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[XB1, PS4, PC] Free Premium Pass to Battlefield 1 from 11th to 18th September (Saving Minimum $59.95)


A nice little freebie for those that have the Battlefield 1 base game.

Premium pass will be yours to keep if you grab it during this period (thanks @cheepo).

Usual premium pass cost -
Xbox - $69.95
PS4 - $75.95
PC - $59.95

This offer will let Battlefield 1 owners play everything Battlefield 1 Premium Pass has to offer for free*.

You'll be granted access to all the maps, weapons, vehicles, and more from the four Battlefield 1 expansions — They Shall Not Pass, In the Name of the Tsar, Turning Tides, and Apocalypse. This means access to 16 multiplayer maps, new Operations and game modes, powerful Elite classes, and more.

Battlefield 1 Premium Pass is a great way for Battlefield 1 base game owners to play all the great post-launch content and whet your appetite as we enter mankind's greatest conflict in Battlefield V, come November.

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  • Is this like a free play weekend? In that, after the free period, it will no longer be usable?

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        Isn't it to keep? Going by this article…

        That same pass will become free to own from September 11-18 for everyone who has a copy of Battlefield 1.

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          It is too. Great find!

        • +2

          Thanks for continuing to post great gaming deals! I purchased the base game when it was last on sale (for $7.49) so this is a bonus.

        • @cheepo: Glad it helped.

        • it's a bit odd that it doesn't say 'to keep' on EA page.

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      I thought it was pretty good. I still play it on and off and never have much trouble finding a game. But most games are going to have a smaller population 2 years after release, so giving the pass away at this point doesn't cost them anything (since you'd assume it's pretty much stopped selling by now anyway) and allows them to re-unify the smaller player base that would otherwise be fragmented between those with and without the pass.

      Personally I found nearly all of the maps that got released as DLC to be pretty average, though - nowhere near as good as those in the base game. And that applies to pretty much every Battlefield game I've played - the DLC maps always end up feeling like the ones that weren't good enough to make the original release. Kind of like when they make a crappy sequel to a good comedy movie and you get the feeling that they're basically just rolling out the jokes that weren't funny enough to make it into the original :P So the pass isn't really that essential in terms of the maps themselves, although at least having it stops you from getting bumped in the queue for a full server when somebody else with the pass tries to join and gets pushed in front of you thanks to the "priority" queuing that you also get as part of the pass. Of course that becomes pretty meaningless now that everybody will have priority queuing :P

      • My experience has been different to yours Angus. I reckon a number of the DLC maps are excellent and much better than quite a few of the Vanilla maps. Verdun Heights for one is a great map. The biggest downside is the Vanilla maps get rotated more often without giving players a chance to get into the new maps. In fact their are some maps I'm yet to play as they rarely come into rotation.

  • +1

    Damn i just paid $8.99 for this on the EA store.

    • Why?
      BF1 server have been playing up from last 2 weeks and almost not playable due to BF V beta.
      I love playing BF1 and will be purchasing BF V

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    Ooh, Second hand copy of the game is also currently $14 second hand at EBGames.

    • +3

      I recently got the PC version of the base game on the EA store for $6.24.

      • Same. I’m glad I didn’t pay the extra for the complete pack which includes the PPass.

      • Damn… i missed out :(

        • +1

          Isn't it $6.24 still for the base game?

        • @danielh:
          Yes it is.

        • @danielh:
          Thanks for the update :)
          It was normal price when i posted my comment

    • I noticed this too today. Might duck back in & pick up a copy because of this freebee

  • What are the lobbies like for this game? Is it hard to find a game with people in it?

    • +2

      About 10 oceanic servers for 64 players are on the go at any one time and they are usually full. The biggest challenge and frustration is that EA won't fix the connection issues that everyone has. So it can take many attempts to join a game as you regularly receive 'You have lost connection to the EA servers'. Don't go by any of EA support advice as everyone gets the same issue and EA are unwilling to acknowledge or fix it.

  • Aargh! beat me to it by 4 hours

  • +1

    Thanks OP! Will definitely be grabbing this for free

  • +2

    Is there any story content in the DLC?

    • +1

      No. All MP maps

  • +1

    wow! nice. thanks for sharing this

  • Nice. I might just re-install the BF1 to check it out.

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    The Apocalypse maps are amazing. Best DLC maps by far and better than most of the base maps as well.

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    There will be a premium battlefield commencing on September 11.

  • So we need to purchase the base game to get this or does it come with the premium pass or what

    From what I am reading we only need to buy Battlefield 1 (base game) and then this will unlock all the expansions for Battlefield 1 Premium Pass and we get to keep it after the free period?

    Need someone to confirm on this so I can start looking for a Battlefield 1 key on reddit swap forums.

    • Yes you need the base game.

  • https://www.cdkeys.com/pc/games/battlefield-1-pc-origin
    This looks like to be the cheapest atm, or am I missing somewhere?

