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10% off Sitewide @ eBay (Min Spend $50, Max Discount $100)


eBay 10% off sitewide promo. Full T&Cs here. Enjoy :)

10% off the purchase price on all eligible items (except exclusions listed) when you spend $50 or more in one transaction, up to a maximum discount of $100. A maximum of two transactions applies. Multiple items may be purchased in one transaction (10 items maximum).

Listed Exclusions:

  • All items listed in the following categories: Real Estate (10542), Coins (11116), Services (316), Cars, Bikes, Boats (9800), Tickets, Travel (11730), Other Lots More Items (88433) and Gift Cards (172009 & 184609); and

  • All items sold by the following sellers:
    (1) Officeworks;
    (2) Fantastic Furniture; and
    (3) Target.

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  • +2

    +ve start piling up! Go Ozbargain!

    • +2

      Don't get caught to these sales. They want us to be broke by the 21st of September.

      Nice try ebay

      • What's on 21st of September

        • +4

          Ebays 19th birthday

        • +16

          I’ll wait for a 19% off coupon then.
          If it arrives, I’ll save 9%, if it doesn’t, well then, I save 100%

  • Good work TS

    • +1

      Yeah thanks, TS.

    • +2

      R U OK?

      • Well, it's a Bell Curve type situation!

    • +1

      Who is TS?

      • +3

        I think it's Tightarse transitioning.

      • Tom Selleck

      • In "pron", TS means something else. Just saying. ;)

  • thank you.

  • +5

    When is the 19% off coming? :))

    I have a few things in my cart waiting for that one!

    • +14

      The 18% off last year was on the 21st of September. Fingers crossed.

      • +2

        I'm assuming this was for the bday sale - are we expecting (hoping) 19% off on the 21st of Sept this year? Not sure if I should pull the trigger on this 10% or try and wait.

        • +7

          19% won't happen, probably 15% off for plus members / possible normal members at the max.

        • +6

          @doweyy: Why not 19? If last year was 18 then surely 19 is possible?

        • +12


          They would have used all their budget for the multitude of 15% off's + 18% last year. They've only run 15% off once this year (for plus members) and would have also lost a ton of money on the eBay plus deals in which sellers were charging $15 for Micro SD's. It just doesn't add up that they'd run anything bigger than 15%, and that being for plus members to try and get them more money to be able to run the promo.

          If by any craziness they do run something >15%, I highly doubt it'd have a max discount >$100..

        • @doweyy: agree 100%

        • @doweyy: Your maths checks out. Upvoted.

        • +4

          @doweyy: Would still be happy with a 15% off coupon though! Add in a little something something from Cash Rewards and we got a party!

        • @exc3113nce:

          They will do 10% one day then 9% the next.

    • Stock up waiting list for 19% XDD

    • +1

      I'm hanging out for their 50th anniversary.

  • +2


    Another day, another 10%

    • +3


      Wakey, wakey, Tightarse is here.

  • +2

    T&Cs up now.

  • +1

    Thanks mate…held off a couple of purchases yesterday.

  • +2

    (3) Target.


  • +5

    Excludes Real Estate… Can't get a bargain on my island getaway

    • Username checks out.

  • +7

    Hey an actual deal we can all use without going through the usual clusterf*** of tricks and hacks.

    • +9

      Come on. Isn't it exciting signing up for a credit card you don't need or want, to get some points to buy a gift card which you can use to buy something from eBay Italy?

      • Not when they Ban my account for "fraud".

  • +4

    Waiting for RUOK20 ….

  • +1

    max discount 100 :(

  • +1


  • +3

    Hi TA are you ok

    • +8

      Hi, and thank you for asking. Glorious day in Melbourne so yes indeed :)

      • +1

        Indeed, nice sunny day!

      • that wonderful time of year before it becomes hot as balls

  • +2

    +vote for site wide.
    Should have some legit bargains.
    But I am too waiting for the birthday 19% off

    • +8

      Just got out of my DeLorean and didn't see 19% off Bday.

