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Dell Alienware AW3418DW Monitor $1600.74 Delivered @ Newegg


Price in title inclusive of GST/Duties ($1365 + $255.74 Tax = $1600.74)

Now that Newegg has free shipping, this is a pretty good deal.

This is the better specc'd ultrawide that Alienware sell.


34" WQHD IPS Panel with 4ms & 120Hz
DP1.2, HDMI1.4, 4xUSB3.0
NVIDIA G-SYNC Technology
Alienware design & AlienFX Lighting
Gaming-centric On-ScreenDisplay (OSD)
Tilt, swivel and height adjustments

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    Awesome deal as long as the warranty remains valid in Australia

    EDIT: Was awesome at $1365. OK at $1600.

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    Anyone can confirm if Newegg offers the same premium warranty similiar to purchasing it from Dell.com.au?

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      For those of you who are interested in this but not confident in the warranty from Newegg, have a chat with one of the sales from Dell.com.au.
      They will price match this.

      I just got one from Dell.com.au for $1400.00 that includes 3 years premium warranty.
      That's around 33% off the normal $2099.
      Still expensive but the investment is in the warranty and IPS is notorious for the backlight bleeding issue.

      Good luck.


        Hi - just confirming you got the AW3418DW model for $1400? Or was that the AW3418HW model (which is cheaper)?

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        Could you share your quote/order number for that price please? Dell reps are much more likely to give a discount if you prove it was done for someone else, so far they won’t bite.

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        Can you let us know how you got them to pricematch? They are telling me they only price match with a set list of vendors and they're all australian usual suspects like officeworks and JB - Kinda defeats the whole purpose of having a price match policy


    Does this come with an Australian power supply or US one?


      The removeable power lead will be a US plug. You will most likely have an IEC to Aus plug around the house. Jaycar has these in 1.2 meter and 3 meters for less than $A15.

      The power input - from the Newegg website states it is 100 to 240 input. Which is inline with the way a lot of these devices are feed power today. Its cheaper to produce a "global" product than region specific.

      Do double check before buying!


    And also bear in mind the price EXCLUDES GST

    So add 10%


      Someone has made that edit already


        INteresting duty is $250.

        So its more than just a 10% increase on 1350….

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          Yeah, I don't know what the go is there. Still the best historical price I can find for this monitor.

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          I loved the $1365 price and went to buy it.

          Then the "duty" which should be $136.50 was $235.74.

          Its still a good buy at $1600.74, but not as attractive as it first looked.

          Then there are questions over the power adaptor supplied and the warranty that applies.

          Interestingly duty for 1 monitor is $235.74, but if you buy 2 the duty is $194.22 per monitor.

          Would like to know what, other than GST, this "duty" actually is….

          The effective tax rate on a single monitor is nearly 17.3%. Thats a lot more than GST!

          I chatted to NewEgg and I have serious distrust of them as a result.
          They say if they underestimate GST/taxes they bear the excess - they pointed me to this link

          But if they overestimate GST/taxes in their "duty" calculation they are silent on whether they refund the difference.
          They can't explain why they are charging 17.3% "duty" instead of 10% GST - and they make no promises about reducing it to 10% when they process the sale….

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    Heads up, I have this monitor and there was a defect. Have been waiting for over two months for a replacement to be sent out by Dell and they have said they won't have any until Sep 14th - which I assume when that date comes they'll tell me that there isn't any left.

    Basically, it seems the supply of this monitor is pretty terrible, especially what they designate for their replacements.

    Otherwise, it's a fantastic monitor


      Won't they give you your money back? I'd collect and just get the Acer P34X. Same panel and less cash, right?


      That is because this requires cherry picked panel to do 3440x1440 at 120Hz OC, with IPS panel on top. It's much easier to supply non guaranteed 120Hz 3440x1440 IPS panel.

      Same reason why 4K 120Hz and 144Hz gonna be $3k - $6k. Cherry picked until process is refined enough.


        Thanks for that.

        Either way, the returns process has been very drawn out and potential customers should be aware.


    Their 25 inch monitor is also the cheapest I've seen. There are a lot of good prices for monitors on Newegg


    With the new nvidia cards supporting HDMI 2.1 variable refresh rate we may see a driver update for the older cards, and it might be worth waiting before being locked into GSync?


    I had a terrible time dealing with Dell in the past for a design fault with an item they sold.
    Spent months having it repaired multiple times and in the end after pushing for a refund or new item they finally admitted they couldn't fix it and gave me the choice.
    This is in contrast to other manufacturers that would RMA with no questions asked and send a new item out.
    Would personally take a gamble on the cheaper acer or asus 34" ultrawide IPS displays or wait for the new range of panels that should be coming later this year.

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