Guys Kindly Advise - What Is The Cheapest Sim Only Plan with Unlimited Talk/Text and Some Internet allowance for a Kid?

My little 6 year old is desperate to get a smart phone cause he saw it in one of his friend's wrist at school. So got him a Padzene Dz09. But now I need a sim to put in it. What is the cheapest deal on a sim only plan you guys recommend ? I am scared that is is going to call me and leave the call on, so I hope that me cutting his call from my side will do the job. But to make sure that he doesn't burn my pocket, looking for sim only plans that have unlimited text and sms facility. Hopefully a 5 GB Internet will come in handy. Kindly advise.


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    My little 6 year old is desperate to get a smart phone cause he saw it in one of his friend's wrist at school.

    I was going to make some snarky remark about discipline and materialism and keeping-up-with-the-joneses…. but the thing's like $20 so what the heck, have some fun.

    Amaysim have some cheap plans.

    Belong is also popular here because it allows (apparently) unlimited data banking.

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      I've used amaysim and belong.Belong allows you to bank unused data and you can transfer data from someone else on the same plan. My wife doesn't use her data so it goes over to mine.It's a good system with unlimited talk and text as well.Belong is only $10 calendar month where as amaysim is only for 28 days.(13 payments per year)

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        Thanks guys for your suggestions, appreciated :)

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      The key word in your post is little… too little.
      At a time when they are learning concentration, handing them the greatest distraction is ill-advised. They'll be in a phone fuzz by the end of the day.
      Get your 6 year old reading print (with you) before worrying about signing them up to a gaming addiction.

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        This I can get behind. Small children need to learn how to concentrate and not be distracted. It's a lifelong skill the usefulness of which really can't be overstated.

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      Wow, the belong plan sounds great, much better than the OVO plan our kids are on.


    • JeeNee's $8.51 Kid's plan (on,y 1.2GB… Enuf for MMSs) will $ave you
      Optus, 12 mon

      Ask 'em how to preclude autopurch'g of more dats… It can be done
      They also some Parental Control (free)

      Also offer Seniors plans: $20 buys 10 GB & Parental Control,works w/ em)

  • kogan have b B1G1F offer which gets you 7gb with unltd talk and text. works out to $12.5/month. less with gift cards. sell the other on classifieds

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    Why would a 6-year old need UNLIMITED TALK & TEXT?! they still talk to their imaginary friends at 6 i think you're confusing the two

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      I like your name 😍

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      you underestimate the 6 year olds of today

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        Yeah - it seems a little ridiculous to us… but a kid who's 6 now is literally part of a generation which really hasn't developed into their own yet. I think when they grow up, having a smartphone at 6 is going to seem normal.

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          what is normal (in the meaning of commonplace) and what is normal (in the meaning of desirable) are two different things. My six year old sees plenty of things at school and the best lesson she gets from that is not to worry about what other people have. Status anxiety can start very young if you fertilise it frequently. Let your kid be a child.

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          @foxinsox8: I agree with that completely, but what's 'normal' (in the meaning of commonplace) also changes over time. To us, smartphones are new and exciting and expensive. To someone who's 6 now? Smartphones are going to be like how we treated yo-yos when we were kids - commonplace.

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          @HighAndDry: not analogous. Who cares if everyone has or does something if it's harmful. Look at current guidelines for screen time and see how handing a 6 year old a smartphone will work within those parameters. The data of how most young children are exceeding what's recommended is disturbing.
          A yoyo might rile a kid if they can't walk the dog but it does not put a child in the same emotionally charged, concentration drained brain, motor skill free brain state that the screen will achieve.

        • @foxinsox8: I'm going to counter your argument with…. this.

          It's a glorified toy, much closer to a yoyo than a full fledged brain-melting smartphone. I agreed with you further up, but it's not as big a deal as you're making it out to be.

      • I've watched Inside Out i know what i am talking about

        • but did you watch it on a smart watch?

