This was posted 3 years 1 month 7 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[VPN Required] NBA Annual League Pass 2018-19 AU $19.99 via VPN to India ($299.99 Locally) - Indian IP Address Required to Watch


Annual NBA League Pass $19.99 via India VPN

You can sign up locally for a $299.99, or you can sign up via a VPN to India for $19.99

Enjoy !!!

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    After sign up do I still need a vpn to watch games? Or can I turn it off and watch on other devices?

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    I did this last year. You need to view from an IP based in India to watch too so that may be a problem for some. Via an Indian server I found the quality was pretty poor (360 at best) even on my NBN 100 connection. Took me forever to work out that you can bypass this issue if you get the NBA app on your phone or tablet and then cast it to your TV. My TV is not behind a VPN and is able to pickup the video stream at 720p. My tablet is permanently connected to an Indian server during the NBA season.

    • Are you certain you need an Indian based IP to watch? I've signed up via other countries in previous years and have been able to watch live on the Australian servers. Just paid the $20 for this deal and can also watch older games just fine on Aussie IP.

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        Yes, it's in the contract/sign up. It said in black and white you needed an Indian IP to view or something. Trying to copy and paste it from the site but it's being annoying right now. Need to clear cookies or something. I'll edit this comment when I find it.

        • Hmm that's interesting. We'll see how it goes. If we're able to bypass it using the NBA app on phone that'll still work, especially at $20.

        • Trying to copy and paste it from the site

          They may have disabled right click on the page. You can get it back with settings/extensions.

          But you can select the text and use control + C to copy and control + v to paste.

        • @Diji1:

          Nah it's definitely cookies. It happens a bit with the NBA site for me and I have to clear cookies. Just gets stuck in a refreshing type loop. Since I couldn't edit the post anyway and the info was elsewhere on the page I didn't bother going further.

        • @tmt: I'm sure it requires Indian IP to watch.

    • Is this worth it if I only have adsl connection?

      • speed?

        • 15 - 17 mbps, obviously slower if I use VPN

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          @vash12: connect a indian server on speedtest and check. should be ok

        • @TarquinOliverNimrod:

          Thanks all done :)
          No lag so far.

    • I tried your suggestions but nothing worked for me. I used both Oz and Indian server but it won't work. I've got the app, it played summer games but not old playoff games. Nothing would cast any games on my tv if my phone's connected to indian server.

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        Sorry for the long delay, didn't realise you replied. Hmm, I just tried it again and I can play games from last year's playoffs as well as games from previous years. Quality does seem to vary. Dunno why but last year's playoffs isn't in great quality. It was perfectly fine last year. Other games (I tried a few from regular season and post season in different years) seem to be in good quality. Summer league or whatever that was is in good quality.

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    for $20 i am going to give it a shot.
    i did ask me on the final screen which region and I selected AUS but still only charged me $20

    • How did you go? All working? Thinking of giving it a crack

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    Bloody cheap. My renewal notice from Mexico IP came through a couple weeks ago for $110AUD.

    • Yes but once you’ve bought it via a Mexico IP you can be on any IP to watch. This one you must always connect via an Indian IP. A bit of a hassle.

      • They emailed me to say I'd be billed aud103 for the new season (signed up last year through Mexico) - then billed me yesterday for aud116: really poor service. Now waiting for their support people to reply to my email about it…

        • I received this notice after the original renewal email…

          "Dear NBA Fan,
          Please disregard any renewal communication that you may have received within the last few weeks about your League Pass subscription.

          We noticed an unexpected difference between your purchase and viewing locations last season. We aim to provide the best service possible and to avoid any future interruptions to your viewing experience. As a result, we did not auto-renew your subscription.

          To ensure that you don't miss a minute of the 18-19 season, visit to purchase a new subscription."

          Did you guys get this too? and what did you need to do to renew from the MXN deal?

          • @ezym0ney6: No I didn't receive an email like that. My account is showing a current subscription for the 2018-19 season.

            Mine auto-renewed.

  • How do we check if it is for the new 2018-2019 season or for the remaining of this season pass. It doesn't say it

    Also it says it will be only available to use in India only

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      Go to "My Account" under your name in the top right corner, then click "My Subscriptions". Should say access through to August 31 2019 :)

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        Yeah, guys, that the only caveat with going through India. You need to have an Indian IP to use this. If you want to watch from anywhere after you purchase, you need to purchase from Mexico or somewhere similar.

    • mine just said 15 sep 2018 until 1st sep 2019
      but my subscription doesn't slow up unless my IP is set to India.

  • Which VPN are you guys using? Hola and Tunnelbear don't seem to work.

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      NORD VPN free 3 day trail

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        Can you add some info to your original post please? You need to have an IP based in India to watch even after you sign up. If you want to watch from anywhere after you sign up you need to sign up from Mexico or something like that, but the price difference is enormous.

        • Yep. Difference in ease of use compared to say Mexico of Canadian subs where you only need the VPN for sign up.
          India (I'm pretty sure) needs it for watching the games also meaning (generally) slower streams and less ease of use..

