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20% off iTunes Gift Cards @ Officeworks ($30, $50, $100 Cards)


Officeworks have decided to match the current coles deal :)

Makes it easier for people who want to get the cards delivered just as an alternate option.

As always, enjoy :)

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    FYI those ppl loading up iTunes account to pay for Netflix, be cautious as Netflix is looking at blocking iTunes payments

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      can you confirm that is for existing subs? reports i have read said that would only be applicable for new subs. I've asked the question multiple times on threads like these but no real answer on that front.

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        This article suggests only for new and lapsed subscriptions.


        • I have just downloaded netflix ios App, and am a first time user there is no option to join i.e. start a Membership

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        Netflix are running a test in 30 countries until September 30, 2018. This test (on blocking iTunes payments) involves lapsed and new subscribers. There's nothing authoritative on the next steps Netflix will take if the test is a success. Considering Apple skims fees in the range of 30% for the first year and 15% for subsequent years on iTunes Netflix subscriptions, I'd take a punt that a blanket withdrawal from iTunes is on the cards.

        Or Netflix could just copy Spotify's lead and charge more for iTunes subscriptions…


        • Yep, my take is if not enough people complain about this test, they will withdraw from iTunes altogether in future.

    • Also need confirmation rather than just rumour on this.

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      I’ve heard it’s just a test for new or lapsed subscriptions and it is random. Current subscribers are excluded. More info: https://www.macrumors.com/2018/08/21/netflix-tests-disabling...

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      The good news is in this quote from Netflix representative:

      "We are constantly innovating and testing new signup approaches on different platforms to better understand what our members like. Based on what we learn, we work to improve the Netflix experience for members everywhere."

      So assuming members will NOT like this and it will NOT be an improvement - it will NOT be implemented.

    • I doubt they will implement this for existing customers within a year though. In any case I'll still have my family iCloud Backup, Apple Music and Stan that will come out of this, plus apps. So i'll be buying up in any case.

      • How do you get Stan coming out of iTunes?

        • You need to sign up via an Apple TV. Can’t sign up with iTunes any other way.

    • Well that would be balls. It makes Netflix super affordable :)

  • Does anyone know if you can make payments at an Officeworks store with AMEX?
    I need to get my Westpac AMEX $3,000 spend within 3 months to get the bonus Qantas points, lol!

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      You sure can :)

      • Thanks mate!

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          In general, if you need places for items you are already going to buy in those three months then Coles and Woolworths for your weekly shop if you shop there.
          Dan Murphys is also a good one.
          7-11 if you get fuel there.
          Metro service stations take Amex but charge a fee.

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          The Coles Servo's don't charge a fee, not the ones I've used in Melbourne.

          EDIT: Bonus is the extra flybuys too.

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    Also, some limitations I've found:

    • $100 cards - max 3 per transaction
    • $50 cards - max 6 per transaction

    Haven't tested others.

    • Just saw a lady buy 7x $200 visa one cards last night. But that's visa one, not itunes

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        Did you ask if she was paying off her ATO debt ?

  • Same unanswered question as the other thread - does anyone know if these be purchased online and used immediately?

    I imagine you get a code or similar rather than having to wait for physical cards?

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      I would say no. I've bought them from Officeworks online before, and they mailed out physical cards.

    • I've never heard of "digital" iTunes cards, they're physical. The only digital ones I've seen are from the 1-man operator type shops who scan or take a photo of the code and email it to you. Officeworks definitely mails out physical cards.

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        If you really do want a digital code that's emailed to you, you can buy from Chris at http://www.chrisgiftcards.com/gift-cards-for-sale.html
        I found out about him from OzBargain and have bought from him heaps of times without any problems, but the max discount is usually 15%, I've never seen him sell for cheaper. Do note it takes at least a few hours for him to email you the codes, as he does it all manually.

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        Digital cards exist, e.g. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/399293

        However, as you mention, in this case the Officeworks ones are physical ones that get posted out.

        • Interesting, I had no idea these were a thing. Is PayPal the only one that sells these?

  • I currently have 850 on my account. Now will have 1050

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      All that lost interest!

    • Yikes! I only have about $100 iTunes credit on my account in comparison.

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      Why do you need so much

      • I dont :/

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    Just bought and sold a 7 plus and picked up $160, so $200 free iTunes cards, thanks OP.
    I use for Netflix, Family Apple music and 200gb iCloud subscrition, few movies.

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    nice for the tax season haha.
    my nearby officeworks has run out of those $100 cards

  • Makes it easier for people who want to get the cards delivered just as an alternate option to stock up for doing their tax

    • Surely if the ATO asks for receipts they are going to see you weren't just buying stationery?

      • Nono.. I'm referring to the (very odd) Tax scam that targets pensioners, international students and foreign work visa residents requesting they pay their government debts in iTunes gift cards.

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    Awesome will stock up as Ive got Netflix and Stan.

    • How do you get Stan coming out of iTunes?

  • Can we use this card other than apps purchase on Apply store ?

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      Yes, other than apps on the Apple App store, you can use iTunes credit to pay for:
      * music, movies and TV shows on the iTunes store;
      * books on the iBook store;
      * IAP (in-app purchases); and
      * various subscriptions (e.g. Apple Music, Netflix, etc.).

      However, these are different from "Apple Gift Cards" which can be used to buy hardware and accessories from Apple Store.

      • I think rimpaloz is asking using these cards to buy items on Apple Store. The answer is no.

  • I just purchased 7 x $30 and paid via gift card to save even more $$$

    • I thought they stopped allowing people to buy gc with gc?

  • Deal expires today and I was hoping to stock up for Netflix but I am not currently billed through iTunes so does that mean I cannot switch to/enable Netflix iTunes billing? Can someone please help confirm? Unless I complain? How/to whom? If it is not/no longer possible then there is no point buying iTunes cards? Netflix is/was the only thing I wanted to use them for and I already have a few unused/redeemed cards that may now be already be useless/wasted to me :-(

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