        • @TarquinOliverNimrod: i wasn't given one when i turned 6-years old sorry

    • XiaoMi w/ Apple-like logo foto.
      Will X"M' be the next Apple? ;-)

      Anyway, Here are 2 reasons a kid might need Unlimited Calls, Textd & MMSs:

      1. Avoids high charges if s/he falls asleep before hanging-up a call to a mobile that also fails to hang-up.

      2. Gets kidnapped, they don't find is phone, he's lowered volume to 0, & wants to keep it open to help police track or hear baddies…? (From plot from some dim movie)p…)

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    A kid doesn't need 5gb. Belong $10/month is unlimited talk and text and 1GB. If the data runs out then it gets shaped so the kid well never be left with no internet and you won't get overuse charges.

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      Not to mention - did anyone look up the smartphone watch OP referred to? I don't think it could even use 1GB of data.

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        I had that watch, it was pretty bad.. Also note: the Dz09 doesn't have 3G. It only does the following GSM bands

        GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz, Single Micro SIM Card

        So it's basically incapable of even calling or texting, since I think 2G signals in australia have shut down now? (not sure if Voda is keeping it turned on).

        • Yep Voda off as well

        • That's a great point. OP! Can the watch you bought actually use any 3G/4G sims?

        • Yep. Won't work in Australia. GSM network (2G) has been shutdown by all the carriers. Vodafone was the last one who shutdown theirs at the end of June.

        • Oh I thought it will work in Australia. Have to get a different watch them :(.

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    The kid should be enough with Aldi $15 per year prepaid plan, only can call you in case of emergency with most of the time you are the one making phone call and msg to the kid. No data.

    • I put my daughter on a plan like that. Wasn't long before she used used her pocket-money to upgrade. Seemed like a terrible waste of her limited funds, but it was important enough to her.

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    6 year old kid doesn't need a phone full stop. He's going to primary school and that's it…I give him 24 hours before he loses it if you give him one

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    As someone with 7 year old, who sure as hell ain't getting any kind of mobile/smart watch at that age, why would they need it?

    Seems crazy, and if you are only getting them one because their friend has one, you're gonna be in for a tough time come teenage years.


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      It's a $15(USD) toy. Again, take a look at it here.

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        The price isn't the issue, but rather the mentality of needing to follow other people and have what others have. It'll cost more than $15 in the future and it'll probably be harder to teach/change the mentality.

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          That's definitely a valid point, but I guess I'm giving OP the benefit of the doubt that while they might go along with smaller (e.g. $15) things, they won't acquiesce so readily with more expensive purchases.

        • +1 I ran out of positive votes

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    Too young.

  • "Tonight on a current affair, this father bought his 6 yr old an internet connected smartwatch- You won't believe what happened next!"

  • To all the naysayers about children and technology - I've managed to bullshit my way through 30 years in IT because I had a TRS-80 in primary school and built played Leisure Suit Larry as a teen. We aren't building or making anything anymore - the next generation needs to embrace a connected life

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      We aren't saying that kids shouldn't embrace a connected life, but a 6 year old?

    • The 3 most important inventions by humankind are:-
      1. The wheel
      2. The printing press
      3. The internet

      Everything else pales in comparison and is just a byproduct of the above.

      Kids need to be taught everything digital, not from 6, but from the day they were born.

      We're in a new era. Embrace it!

      • ok then, let's change the driving limit to 10!

        • How is that related??

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    Amaysim $10 sim on sale for $1 last time include unlimited talk and txt and 1GB data for 30 days

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    Kogan posts 0.98$ 23gb unlimited calls/txt specials every couple of weeks. No overdraft allowed either, so no nasty surprises. Just keep buying and activating as a new customer every month. Downside- u will have to change your number every month. Tho 6yo wouldn’t care less I assume. I think kogan also offers 17$pm 32gb unlimited as well nowadays if you pay a year in advance and want to avoid a hassle of resubscribing. Optus network so quality is good.

  • Thank you all guys for your advises. Very much appreciated.
    However based on the reply above from HighAndDry and Crimshaw, the watch I bought Dz09 is not able to make calls and receive calls in Australia.It only does the following GSM bands
    GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz, Single Micro SIM Card

    So that means my $22 is wasted which I will survive, but what cheap smart watch then can I get for the kid? What is the GSM bands I should look for in Australia? Please advise.

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    Aldi had a $99 prepaid sim pack a few weeks back.
    12 month`s unlimited call/text + 12gig data

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