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Galaxy Note 8 Case $10 (Was $59.95), Screen Guard $10 (Was $44.95), Clear View Standing Cover $20 (Was $84.95) @ The Good Guys

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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  • dat markup

    • That's what i love about sales. They basically disclose to everyone the difference between retail price and cost price.

      • not really…
        sometimes manufacturers plan for obsolescence and would give clearance support to retails/shops…
        plus depending on circumstances the retailer/shop might just dump it to clear our - they've already made their coin on the product…

        and there's always ongoing vendor/distributor support with some brands regardless of age - so even if they sold to you at invoice price to them… they'll still get rebated….

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    Thanks OP! Picked up a clear view case, been waiting for ages for one to go on sale.

  • The UAG cases for Note 8 are great. I got one about a year ago and its worked very well. Wireless charging also works though them.

  • Anyone have any experience with the zagg glass protector?

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      I used a Nu-glass protector, it was rubbish for me as i had to press hard to type and still was making lots of typo. but I dont know for this one, but the review in the good guys shows same result.

      • +2

        Yep bought nu-glass. Same experience with them. Cannot find a good screen protector for this phone..

        • +1

          Try whitestone dome glass. I used to have the problems with Nuglass and probably spent over $80 trying different cases. I finally gave up and went for the UV curing glasses which works really well. Never had any problems since.

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          Second that! The only curved screen glass protector worth getting as others will pop up after a while, still using it on my s8+. The price though…. :S

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      The one person who reviewed the $10 ZAGG Galaxy Note8 Contoured Glass Screen Guard doesn't seem to be very happy with it…

      1 out of 10

      Good Points (+)
      Nothing at all

      Bad Points (−)
      Does not fully stick to the screen as the glue is around the border so your screen will not work unless you press hard on it.

  • Thought it's a note 9 case /=

  • +1

    Thanks OP, ordered.

  • Double post

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    Thanks buddy, got tired of my Unicorn Beetle case as it kept getting dust underneath the built in protector. Great prices!

    Also, just wanted to add that TGG eBay also stock them with $5 delivery which is $3 cheaper than their website.

  • -1

    If you're a fan of Spigen, its cheaper here: (https://volstreet.com/product/galaxy-note-9-spigen-soft-tpu-...)

    • My bad. Its the note 9. Sorry guys

  • +1

    Thanks OP, great find. Hopefully other UAG cases for Note 8 go on sales too.

  • For those after a screen protector I got a https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/6D-Curved-Tempered-Glass-Screen-...

    No sensitivity issue, very happy with it.

  • They have been removed ?

  • They still have some stock instore ring your local branch i went to tempe bought 2 cases $10 each

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