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Terminal or Chelsea (Leather) Boots $49.95 (Was $159.95-$179.95) Shipped @ Hush Puppies


Free shipping if spend over $99 (still can have $10 off via the code if you are a new customer)
Use Paypal for free return: original post https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/363822
$49.95/Pair Shipped
1) Black Rub SOLD OUT
3) Chelsea (leather) SOLD OUT

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Hush Puppies

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  • Brown Chelseas ozbargained…

  • Managed to pick up the Chelseas in size 10, thanks OP!

  • Terminal's are comfortable but as others have said they don't last long. You'll get about 6 months at peak condition but then they deteriorate (on the inside).

    In saying that, I'd have got a 3rd pair if they still had my size :P

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    out of stock of my size, too bad!!

  • Cool - ordered at 1130 and they're already in the post.

    • I ordered about 1-2 hrs after and still not posted. Only has stays of”waiting to fulfill order”

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        I ordered at 1150 and they've just refunded my paypal… No email confirming the cancellation but my order on the website says:

        Unfortunately this product is no longer for sale so it cannot be reordered.

        • Same

        • @SBOB:
          Dang. Got refunded

  • Every size is out of stock :(

  • RIP, late again…

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    goddamn it I paid $100 for my Chelsea boots

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    Just received a refund from Hush Puppies for the Chelsea boots, I ordered 11:23 no way it could have been sold out

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      Me too, no notification from them whatsoever, just the refund notification from paypal.

      • Same here :(

  • Just received a paypal refund as well for the Chelsea boots with zero communication from Hush Puppies :(

  • Same here refunded no communication from HP

  • Refunded !

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    Refunded. Couldn't cope with being ozbargained obviously

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    Refunded. Poor show.

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    A PayPal refund notice isn't how you tell a new customer that you were unable to supply their order…. That's crap customer service Mr hush puppy

  • Yep refunded an hour ago with no explanation.. how poor

  • Man, i ordered one pair of each that were on special and all were just refunded.
    Poor form man.

  • Also refunded boo

  • Just got an email saying they sold more than they had in stock and now they're going to have to refund me and can't deliver the goods >:(

  • Got refunded too…

  • Got refunded 1 pair, not sure which one as no explanation from the email

  • Refunded too. Check your promotions folder (if you're on Gmail).
    Due to a website & stock glitch on www.hushpuppies.com.au we do not have the stock to fulfill the orders of the Terminal & Chelsea boots and have had to unfortunately cancel your order.
    We have just processed your refund for you back to your original payment method. Please expect your funds to reach you in the next few business days.
    To apologise for the error we would like to offer you a 20% voucher for your next online purchase. Enter code: OZBARGAINED:p at checkout to apply the discount. Valid until 30/09/18.
    If you need any further assistance in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us.
    Kind regards,
    The Hush Puppies Team

  • OMG who Brodened this deal?

  • yeah also refunded.

    will be sending them a passive aggressive email saying what poor form it is and that i want all my details destroyed.

    already started getting sent spam emails about how ive joined up and i should keep buying to save on postage

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    'your order has been shipped out today'. Got lucky

    • What time was your order, and for which shoe?

      I initially bought the chelsea boots at 11:20 and called to cancel so I could add the black rub to the order for $90 at 11:30. I wonder if I should've just kept my original order :(

      I've got the paypal refunded, but when going to order tracking, it still says waiting to be fulfilled, so I still have hope… :(

      • Ordered on the 18th around 1pm - were delivered today

        • I got the shoes today too but shoe size is bigger. I normally wear 10US so ordered 9UK but they are like 11US.
          Do we know where to return them? Delivery address?

  • Also refunded.

  • I got a $50 refund and bought two shoes. They don't tell me which was refunded or if I am.even getting the other one.

  • I'm one of the lucky ones. Ordered size 8 Chelsea at 11:15, delivered today.

    I guess time of order doesn't really matter, the size does.

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      Size matters, anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. My wife told me this too.

  • Yep Hush Puppies got Ozbargained. Received PayPal refund..

  • It's one of these rare occasions where I didn't want to see a refund through Afterpay but I did this time. 😔

    Oh well, at least Hush Puppies offered me (us) 20% discount plus together with the HELLOVIP code which is another 10% off the ticketed price. I will definitely take them up on it.

    • Yeah, just tried it. Looks like you can't stack them…

  • Ordered 2 pairs 5 minutes after it was posted on OZB. Also got the email about refund/glitch. 3rd deal on here in 2 weeks where I have had this happen. Not a happy camper.

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    Ordered the Terminals on Tuesday and just picked them up from my parcel locker.
    Easily the most comfortable shoes I've ever bought. First pair online too!

    Cheers OP!!

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    First purchase from hush puppies. they are comfy AF.

  • I was only refunded $45.83 for the Chelsea. Any idea why?

  • Got my Chelsea's today. Holy shit these are poorly made. There is a join where the front and back panels are stitched is terribly put together and pokes into the arch of my foot. These are going straight back

    This is what I am referring to. Anyone else have the same issue?

    • Don't have that problem on my pair.

      They are comfy but didn't realise they were extra wide. Have to wear some thicker socks now.

      • As someone who normally wears a size 10, I went the 9½ just to be sure the leather would stretch to the shape of my feet - yet the extra wide design has me bloody swimming in them. I really should have learned my lesson by now about buying shoes online…

    • I got the shoes today too but shoe size is bigger. I normally wear 10US so ordered 9UK but they are like 11US.
      Do we know where to return them? Delivery address?

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        Come on.. its not that hard to find on their site.. took about 5 seconds
        Less time than it probably took to write that post :/


        Please contact our online customer support team [email protected] and we will be more than happy to initiate a return for you, just include the following >details:

        -Order #
        -Details of the item you wish to return
        -Reason for return

        Our customer support team will get back to you with your return parcel details & return authorisation slip. The shoe box is just as important as the shoes themselves, so please do not alter or damage in anyway – e.g. do not attach shipping forms, tape or mark the box. Doing so can result in your return being invalid. Shoes cannot be returned for change of mind with scratched or dirty soles. We suggest you try them on for the first time on carpet to ensure they are in perfect condition. Hush Puppies will not take responsibility for returned items not received if registered post is not used.

        • Thank you SBOB!

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    Mine got cancelled, I didn't even realise because the email they sent was "Your Recent Hush Puppies Order". Does not sound very important. Even brought a new pair of jeans to go with them.

    Super annoying - will not be ordering from them again.

    • Same here, very annoyed.

    • Cancelled too, first and last order from them simply because the refund has been poorly handled.

  • Got mine today. No stitching issues.

  • Hi, does anyone here have one of those 20% off codes they won't be using from cancelled orders? They expire on Sunday and would be very greatful if it's given to me :) TIA