    • Target has BF 1 for $10 (if you can find the PC version) Buy one for me too if you find it (in perth too) :)

      • That is only for PS4 and XB1 I think.

        • Nope, infact BF1 PC is listed as $2 but it's 'in-store' only. Have a look at the Target thread.
          very tempted but I don't have time to go a Target and look for it, especially knowing not many Target stores have PC games anymore.

        • oh damn son I feel bad now.. I bought the base game at cdkeys.com and it was something like $17.79 or something in AUD.. a whole whopping $15.. man I should just hand in my ozbargain card in now and be done with it I am getting too old for this game of life and cheap deals and cheap pizza's and cheap eneloops.. the ozbargain life is not for me :(

        • @alterego13: can you please point me to bf1 pc for $2??

        • +1

          There was a link the target games deal. However Origin has the base game for $6.24 now.

        • @alterego13:
          I've gone for the Origin deal, saved myself another 10 bucks :p

  • Battlefield 1 (preowned) $14 at EB atm.

    • xbox and ps only

  • +1

    still showing 59.99 possibly 11th for America maybe?


    https://imgur.com/a/OMYkiVo still unavailable for pc at 9am

  • +2

    Just confirmed it works. Purchased on PlayStation Store Australia.

  • Still doesn't appear to be working on PC. Origin wants to charge me $59.99.

    • Not working for me on PC either

  • +1

    It's still 10pm on the 10th Sept in America. So this should theoretically start working on Origin at 5pm tonight for us Aussies.

  • BF1 available for $7.49 @ Microsoft Store AU

    • Link plz

      • +1
        • -1

          xbox only

  • I think I'm retarded. I click the link and click "get the game" but it takes me to subscribe to Origin Access?

  • It's not available yet, try again at 5pm

    • +2

      The PS4 one is available, worked for me.

    • Oh I see, thanks.

  • I love the 'remind' feature!

  • Got it today at Target for 10 bucks only to find it is 7.50 digital :(

    • +2

      I did the same damn it
      I'll justify the purchase from the perspective of it having some sort of trade currency later down the track :P

      • Mine came with a key for BF1 deluxe which I think will result in a digital game anyway and bonus skins or something :)

  • +2

    Still not showing Free for Xbox.

    Looks like it's Free on PlayStation

  • +3

    still not free on PC 6:10pm sydney time

  • Still nothing on PC 6:41 :/

  • I'm still holding off buying a PC version until I see it's working :p

  • +2

    Still not free :/

  • -3

    Do I still need PS Plus to be able to play online?

  • XBONE shows as $0.00 but checkout fails over and over again

  • showing 69.95 for xbox

  • +1

    How does one activate this deal? All i'm seeing is "Get the game" which leads to the Origin access advert page. I definitely own the base game.

  • So you still have to pay after the period?

  • 12/9 still not free on Origin.

    You sure you got the year correct? Maybe they meant 2118? Or 3018?

  • +3

    Now gone free on Origin a minute ago

    • Same for me - around 12:45am on 12 Sept. Not that I waited up for it.
      And you can give it as a gift for free to people who may not be able to get it working.

  • +1

    If you own the base game it will say "add to Library" when you login to the Origin Store.
    Once you have added it to your library it is yours forever, not just for the promotional period.

  • +2

    PC is free now

    • As is XB1

  • +2

    Can also buy the standard edition for $6.24.

  • Finally working on PC!

    Lets try to have a game this weekend :D Whats the OzB Discord channel?

  • +1

    Name someone put this back to the front page? It kicked off today.

    • Thats what the reminder feature is for :D but you are right some members will miss it!

  • Thanks man, got he pass for all three platforms.

    I do not have the base game though. I have not finished my BF1 trial yet, that was more than a year ago.

  • I have Premium on console, can I download the Premium pass on pc without the base game? Or is that a requirement?

    • When I tried it told me that I needed the base game [PC] but I said to continue anyway and so it went ahead and I believe I got the premium pass without the base game.

  • +1

    Good game while Battlefield V is not out yet.

    Btw can anyone confirm if there will be another free open beta for Battlefield V?

    Battlefield V just looks so pretty and the destructibility is great.. it does really feel like a Battlefield 1 clone but revived or revisioned.. really well done polished nicely.

  • When is COD going to give some dlc… Still waiting.

  • +1

    Unless I misunderstand something here, you have to be a Origin Access member to get it for free if you already own it on PC.

  • +1

    Loved this game and spent good hours on it, but EA servers are horrible and sometimes not playable.

    • They were for few weeks when BFV beta was there. It is fine for now.
      love the game as well.

  • Battlefield 1 is still $7.55 for PS4. Great price!

    • Do you need Battlefield 1, to get this free? or expired now

    • Can someone confirm? I missed out again :\

  • Bought this 6 months ago and wish I'd waited. New maps are ghost towns, have to exclude DLC maps in the search to find games

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