  • Hmmm no luck on Winemarket. Anyone else getting a "We ran into a problem. Please try again later"?

    • Account drama's all good now :-)

      • What was the problem mate? I'm getting the same issue and have no idea why. My account is an original one from the US (created in 1999) so I usually miss out on the local targeted offers - is it related to that?

  • +2

    $286 delivered for Nvidia Shield with controller:


    …and $215 without controller:


  • Sweet cheers the 10% tax on overseas goods.

  • error "Looks like this code isn't ready yet. Please try again later." anyone else getting thi sat 1043am?

    • tried PLENTY10 and POLLEN codes from the Crucial SSD offer the yesterday but it wont stack both codes :(

      • +2

        ebay codes never stack. only code + giftcard

        • Mate, any idea about the eBay vouchers? The one that can be redeemed for flybuys points ? Do they stack ?

        • +1


          I've tried before and nope, the flybuys code doesn't stack with an eBay code unfortunately :(

        • @CVonC:

          That means you have to pay the full price if your are redeeming your flybuys points. That’s ridiculous.

          Thanks for your reply mate. Cheers..!!

  • i feel sad…missus said no more!

    • +14

      What about the eBay sale?

      • Probably means that after settlement, he can buy as much as he wants on eBay again.

    • +1

      no more you, buy missus something.

    • +8

      missus said no more

      Use eBay code PULL5.

    • missus said no more!

      makes a loud whipping noise

  • Target such a party pooper. Why are they following officeworks footsteps and not accept codes?

    • You're not missing out on much.

  • Cashrewards/shopback?

    Coupons still void?

  • No Officeworks again…!! Where does one can get a good deal on Google Home mini…??

    • +2

      eBay Plus last month?

      • Will need a De Lorean first to achieve that…

  • Worked on one account but not the other…Thanks again

  • This was unexpected just paid for some items the other day had i know about this i would have held off on payment. Purchased heaps on ebay lately and it seems after i buy or pay up comes a deal.

    • +2

      RU OK?

      • No lol

  • Thanks TA

    • His name is now TS.

  • Saved some $$$ thanks for the heads up

  • +1

    Still can't checkout w/ more than 5 items;
    We can't process your payment. Please select a different payment method or check your payment details.

    eBay you suck.

    • Max. 100.

      • +1

        If I have more than 5 ITEMS in my cart I am unable to checkout.

  • +4

    Search link for those that may be a little lost…www.ebay.com.au/

  • Noob question - do these ebay discounts work with ebay gift cards?

  • Damn.
    It didn't appear in the Vouchers section in My Ebay so used a 5% off coupon this morning instead!

  • Might as well add Dan Murphy's to that exclusion list. Can't purchase as their account is set to seller away.

    • First Choice

  • Can it be used for second hand items? I didn't find any information say that I can't but…

    • +1

      Yea it can, it's site wide.

  • I've got 6 items I want but will be ordering multiples of each item totalling
    a qty of 23.

    Can be done in a single transaction using this voucher?

    • Have you tried submitting the order with your desired items and quantities? Worst case is it knocks you back.

      • Thanks
        I ended up doing 2 transactions with 10 EA and then penny5 for 3 items.
        Checkout totalled the number of actual items.

  • Tried purchasing several current catalogue items from Supercheap Auto's eBay store using PLENTY10 code and click and collect. Code worked but order failed. Contacted eBay and they said problem with seller's PayPal account and they don't know when it's going to be fixed. Only way of finding out is to do a new purchase and see whether it fails again or not. Anyone else have same problem?

    • You can only checkout w/ 5 or less items… but your problems sounds a little different.

      • Just tried buying again from SCA eBay with only 5 items and same problem occurred.

  • Someone plz recommend a cheap 480gb or 500gb ssd drive plzzzzz

  • Could I ask a general cashback question for eBay? How does cashback track if you place an initial bid at auction, place a higher bid a day or two later, then have to request a revised invoice with combined shipping? Do you need to complete each and every action through the Cash Rewards site?

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