Planning to Buy Renault Koleos? Any Suggestions?

HI Guys,

I am planning to buy Renault Koleos, Can somebody shed some light on the car if you are using and can you tell me how much you bought it for. I am looking for zen model and currently 1.9% finance going on this model. Please suggest:)



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    • Any reasons?

      • Nissan?

    • This. Why anyone buys Renault, Peugeot or Citroen is beyond me. Even if ignoring everything else about them, resale is shocking.

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    Buy smart, buy a Japanese or Korean cars :)

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      It is built in Korea

      • It’s designed by a Frenchman and manufactured in Korea.

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    looks like a nice car, some pretty happy customers on product review as well. Built in Korea.

    1.9% finance is effectively another discount seems like a solid value equation. It might depreciate a bit faster than Japanese brands but not really an issue if you’re holding it long term.

  • I rented one a few years ago, of the previous shape.

    The steering was vague and so different from other cars that it was hard to go around a bend without over/under corrections.

    It also had a lot of body roll.

    I called it a boat.

    I hope the new ones are much better. They certainly look better.

    Good luck.

    • I was given a late model one to drive from a rental company. “Boat” is exactly the word I used to describe it. I couldn’t wait to get rid of the damn thing.

      • So even the current model one feels like a boat?

        I thought they would have improved that aspect.

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    After doing a lot of research and test driving a few other SUVs, I finally bought the Koleos (2018 Zen 4x2) three weeks ago with 1.2% finance. Love the car so far, would definitely recommend it. PM me if you require any specific details.


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      If you did a lot of research, you wouldn't buy a Renault Koleos. You definitely wouldn't buy a 4*2.

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        If you don't like the car or can't afford it, there is no reason to be rude.

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          Lol. I doubt you’re going to find many people who can’t afford a Renault Koleos.

    • Great thanks for your comment, Ca you tell me how you got 1.2% as currently its 1.9% going on and also how much you signed the contract for:)

    • Great thanks for your comment, Ca you tell me how you got 1.2% as currently its 1.9% going on and also how much you signed the contract for and with what accessories?

      • 1.2% finance deal has expired in August. If you manage to negotiate a good deal for the car, 1.9% would be still much cheaper than getting a car loan elsewhere.
        I'll pm you with the details of my purchase shortly.

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        • Not able to see that option can you please tell here if you don’t mind😊

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    There's a good discussion on it in the whirlpool forums. Its a great car, as it is a rebadged xtrail! So at least it has Nissan reliability and parts will be easy to get. You can take the plastic engine cover off and it says Nissan on the engine block lol Try both the xtrail and this. You can get a pretty good deal on them. If you like the bigger tablet style screen, go the intens. And yes, go 4x4. Definitely drives better. Xtrail has a cover over the compartments in the floor of the boot and that cover has a max weight of 80kgs or something like that, cant remember the exact amount. xtrail only gets a space saver too. Renault has no storage compartment under boot just the full size spare, with a subwoofer (intens model) that fits into the middle of the spare, so there is no crappy weight limit for what you can put in the boot. Boot capacity is much larger than the Kia and Mazda. 2016 and early 2017 models missed out on apple car play or android auto and the firmware is not upgradeable due to the slightly less voltage to the usb ports (so it doesn't meet the minimum hardware specs that Apple and Google specify). Some people have hacked into other Renault models to enable it, however no one seems to have got it working yet with the new Koleos.

    Its a very under rated car mostly because of the brand I guess. I picked up the Intens new in 2016 for $43k with tinted windows, roof racks, roof pod and boot liner included, 5 yr warranty and 3 years free servicing. Insurance has put my market value at $37k at the moment.

    However, I've had a drive of the new BMW X3 30i and that canes all over this. Build quality, interior and exterior finishes and power, but that car is $80k lol

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      Thanks dude for your advice.. I am looking to buy a Zen 4X2 , as it has most of the features I need and also it is coming wit 1.9% interest rate, which is pretty good compared to Mazdas and hondas. I can see very less Koleos on roads so definitely its an underrated car, not sure why.

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        Ive been told before too, dont mention anything about going for the interest rate first, as they will barely discount the car if you say you want to take up that offer first. Pretend that you will be paying in full with trade in and negotiate on the change over price. Then at the last minute ask about the interest rate offer

  • Please try a Hyundai. Renaults good cars, but it will depreciate a lot compared to similar cars.

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    Suggest u better get Toyota , Honda or Mazda .

    • I totally 100% agree :)

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    I purchased a new my 2018 phase 3 koleos zen a couple of months ago. Excellent car and I have no regrets at all. Feel free to pm me for details on the transaction. I went to a few dealers and was happy with my choice in the end.