form is 4 pages long, quick to complete and email it.

        • @Click_It: Thanks for the response. I also paid on the 28th, but for two months, so I would prefer to get the majority, if not my total amount back.

        • +1


          Okay I decided another course of action. Given all the comments about chargeback above.

          Normally I pay my account by BPAY but luckily this month I paid with my CBA Platinum card which touts all its protection features, I just spoke to them explained everything and they say they are highly confident of getting my money back in full within 10 days. That'll do me!

        • @Click_It: Glad to hear, I logged a claim through NAB this morning for my money back and am hopeful to see some promising results, but not holding my breath if it doesn't get approved.

        • @tcoates:

          Between the TIO dispute and chargeback I've now done everything I can so what will be will be. Can't stress over things we can't control.

          I've still gotta cancel Telecube service (doubt they're checking emails anymore) to transfer to Tangerine. I'm just worried that is going to be SLOW with Telecube not doing their part.

        • +1

          The TIO should also send a cease auto payment order to TC so they can't dip into your C/C account any more for those concerned.

        • @hawkeye: Awesome, thanks. Glad I took double action then.

  • +1

    Telecube used to be good but turns out to be a joke. I’ve been with them for 5months and paid 6 months as my plan renewed on 28th. WTF

    • Same renewal date here.

    • Renewal date 29th here, the same day I got the email

      • You can bet your bottom dollar they timed this announcement to when they could get the most renewal payments through. Of course you can fight to get this money back but TC know most people are too lazy to bother.

        • My bank said no, but I tried to lodge a complaint to TIO, hope they would be helpful.


    Don't think you'll get much of a reply from them, and TIO not going to be much help if the company isn't trading.

    Chargeback probably your best bet.

  • I paid by PayPal and used Amex What’s my option?

    • PayPal dispute? I'm pretty sure this was discussed earlier in the thread too. Might want to look for that.

      AMEX chargeback is probably the best option.

      • If I use Amex chargeback, is PayPal gonna ask for the money from me?

        • I've done an Amex charge back for a PayPal purchase before. Essentially, PayPal will ask for the sellers side of the story, but I believe PayPal will side with whatever Amex decide regardless. So as long as Amex thinks you have a valid claim, you should be sweet.

  • I topped up my account yesterday as today was the rollover date. I did not receive any email from telecube saying that the services will no longer be offered from Sep 4. I am not sure if I should switch now or wait to see if they continue to provide the service for this month?

    • They are in liquidation / not trading. I'd be getting out sooner rather than later.

    • +1

      Get your bank to reverse the transaction .

      • Exactly what I was just looking for. The whole process may take 8 weeks as told by my bank. I don't care as long as I get refunded.

  • +1

    What the hell ???? I’ve received no email about this and no info on the website ???

    • Same thing happened with me. I literally paid for the next month and came to see this news here.

  • I was on a 12/1 unlimited for $35 per month. Is Flip TV the next cheapest at $39.90 (at least for the first 6 months) or are there better deals around?

  • +10

    I just noticed that Siptalk has removed the following clause from their "About us" page:

    Parent company Telecube has been operating in Australia since 2009 and runs a successful Hosted PBX voip service provider business.

    See cache from 12 August vs. current page

    Seriously dodgy. Telecube goes under, along with money owed to customers, then continues operating under a daughter company's name while attempting to hide the connection. They then tell their Telecube customers "come join Siptalk".

    • +1

      Yep very shady, Siptalk will probably fall next and be a double dip for them.

      • +1

        Telecubes abn was on Siptalks website until yesterday and changed once TC went into liquidation. Live chat still had the TC support email embedded too

        • I hope everyone thinks carefully before heading to Siptalk. At the end of the day there are so many safer options out there. Even ABB with $10 discount is $5 cheaper than them (first 6 months) and if Siptalk are anything like their parent, ABB is immensely better.

  • -1

    I would not personally take my connections to SIP Talk or ABB, why go by the advise given by idiots who cannot even apologise?
    Who knows ABB or SIP Talk could be next to do the same and hand over s***?

    "As an incentive they will add a credit to your account for any unused days on your old Telecube service."—> Is this meant to be sarcasm? [email protected]#@#@!.


      I lodged a complaint with TIO. This is a dodgy business practice and must be penalised and shutdown all his other dodgy businesses.

    • +2

      Aussie Broadband are quite reputable

  • Is anyone who is on either Barefoot, Flip or Exetel in Sydney comment on speeds?

    I'm after 50/20 and Flip and Barefoot are appealing due to being unlimited.

    Exetel has been recommended here a few times and the 500 should meet my needs as I've only ever gone past 500GB once this year so it's more about ensure quality speed.

    I'm FTTB


    • Waiting for Barefoot to be connected. They said 1-3 working days. Signed up late on Wednesday.
      Barefoot is actually a subsidiary of Mate as it turns out, so might as well sign up with Mate. Their rating on ProductReview is the same (4.4, which is good).

    • Signed up to Flip on Wednesday. Won't get connected till 5th (ftn). Their support has been good so far

  • Cannot believe they just deducted my balance at the same day they sent me this email.

    • Call your bank and get them to reverse it.

      • My card isn't issued by an Australian bank and they don't allow charge back for reasons other than unauthorised payment. I guess all my hope is on TIO now :(

    • Yeah, it's quite disgusting. And if it was a case of "we tried hard, we are really sorry", I could live with it somewhat. But there isn't even a "sorry" in the email. It's just a factual notification. And as I mentioned before, they are simply phoenixing under a new ABN, continuing trading as Siptalk, which until 12 August declared Telecube to be their parent company.

      I decided to lodge a chargeback as well. Even though I only lose about a week of service plus $5 of account balance, I am not letting these crooks steal from me without a fight.

      • I still haven’t received any email / notication ,,, nothing !!!!! Wtf ??