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10% off eBay Gift Card via eBay UK


Its working on gift cards. Buy max AU $910 to get Max $91 Discount Enjoy :)
Also you can use Cashrewards on eBay UK for 1% - Thanks to rickyricardo6 OO confirmed cashrewards doesn't work on Giftcard purchase

Use only Paypal Account as Credit card payment may get rejected. If any issue at payment checkout then Login to Paypal account in other window and see if there is any issue with account and few steps will be prompted to verify.. sometime Paypal doesn't allow transaction if they detect unusual activity

Login to eBay UK account and search ebay AU paypal ebay gift card. Apply code at checkout and then you can buy stuff from eBay AU for another 10% PLENTY10 :D

Thanks to Chibot for original code deal & Ahan for confirmation on egiftcard :)

From previous post

Option 1:

Find what you want on eBay.com.au then change the URL at the start to eBay.co.uk for easy purchasing.

If above doesn't work then try this.

Option 2: (This works for me)

Considering what happened in the last deal, the country switch doesn't seem to work anymore, so you will most likely have to make a new account at eBay UK to take advantage of this offer.

Add random UK address and use AU mobile to confirm account via SMS then add AU address as preferred/Primary Delivery Addresss .

Tip : Use Dummy email by using existing email to register at eBay UK without creating new email id.

Your email: [email protected]
Dummy email : Myemail+ebay1@gmail.com ( just try any combination starts with +) This works with Gmail. Haven't tried with other email services so do check before you buy.

You will receive email on your original email id

Thanks to Richard once again.

Link to all gift cards here. You will need to change the listing from .com.au to .co.uk before purchasing however.

Should work for the following:

Adrenaline Gift Card
Animal Jam 3-Mo Subscription Gift Card
App Store & iTunes Gift Cards
Barbeque's Galore Gift Card
BCF Gift Card
Big W Gift Card
BWS Gift Card
Catch.com Gift Card
Cherry Credits Gift Card
City Beach Gift Card
Dan Murphy's Gift Card
David Jones Gift Card
Dymocks Gift Card
EB Games Gift Card
Event Cinemas Gift Card
freedom Gift Card
Google Play Gift Code
Hoyts Gift Card
JB Hi-Fi Gift Card
Jetstar Gift Card
Kobo Gift Card
Myer Gift Card
Priceline Gift Card
Reading Cinemas Gift Card
Rebel Sport Gift Card
RedBalloon Gift Card
Sheridan Gift Card
Supercheap Auto Digital Gift
Ticketmast​er Gift Card
Uber Gift Card
Woolworths Supermarket Gift Card
Woolworths Wish Gift Card Out of Stock
xBox Gift Codes

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    Cheers, just bought $1800 worth using two separate accounts. Getting my cards ready for next deal on iPhone xs…

    • Don't you love having color choice for digital cards?
      Did you see the T&C "Redemption limits apply" No idea what that means, tho.

      • +3

        No more than a total of $2000 in Gift Cards may be redeemed per day, and no more than a total of $5000 in Gift Cards may be redeemed per calendar month. Further, you may only redeem a maximum of eight Gift Cards in any single transaction (and fewer if you are redeeming Gift Cards in combination with other redemption codes, such as coupons or vouchers).

        • 8 cards means max 1600 in a spend I guess. Then using a code I guess 7 cards and 1400

        • +1

          This must be to stop people using the codes to buy real estate in Sydney

        • @furyou:

          I can confirm you can use over 8 codes at once. I've used 15 before

        • Is eGiftCard not equal to eVoucher?
          Coz I can only redeem 1 eVoucher for a single payment.

        • @BelowSubZero: Did you try adding another gift card number after using the 1st one?

        • +1

          @BelowSubZero: I believe eGiftCards are different to the eVouchers.

          eVouchers are single use, if you don't use the full amount, you lose remaining value. eVouchers also dont work in combination with other voucher codes (PENNY5 etc).

          eGiftCards are a bit different. You don't have to spend the full amount; remaining balance is credited to the account you are using it on. You can also use multiple eGiftCards on the same transaction. eGiftCards can be used with vouchers as they aren't vouchers from what I understand.