          But man, big price difference this year might make that worth it for some..

          Though reddit shows comments about people having their Indian subs cancelled pretty quick last year..

        • Thanks, done

        • @SBOB:

          Mine is still up for renewal from last year so it's all good. I avoided logging into the service from outside of an Indian IP so maybe that's why it has lasted??

  • It says this underneath the monthly subscription option when I’m viewing the page on mobile browser.

    Your NBA League Pass service will be available for use in India only.

    Wonder if it means the VPN will be needed to watch, never had to do that in the past after signing up.

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      (Discussed above)

  • After paying for it last year and most of the time using torrents anyway due to their shitty apps and the delay until they upload versions with ad breaks edited out, I won’t be signing up again.

    Though, does airplay work from an iPhone behind a VPN to an AppleTV without a VPN….and turning the iPhone VPN off after starting airplay?

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      I did it using my android tablet. I use the app and then cast it to my TV. My TV is not behind a VPN. My tablet is connected permanently to an Indian server, at least during the season. I get Indian ads and videos in youtube but I don't use my tablet for much else anyway. I've never tried disconnecting my tablet after I start the game.

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      I didn't have a single issue using LP last year

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      Not sure why you were negged but I agree
      Given the full price of the subscription service is $300 or >$100 AU when shopped globally I think the service is poor
      The apps are crap on android (and ios I think) and access via browser is poor too
      The replays days later are chopped up badly to remove ads and breaks and the condensed games could be so much better
      If amateurs working free are recording and torrenting and doing a better job than you for nothing then you should look in the mirror

  • Thanks, done

  • Signed up as well. Given the price I actually signed up monthly subscription for Bitdefender Premium VPN on my phone on the spot to ensure I can sign up before they pull this off….

  • This is terrific, thanks for the info. Can confirm in the account it says it's subscribed till the 31st of Aug 2019.

  • i signed up 20 mins ago
    all looked good until now it seems under subscriptions it no longer has the annual sub

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    Got so excited when I read the deal.. But playing via an Indian VPN?? I have 50mb NBN too, but I doubt it will stream the usual HD quality I get on the League Pass locally… Anyone tried this with PrivateVPN?
    Really want to get another sub this year but playing whilst VPN connected might be a dealbreaker..

    • reddit posts show that once the stream starts you can likely disconnect from the vpn and it continues to play

      Once of the 'hurdles' with this being ~100 bucks cheaper than the next league pass options (eg mex/can)

      • Cheers..
        FYI -> I tried on PrivateVPN connected to India, would top out at ~20mb on my 50mb connection…
        So probably still playable. The only pain in the arse is, I like to watch it on my Xbox so no real easy way to run it via VPN…

        • $20 mini router

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    I thought I'd share my experience with this last year as a separate comment. Lots of people asking questions about speed and what not.

    I had this last year and it was pretty awful until I found a trick to "bypass" the VPN. I have NBN 100 and if I tried to watch it on my PC or tablet through my VPN the res is 360 max.

    What you need to do is get the NBA app on your phone or tablet. Your device needs to go through your VPN (Indian server). Once you choose the game you want to view (the res will be shocking still), cast it to your tv. For some reason your tv will not need to go through a VPN. I guess once you are given the OK to watch the stream they don't care anymore and you can get the stream at max resolution. I'm pretty sure the data goes through your tv and not your device as the resolution is completely different if I watch it this way. I don't know what happens if you turn off your VPN on your device though.

    Edit: Noticed this was kind of a double post. I'll leave it as it has more info/instructions than my earlier post and I can't edit that one.

    • Do you need something like AppleTV or ChromeCast to cast this or is there a free alternative?

      • I can't say for certain what will work this season. All I know is that I used the NBA app on my android device in combination with a chromecast connected to my Samsung TV. I don't know if you need the NBA app on the tv as well. I had issues with the android app at the beginning of the season but eventually I was able to watch through my tv at the highest resolution they offered. I can only guess that this combination will hopefully work again this season. Fingers crossed as it worked brilliantly for me.

        Edit: I guess it's probably worth a shot at $20.

        • Happy to pay for a chromecast to try. Do you have the v1 or 2 chromecast?

        • @johnthepg:
          Sorry, only just noticed you replied to me now. I tried looking it up and I think I have version 2. It's the round one. I don't have the 4k one, not that you can stream at 4k anyway. There is no guarantee that this will work again this season but I don't know why it wouldn't. If you have any questions later on just ask (not sure how messaging works on ozb though)

    • Thanks for posting your detailed account… not really a double post mate, it was very clear. Cheers.

  • What vpn do you guys recommend using on an Android phone?

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      Private Internet Access.

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    Does Jordan still play?

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      Has since 2008, just signed on for Dallas this year ;)

      • Googled "Jordan Mavericks" just to see, because I had no idea he'd left the Clippers

      • I'm glad he finally grew his hair out.

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      Yep he still plays, but now with Dallas Mavericks.

      Edit: Beaten!

