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Optus - 20% off + Double Data $45/ $55/ $65 SIM Only Plans - $36/30GB Data, $44/50GB Data, $52/80GB Data - 12 Month Contract


Thanks deivu and solidussnake for title and description.

12 Month Contract

20% off $45 per month plan gets you 15GB+15GB (30GB Total) = $36 per month
20% off $55 per month plan gets you 25GB+25GB (50GB Total) = $44 per month
20% off $65 per month plan gets you 40GB+40GB (80GB Total) = $52 per month

Unlimited talk and text within Australia

$36 plan, up to 300 standard international minutes to selected countries
$44 and $52 plan, unlimited standard international minutes to selected countries

Other Perks:
National Geographic - available until 2020
Free Music Streaming from Google Play, Spotify, iHeartRADIO
Optus Sport

My Plan Plus SIM Only (Online) plans are only available
to new and recontracting customers via online channels.
Please read terms and conditions before applying.

Expires 1/10/2018

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  • great prices, jumped on the similar deal last week, but found the network speeds really poor and ported straight back to Telstra……

    maybe it's more reliable in other states? (i'm based in Sydney)

    • I guess it depends where you are, are they poor on your commute or in general?

      • +1

        Terrible on the commute, which I guess is outside Optus control, although significantly better (but not perfect) on Telstra.

        the dealbreaker for me was 1 Mbps standing at the platform on Central Station…..

        • Wow sounds like congestion. Call me crazy but get a Vodafone prepaid sim and give that a go, I had vastly better commute speeds compared to optus and telstra in Perth.

        • +2

          @apptrack: i was tempted to give Voda a go, but I collected a $200 JB-HiFI voucher by coming back to Telstra as a "New Customer"…..

        • +1

          @apptrack: It must have really got better - I was on vodaphone a couple of years ago and I couldn't even load a webpage on the train ride home from the city (though I was on 3G)

      • +1

        Optus is worst in Sydney train line. I have been with Vodafone for 24 months, then with Optus for another 24 months and then recently switched to Telstra. I will rate Optus worst among three in the train based upon my experience in T1, T2, T4, T8 line.

        But Optus has better coverage than Vodafone in the road.

      • could barely do anything online while i'm catching the train to work every morning… T4 line

    • I tried Optus a while back but my house was a black spot and there was a dozen black spots on my commute. Had to go back to Telstra also.

      • -1

        How did you go porting out and breaking contract? was there a fee to pay etc? I just ported from Telstra to Optus, unsure if coverage will be good enough where I am also.

        • +1

          I just hassled them on the phone for 30 Mins…….guy at Optus Store Pitt/Spring said they have a 39 day network guarantee.

          They agreed to let me port out.

          They wouldn’t have let me port out but for the fact I wasn’t a customer previously.

          Good luck!

        • @mrjizzler: So what's the point of a network guarantee, if they don't let you port out?

        • When I rang Optus they acknowledged that my house was a known black spot and cancelled my contract without any penalties, but as below I would find out what their network garauntee is first to be safe.

  • Wow some of these sim only plans are tempting me to ditch my TPG broadband. Is there a consensus on whether the deals will continue to improve in terms of data.

    • Definitely, especially if TPG and Vodafone merge.

  • -2

    Does it include tv streaming like Netflix?

    Edit: Extra $5/month to include TV streaming

    • They simply provide data-free streaming. You need to have a subscription with Netflix, Stan etc

    • I signed up last week and added TV streaming for $0 through the app. After activating this I got SMS saying:

      “OPTUSMSG:Hi, thanks for adding $5 Mobile TV Streaming to your Optus Service.”

      So I think it’s normally a $5 service, but free with my $45 (less 20%) plan.

    • note this is for SD streaming

  • Contract? Mmm nope. Tempting amount of data though.

  • Recontracted the wife's plan onto the $36 per month earlier tonight. She was on a $40 per month for 15gb sim only that was meant to end later this month (20th).

    • Did they charge you termination fees?

      • +1

        The generally don't charge termination fees if recontracting with 3 months or less left on the plan.

