Perfume Quality at Chemist Warehouse Vs Priceline

Hello guys,

I bought perfume (eau de toilette) from Chemist Warehouse but wasn’t sure about the quality. As I read here and other forums that CW may be still selling legit but may not be the best quality somehow.

So, is Priceline in the same boat or can I expect better?

The perfume I liked is $20 more expensive in Priceline than CW. Is worth paying $20 more at Priceline or it will be the same quality?

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  • Priceline is in the same boat

  • 'legit but may not be the best quality ' - What does this mean? Are there varying qualities of the same original perfume?

    • It means that the stock may be aged stock.

    • its eau de toilette not eau de parfum which is usually more expensive , stronger and lasts longer.

      • Yes but I always bought eau de toilette and when I buy it from a perfume store it was a better experience. The one I am after is $100 in perfume store vs $50 in CW and $70 at Priceline.

        • As my previous comments state, CW and Priceline sell older stock compared to department stores, which is why it’s cheaper. Perfume normally has a shelf life of three years

        • @kerfuffle: Interesting point. But I dont think I have ever seen expiry dates on perfumes. Surely they lose their potency over time. Shouldnt that be mentioned somewhere?

        • @notfrodo: They're on the bottom of the box and of the bottle. The code is something like C0Z6 (as an example; each company is different) and you can use cosmetic date checking sites to see when it was manufactured

        • @kerfuffle: Well what do you know! Learnt something new today. Thanks.
          They should have a proper expiry date stamped like all other products. Wonder why there isnt a law against this.

        • @notfrodo: A lot of beauty brands use codes as manufacturing dates. Clinique for example being one (I’ve bought serum this year that was made last year but still good for two years).

          If you see something like a 12M in a jar on the bottom of your bottle, it means it’s good for 12 months from opening and after that you should probably toss it out

        • @notfrodo: Their sole effective purpose is to smell good. There really isn't an actual expiry, it's just… you might need to apply more to smell as good.

        • @notfrodo:

          They should have a proper expiry date stamped like all other products. Wonder why there isnt a law against this.

          They don't go bad like food, you won't get sick. It just may not last as long on your skin. If makeup, the oils may separate and may not apply as nicely etc.

          The "expiry date" is more of a "best before".

    • Are there varying qualities of the same original perfume?

      Absolutely YES! Not only the eau de toilette vs eau de parfum but age of the product as well as the actual concentration and mixtures vary as well. If you look at Costco's products of name brand items, they are indeed legit & from the same manufacturer but not necessarily the exact same product hence variations in price.

      Many perfumes are bottled in Dubai for the huge consumer market there. The concentrate is shipped over from France and the actual dilution and bottling is done in the Jebel Ali freezone. The mixtures vary depending on whether the item is targeted for the boutique shops or run of the mill average mall stores or shipped for export.


    Few years ago I went into cw to purchase a body kouros. There were two bottles of 50ml with different prices. When I asked them why this was the case the sales lady told they're from different suppliers. I found that reply fishy…

    • I think CW also does parallel import of cosmetics to reduce prices. That would explain the different suppliers.

  • I have Kenzo Flower EDP from CW and the quality is fine.

  • they get all the aged stock from Myer and DJ - perfume/cologne does not age well. Beware….pay the price at Myer I say, guaranteed top quality


      thnx for the info, wont buy sub standard stuff from cw again

  • Just bought a gift set from CW (terre d'hermes) for aud99. Get the urge to check the production code with checkfresh and I got may 2017 which is very acceptable considering the price they offer.

    The other day i get a bottle of jpg lemale, somewhere in april this year, and i got september 2016 production.

    Quality wise, theyre both 100% authentic and longlasting. Esp. lemale, its a beaasstt

  • How about though? Their prices are often less than even CW as it ships from the US.