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    Great deal but I think struggling through Indian VPN’s and also the risk they will just bump your account makes it a no for me. I think I will stick with reddit NBA streams if I want a free option ($20 for the whole season is almost free).

    I’ll wait for the Canada/Mexico option that usually pops up at around the $110-$120 mark.

    If people can find a solid vpn and a good setup (ie tablet casting to a tv) then at $20 this is a steal.

    • I will stick to Canada most likely, have never had any issues.

      I often listen to the games at work to, so having to vpn all the time from my phone sounds like too much work.

      • You don't want to have too much work at work!

    • The billing information on file will be charged 130.49 CAD.

      Works out to be $140 for the year. Worth.

  • +12 has never let me down

    • +3

      Sssh reddit is a top secret site that only special internet qualified people are supposed to know about :p

      • +1

        according to Harvey, its for professionals only

      • +3

        I heard it's run by that 4chan hacker man

    • Trade secret!

    • -4

      you're not serious right? its like comparing bootleg bali rolex to the real thing

      • +3

        I have league pass, the reddit streams are actually better quality and you get to watch the half time reports that league pass for some reason can't broadcast (they just loop highlight footage at half time). You do end up craving American fast food that you can't buy though watching the advertisements.

        • I see it from a different point of view.

          I used to use some streams and understand that some are better quality but I'm really paranoid about going to webpages that I don't know and allowing scripts that I'm not sure about. Yeah you can turn them on/off individually but it can take a long time and a lot of fiddling around. With league pass I don't have to worry about any of that. For $20 it's just really convenient and at an almost free price (over a very long season). If it were lets say $120 I would think differently about streams.

    • via Acestream 1080p?

  • i have windscribe paid and it doesnt work lol….still asking for us pricing…

    • I just used my Windscribe paid android app on my phone to select India as a region. I clicked on the deal link above and it showed all pricing in Rupees.

      • yeah it works on mobile, ipad, but not on my chrome on mac…weird.

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          You have to open Chrome in Incognito mode after VPN connection.

          You just gotta connect to VPN when you 1st launch the app for login, then vpn can be turn off to watch everything.

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    Having to use a vpn to watch games is kinda a killer. IMO it's worth paying $90 more to watch hassle free for the whole season

    • I have almost no issues with 1920x1080 60 FPS streams using PIA although I've never used it for this.

      • I use PIA as well and have no speed issues with Indian servers if I'm just downloading or whatever (8MB/s). Thing is I could not watch anything at more than 360 resolution through the NBA League Pass. I was a little pissed about it all and actually reverted back to alternative streams before I stumbled across the TV casting trick. If you can't cast to your tv I would suggest maybe avoid purchasing through India.

  • In this instance you'll get what you pay for, having to watch HD games via an Indian VPN is asking for a sub par experience. I know its only $20.. hold out for another countries reasonably priced plan that doesn't require VPN..

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    Getting price discriminated for being an Aussie… Sure I'm used to it already

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    Lebron says thank you

  • Stack social have a deal for 3 year VPN (with India server) for $30 USD

  • I've had league pass for 4 years, have to say the quality last year was piss poor, gave my feedback on live chat and they gave me a '20% personal discount' via Canadian VPN (Auto renewal), ended up costing me $120 for the year ahead, will give it one more year otherwise reddit nba it is. I watch NFL via reddit and the quality there is sometimes better than NBA LEAGUE pass.

    • @tightm8 - the NFL - is it just acestreams via an NFL subreddit?
      At work and I wanna watch the giants game

      • +1

        sorry for the late reply mate, i just use r/nflstreams

        • +1

          all good. Wasn't worth watching anyway :)

  • Thanks OP!

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    Acestreams via reddit works a treat ;)

    • Agreed. Honestly seems like this deal is not worth it. $20 + VPN cost for 360p stream.. Here is the link to reddit sub, streams are posted an hr before the games. Make sure you have ublock turned on.

  • Smart DNS like Getflix should work

  • Projections on how far the Lakers will fare this season? I'm thinking LeBron and his cronies get knocked out second round in the competitive Western Conference. If they meet Golden State in the playoffs, its an automatic loss with their 5 All Stars. Still, I think these two scenarios should be considered as successes, even for a guy who has reached the finals 9 times.

    • +1

      My projection is the Spurs will surprise everyone. Sure their young team won’t win the championship, but this will certainly be the foundation of a new era.

      As for Lebron and the Lakers, meh.

      • I thought Doncic was perfect for the spurs system. They should have done everything within reason to get him.

        • What would you suggest they give up to obtain Doncic? Derozan, Aldridge? Plus pick 19? Never happening.

          Lebron and Lakers will cause huge waves and have a max spot next year. Rondo to LeBron. Get used to hearing it.

        • @Gringoesai: Why not? He looks to be a generational talent. He has skills and physical tools to become an elite point guard. He's been excelling at the pro tier for years and he's been receiving positive feedback from his Dallas team mates. Getting respect in the NBA when you are a teenager and a foreign player is hard. Best to see how he performs in the upcoming season before making further judgement, but I think he's worth the risk of trading guys like Aldridge or Derozan away.