        • My contract ends 27th December and I didn't have luck with three different agents.
          All three told me that I'll have to pay early exit fees.

        • +1

          @Kista: That's more than 3 months. Is it a sim-only plan or a phone plan? How much do you currently pay?

        • Interesting. The rep I spoke chatted with didn't know anything about this, although my latest bill does reflect no termination charge.

        • Also, because technically this is the "$45 per month" plan with a discount added, it likely counts as an upgrade

        • @AlanHB: it's a sim-only plan, and i pay 30 dollars for 15 GB.
          I'll try my luck one last time and see how it goes.

      • Now I feel stupid for not asking that question specifically. I did ask if I was eligible to upgrade and the lady on the chat said yes with no mention of a termination fee. Guess we'll see.

  • Man changed last month with similar deal without the 1st month free. Coulda saved extra $3 per month.
    Thought was pretty good deal last month

  • Is it worth recontracting now as I am currently paying $36 pm for 15GB? Current data enough for me and other terms see to be the same.

    • Chat with them, and if they gonna do it without charging you termination fees, go for it.

      • Pretty sure no termination fees. But its Live Chat seems to be offline.

        Anyone know their "online" hours?

        • I just chatted with them regarding getting the free month slapped on. They said it's doable, just need to contact them after 8:30am (AEDT). Here's hoping we can get it!

  • +2

    Using the online plan upgrade but whenever I get to checkout it removes the 20% off. What's the go there

    • I just tried as well, guy on chat said they will honour the 20% when I get to the cart the 20% isn’t there either. Hopefully it all works out

    • Yeah ended up talking to live chat and he said it should work as well

  • Anyone know, if you pay the $5 for TV streaming does that mean chromecasting Netflix to your TV will be data free?

    • It's unclear. Remember Chromecast uses your wifi not phone data. If you hotspot from your phone it MAY stream free - if Optus can't detect it - but technically it's not included.

      • +1

        Your phone is requesting the data a from Netflix server. Once it arrives at your phone it forwards it via WiFi to your TV or whatever device is using your hotspot. Optus doesn't seem to care what you do with that Netflix data (at least that's what I was told by Optus). The other main problem is that it's only 1.5Mb which is only enough to set the quality to SD. I spoke to 3 people over an hour and none of them could tell me if I set my quality to HD, what I still get the first 1.5Mb for free, and just pay for the rest up to the 5-8Mb or so needed for a HD stream. They all pretty much had no idea at all, which is in line with any other half technical question I've ever asked Optus.

        • Chromecast doesn't use your phone's data. Your phone is a Sony a remote telling the Chromecast what to do. Hence my wife is Chromecasting at home right now, but she left for work 35 minutes ago.

  • I'm stuck for choice. Either in Melbourne or Darwin. Really don't want to be stuck with a congested network for 12 months.

    Telstra just aren't coming to the table though. 😔

    • For Darwin go with Telstra. Vodafone doesn't work and Optus is okay if you don't leave metro area. I'm a resident

      • I'd believe as much. However I work on the gas plant up here and Telstra is woeful inside buildings anyway.

        I used to get prepaid sims just for site data but now I get wireless access there so it's not really a problem anyway! Funnily enough the sins I used to get were Vodafone or optus sims and always outperformed my Telstra postpaid sim (which was near on useless).

        • +1

          My main concern would probably be congestion. I remember my first iPhone, an iPhone 3. Optus had an awesome deal. On their plans so everyone flocked to it. The congestion rendered the network almost unusable. To the point where it would kick you off.

          Given this was nearly 10 years ago I'd hope things have changed but I still have my doubts.

          The unlimited nbn plans felt this same problem.

  • Is tethering allowed in iPhone under this plan? I might upgrade my wife plan so that she could tether her iPhone data with ipad.

  • Decent prices except that it’s Optus.

  • Currently on $40/15 GB with the 25% off 2nd service offer a while back ($30 after discount). Is it worth it to upgrade to $36/30 GB?

    The main issue is that my 25% discount will end August next year (discounted for 24 months total), but I've been informed from the live chat that the new discount is indefinite.

    • 20% off forever? Really?