          Don't quote me on it though

        • @Being Askhole: I did try to add another eVoucher and I had to choose either one, can't use both.

        • @MorriJ: now I know.

    • Nice mate :D & Thanks for confirmation about gift cards on previous post :)

    • Did you have any issues with your email delivery? I also ordered $1800 worth using two accounts but one account only got 4 gift cards, missing one of the $200 gift cards.

      • Nah - I only received 3 out of 5 for each order. $1100 worth. A bit concerning

        • Same.
          I've made orders over 3 accounts totalling 12 cards. 2 accounts has only received 3 cards
          Both waiting on the 4th D:

        • Bought 1 $200 gift card and still waiting for it.

          Edit: received after 4 hours.

        • 3 of 5 as well here. Received 3 of them 1hr upon ordering around 230am last night/this early morning. Haven't received the other2 still.

        • @savemesomemoney: very randomly I received another one. still missing 3..

        • @Ahan: got 2 more GC 2 hrs ago.. 8/10 now

        • @Being Askhole: 8 of 10 as well now. Received another one since last update this morning

        • +1

          @Ahan: Nice.. Now all came 10/10 :D

        • @Ahan: 4/5 now. :)

        • @savemesomemoney: Ordered 4 x $200 and 1 x $100. 3 of $200 came right after the order then one of $100 came about 1 hour ago. Where is the last $200?

        • @reservin: still haven't received my 5th. They probably are having a hard time supplying orders after we all gobbled up their stock. :))

      • Same same, one missing…

  • +1

    Not working it says to buy this vouchers you have to have US ebay account and paypal.
    I made a new uk account and followed what I did last time with US one

    • +1

      I just placed an order for $900 for $810

    • Same problem. I used a UK-registered account that has previously worked fine for UK codes.

      • Did you add Australian Address too and make it as primary ?

        • Yeah that did the trick. I guess the error message was meant to say AU instead of US.

  • +2

    This would be my firs time, but I'm so confused on how to do this lol. Could someone kindly provide a step by step guide to safely purchase this? I don't wanna end up wasting $200 for nothing.

  • Also getting
    To buy a gift card, you need a US eBay and PayPal account
    Created new uk account

    • What do you enter for address/phone when you buy? It has to be UK

      • Yeah did, might try to change it again

      • mine is set UK and still nah

      • I mean signing up, do you need a valid UK mobile that it verify with sms? Or enter random crap?

        • you can use AU mobile to verify but do add random UK postal address and then you can add AU delivery address as preferred or primary

    • +2

      set your default delivery address (not account address) to your aussie address. that fixed it for me.

      • Yup that did ut

  • +4

    If this deal is like the previous deal

    Link to all gift cards here. You will need to change the listing from .com.au to .co.uk before purchasing however.

    Should work for the following:

    JB Hi-Fi Gift Card
    Google Play Gift Code
    App Store & iTunes Gift Cards
    xBox Gift Codes
    Supercheap Auto Digital Gift
    Catch.com Gift Card
    BCF Gift Card
    David Jones
    Ticketmast​er Gift Card
    Adrenaline Gift Card
    Ray's Outdoors Gift Card
    Reading Cinemas Gift Card
    Rebel Sport Gift Card

  • amazing deal! anyone know how many gift cards you can use at checkout?

  • Says code can’t be applied to your order

    • +1

      same here….

    • Should still work. I just got mine. Make sure you registered a new UK account with an AU delivery address before checking out.

  • Must use a paypal account to pay

    • +1

      Made new UK acc
      Added stuff
      applied code
      used paypal

      "Sorry, we can't process your payment. Here are your options"

      • same…cant pay!! :(

        • funny…it finally worked! What I did was this:
          1. added stuff to cart
          2. checkout
          3. enter promo code -> discount applied
          4. select pay via paypal
          5. login to paypal
          6. under the paypal option now it says a problem with paypal, so it expanded the credit card method
          7. enter a credit card
          8. confirm order
          9. Score!