      • I asked 2 days ago, when the other deal was still valid (exactly same as this, but without the free month). Live chat said as long as you don't alter the plan the discount will apply. I even tried to clarify if the discount was "indefinite" and they said yes.

        There's a chance it might have changed from 2 days ago though…

      • I called Optus Sales team (Au team, not call centre) and they said after 24 months pricing would revert back to the original price.
        The data offering remains unaffected after 24 months (should you decide to keep it) provided you do not change, cancel, modify your existing plan.

        Their terms and conditions state the following:

        20% Plan Fee discount:

        Available if you are a new or recontracting customer who signs up to a My Plan Plus 12 Month SIM Only plan $45 and above. Discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount offers, unless specified. Your discount will apply for your minimum contract term, unless you change, recontract or cancel your plan. After your minimum contract term, we have the right to remove the discount.

        • As in the bold words, they have the right to remove discounts after 12 months. So it might be tempting to contract for 24 months or even longer?

  • +1

    Another thought,

    so after 12 months, this will go back to the before-discount price (e.g. $45/m)?

    If there are no better deals around that time, then could be stuck with this one? But if I stick to my $36/m one right now, I can keep it forever?

    • I don't think so, unless it specifically says it.
      I'm on my second year of a discounted plan and it didn't increase in price.

  • Hi there,
    I've renewed my contract from $40 to $44. After I submitted the order, all the discounted prices disappeared and it showed that my monthly fee is $55. Contacted the support, the guy said, don't worry, they will apply the discount manually. Cool… I got my contract today, and that shows monthly fee is $55 and Optus sport is close to $15 / month.
    Support said, don't worry about the contract, that is a standard contract and does not reflect to the promotions and the updated prices… WTF??? And one month free optus sport, and better to cancel it before they start to charge for it… And only the bill and the my account page will reflect the new prices / discounts, not the contract…
    A supervisor will call tomorrow morning to explain me that, the contract is nothing, only the bill will be important…

    • I have also subscribed to Optus Sports and for some reason it is showing as $0. How much do you have to pay for Optus Sports?

    • +2

      Just relax man and listen to what the people working at Optus are telling you. When I joined up a few months ago it said the same thing at checkout but just like Optus said numerous times, you will only be charged what is stated in the promotion. If your paranoia gets the better of you, just install a phone call recording app or save the live chat text ;)

      • +1

        LOL I did save the live chat text last promo

  • +1

    I think this is were I say good bye to Telstra after being with them for the last 15 years.

  • Im with them on 12 months contract but dont really want to recontract as their network sucks (Sydney)

  • -2

    The $ amounts in the title don't match the amounts in the body of your sub, nor the amounts in the link.

    • The amounts in title include 1 month free. 36*12=432
      396/12=33 a month

      • +2

        Ah, gotcha. Didn't see the free month, the braille app doesn't work so good on my tablet.

  • -1

    Change the title it's misleading, yes the extra 1 month equates to $3 off per month but you're still getting charged $36/$44/$52 per month.

    • +1

      Yes but you're on a 12 month contract so that is the average monthly price for 12 months.

      Original pricing is in the description.

      • yes i gathered that. however $36/$44/$52 a month for 12 months + 1 month free makes much more sense, my point is title is a bit click baity,after 12 months is it still $33 a month, no, its $36.
        in my opinion the standard price(20% off) should be in the title and free month price should be in description aswellas

  • +1

    Hi Team, has anyone tried to stack student discount against this offering?

    • +2

      Nope give it a shot and let us know!

      • +1

        Tried yesterday - got rejected. So no you can't.

  • +1

    Can the student 10% be applied?

    • No. Tried yesterday. Rejected.

  • +2

    Bit the bullet. Here's to the next 12 months. 🍻😨😱

  • just had conversation with Optus, if you are in Optus Sim plan from previous deal (such as $30) and looking for upgrade to this deal. $24 for cancellation fee for current plan.

    • I think it depends how many months left in your contract? I was told me $45 for cancellation fee and I've 3 months left in my current contract.

      • 3 months left as well

  • +1

    I had signed up on Sunday for the $36 deal. Told them on chat that I am still in my cooling off period so give me 1 month free as well as the current deal - they did immediately..

    Good for anyone who has signed up in last 10 days from previous deal.

    • They also gave me first month free. Signed up on $36 deal few weeks ago

      • Hmmm, no luck for me when I tried this today. Were you on these plans as a result of a re-contract, or did you sign up with a new service?

        • Also no luck for me today. I recontracted from a previous SIM only deal and was told that there is no cooling off period for re-contracts. Was advised that they could not apply any discount for the first month for me.

      • I had no luck either.
        Bought the deal last week 1/09 before expiry 2/9/18. Woke up Monday and Optus threw up this promo. Rang up customer service and chat and they couldnt give it to me, i had to cancel my pending order and start again, even though it was just 3 days difference.

  • the deal will get better if you hold a valid ABN, it will be reduced to $32 per month with 30GB, exactly the same plan but cheaper, and this below the line offer is valid until end of october. message me for details.

    • +1

      $1 cheaper a month, true ozbargainer

      • +2

        always better to be in yours than someone else's pocket

  • Just FYI, I think Harvey Norman is still using the "old" billing system. So if you have other devices that you want to put onto one bill that might be on the "new" billing system, you might be out of luck.

    I tried to combine my services last week onto one bill, and the rep told me on the phone that my new Note 9 (that I got from previous Harvey Norman deal) is still on the "old" billing system. I couldn't combine it with my iPad pro that I signed up with Optus in July this year, which was on the "new" system.

    • EDIT: Apologies, i thought i was posting in the Harvey Norman thread…

  • Did they sneakily change the plan?

    There is no mention of one free month anymore. I pretty sure I sure it mentioned last week.

    • Sorry deal has expired

  • I'm so conflicted. I don't know if I should go for this one, even without the free month, or continue porting in and out every month for new customer deals.
    This is great value, but I wish it was closer to $30/month

    What are the chances a better deal will come around. I did notice Voda is doing $35 for the same data, but no free streaming, etc. and it's Voda.

    • There is chances but very slim, maybe around Christmas you'll see one pop up.

    • If you're pushed for time, the kogan deal has 32gb at around $26/m. 👍

      • are you referring to their buy one get one free?

        • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/359466

          Easy enough to become a new customer, as I have just done.

        • @db87: you mean existing? I saw this earlier and assumed it was 32gb for the whole year. This looks like a good deal - i just ported into the 98c deal so I might get this one.

        • @0lllllll0:

          Yes, correct, new/existing. I wasn't an existing customer so jumped on the 98c deal to kick it off.

          I've used Kogan (Vodafone) in a couple of parts of Aus where I frequent most and the connection and speeds have been no different to my Telstra connection, sometimes better.

          I was scarred by Optus way back with congestion issues when they flooded the market with good deals, so I was a bit hesitant to sign up for this - I did, then cancelled when I saw/remembered these Kogan offers!

          Very good value for sim only in my eyes.

  • Perfect timing, my 12M plan from well 12Mths ago (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/330777) is finishing up. $6 more for 15GB more. They've hooked me on their Optus Sport coverage and now with Champs League, it's amazing. I'm curious though, who here uses that much mobile data?

    • +1

      Not many, I think Optus banks on that.

      People just like having that extra if it's really needed.

      Came in handy for me offline caching Netflix shows before take-off

    • Putting this here in case someone can ask for it. I was offered this additional plan: "If you get an additional number with Optus today, along with the one that you already have, I can get you the $25 SIM plan with 3GB data + Unlimited talk and text + Unlimited music streaming at no data cost for just $20 per month and sharing the 30GB".

      • I got offered the same (a new service) for $15 per month. I have 2 services though and wanted to put one of them on this offer. Couldn't get anywhere with the online chat person though - they just tried to convince me to cancel one of the services which we've had for 11 years.

  • Anyone know of a way to get a good 24 month plan with the s9 or s9+ at the moment? I tried the online chat last night and they wouldn't offer me anything better than what's advertised. I've been with Optus for almost 2 decades but my last couple of years have been sim only plans because I'm not paying $80+ a month for a phone on a plan.