      • Pls check Option 2 in OP description and see you followed that way
        Also , Login to Paypal account in other window and see if there is any issue with account to verify.. sometime Paypal doesn't allow transaction if they detect unusual activity
        This happened with me last time. after 2 transactions from 2 diff account paypal put restriction which can be fixed by calling to customer care or logging to paypal account

        • OK issue is having over 900 in cart. It won't allow payment.

        • naa scratch that. order got canceled

      • +2

        seemed to work if I

        Made new UK acc with UK address
        Verified AU phone number via text
        Changed a dress to AU in account settings
        Added stuff
        applied code
        used credit card

        • yea that's what I did to make it work, I didnt even make a new UK acc…

          Oh no!! just got an email I need to resend payment…i guess paying by credit card dont work!!! :(
          Crap and I couldnt pay via paypal neither….looks like no dice for me………..

        • Does your paypal account have the details of the order?

        • @homersyd: Yeah same actually. Tried with UK VPN with no avail either.

        • @homersyd: Login to paypal account on seperate browser and you may get some steps to verify account.

        • @Being Askhole: thanks @askhole - tried that but no verification required…

    • +1

      AU Paypal Not working :(

      Sorry, we can't process your payment. Here are your options:Use a different credit or debit card.Pay with a PayPal account.

      • Pls login to paypal account directly ( Not via eBay) to see if the have placed any restrictions placed in your account

        • No restrictions in Paypal account.

        • @anurag: Ok try on PC or another browser

        • @Being Askhole: Tried in different browser & a new Paypal account, still no luck :( Coupon is getting applied but Paypal is not getting accepted as payment method.

        • @anurag: Then something wrong with paypal account. They may have put restrictions which may be fixed by calling them or keep checking your email if you get any email from paypal about that along with instructions ..

        • @Being Askhole: Thanks for your help! I have tried enough times already, Today is not my day, maybe next time. Have a good weekend! :)

        • +1

          @anurag: you too mate and do check one more time before deal expiry if you are still awake ;) ..

      • change your address in your ebay uk to Australian address then it should work

        • Did that already, still no luck.

  • Can confirm that it works. Purchased a $100 eBay Digital Gift Card for $90.

    • Did you use your AU paypal account?

      • Yes I did on 2 accounts.

      • Yes I did.

      • For some reason it was not working on my phone. I used chrome on my PC and manage to pay with AU paypal with no issues.

    • UPDATE: Still haven't received the code yet.

      • Paypal digital gifts can take a few hours.

  • +1

    Worked a charm Cheers OP!

    • Cheers !!

      • Sh!t never mind, account just got banned :O, used my main paypal far out that was dumb

        • Which one eBay or Paypal Account ?
          if eBay account got banned then you will still get your egift card or if paypal then simply login to paypal account to get that fixed :)

          It happned with me last time too ;P

        • @Being Askhole:

          Ebay one, will the gift card still come through though? dropped $400 on it, silly me for not using a VPN just in case

        • @paraneoplastic: yes that will come instant if payment got processed via paypal. check your email

        • @Being Askhole:

          Yeah half through paypal half through debit card, still not gift card email yet :/ it is saying it's been "Dispatched though" and email tracking number lol whatever that means

          EDIT: can confirm got the 2 codes. USE A VPN People!!!

        • @paraneoplastic:
          Got it this time and last without using a vpn and no problems. Also use the same PayPal account for everything. What else did you do?

  • To buy a gift card, you need a US eBay and PayPal account.

    • Did you follow Option 2 mentioned in description ?

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  • After 10min of dicking around on the phone in the dark and then digging through missus wallet with the 28degree cc. Finally got it working.

    • +1

      Don't forget the antibacterial screen wipes.

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