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10% off $100 eBay Digital Gift Cards (5 Cards Max) @ eBay via PayPal


10% off $100 eBay Gift Cards via PayPal. Offer ends at eBay's discretion. T&Cs here. Enjoy :)

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    • they should have sold the $200 instead. it would have been a lot more

    • Technically Paypal have lost 10% of 350K.

  • I'm trying to purchase $100 x 5 ebay egift cards using Paypal, but keep getting this message when I apply PGIFT10 - This code cant be applied to your order.

    • you need to change the paypal buy option - eg, you can't use the 30day pay delay. Just use another account

  • Couldn't buy it sigh

  • +1

    grabbed 3 $100 - see how long it takes to use them up.

    just need some discounted JB HI FI ones now :)

    edit checked.. got email .. all worked !

  • Getting error something went wrong

    • Same ;(

  • Went to grab another one but seems to have expired, thanks TA.

    • Say limited qty's left.
      Might be ending soon.

      Not bad ~400-500k

    • Oops sorry my bad, always read the fine print, oh well, at least I got 2 :).

      "You can only use the redemption code 1 time during the Offer Period."

  • +1

    Anyone else get a suspicious activity text from PayPal, due to buying giftcards from them??

    • It's a normal security feature when it comes to buying gift cards, I didn't receive it on my main account but did on my partner's one, even thought it's been used in the past.

  • +1

    Bought 5 with my PayPal balance, promptly received a text saying the transaction was marked as suspicious….lol

  • still working just now. i need only 4

    tems (4) AU $400.00
    Postage Free
    Vouchers -AU $40.00
    Order total AU $360.00

    then when i try to buy another 1: cannot
    You already applied this code to an order.

    • +1

      You can only use the redemption code 1 time during the Offer Period.

  • paid 360 for 40 saving.
    somehow i feel something is not right…..

    • Using maths it's correct.

  • transaction completed 12.01. still no sign of actual coupon email

    • -1

      me too completed 12.01 no gift card yet

    • I bought 5 at 12:35, I received all 5 at 12:41.

  • I bought 5, guess i will use it to get something might pop up tonight

    • or might never pops up

  • +1

    "Something went wrong. Please try to check out again."

    Tried with multiple ebay accounts, different quantities :(

    • +1

      I'm getting this error too. I have been the whole time.

  • receipt email at 12:02
    12:34 and still no sign of cards email.

    • last time, that eBay forgot to exclude a 10% code on gift cards, took 24 hours to arrive.

  • Is this maximum 5 per PayPal account as well? family member tried to purchase 5 using my Paypal account, but was not successful

    • no. I bought 5 each of my ebay account using same paypal account

    • Ignore.

  • Bought 5 cards. Thanks TA.

  • Thanks TA. Legend!

  • Is this still working for anyone? Can you please post the time you succesfully purchased?

    • +1

      12 mins ago

      • 2 minutes ago
        edit: Have received the confirmation email, but not the email with the vouchers.

      • about 25min ago.

        got the emails, texts etc

    • Yup purchased ~10mins ago and just received the gift cards in email.

  • Received my Gift Cards.

    Took ~30min from when I placed my order.

    • +2

      I placed at 12:01 and after 47 mins still haven't received mine

      • +15

        We know who their favourite Richard is now

        • +1

          How unfair. They're just being a Richard.

    • +1

      with your first pay from OZBargain

  • +1

    Bought 5 mins after 12, nothing received yet

  • Thanks TA

  • +1

    Bought 5, none have come up. I'd say they're just inundated with requests. Especially with this mob :)

  • +1

    Good deal, just purchased, thanks mate!! (Ozbargainer instinct)
    Oh wait, what did I just buy?

  • +1

    this is what happens when you hesitate…

    doesn't look like its going to work anymore. been stuck on the spinning wheel of death right after paypal confirmation screen

    • Probably paypal flagging it as fraud etc..

    • Just bought and it was successful.

      • cool thanks… just gotta repeat… I finally had it go through a second ago… now to wait for a deal on gopro 6

  • Not working here saying
    This code can't be applied to your order.

  • +12

    Her - "Why did you just spend $450 on the credit card dear? "
    Me: - "I'm not entirely sure"

    • Make sure you dont get charged interest on that!

    • +1


      Me: well, actually to save $50.
      Her: but there is nothing we need to buy!
      Me: Let's wait for 3 years. Maybe something will pop up..

      eBay: haha suckers! I made you spend $450 on stuff you don't really need.

  • From 4000 sold, it showed limited available, now more than 7000 sold, still limited available

    • It's fixed limited available wording.

  • InComm Australia and New Zealand Pty Ltd ACN 125 567 357

    Hmmm so they are the provider?

  • Holy mama. loaded up $500 THANKS OP.

    • Just received it.

  • Does anyone know if AU gift cards will work on the US site?

    • -1

      Does not work. Sorry.

      You must buy eBay US for US site.

    • +1

      Try changing the url from ebay.com to ebay.com.au

      • +1

        I haven't tried it with a gift card but I've tried it with a voucher for an item listed in euros. The exchange rate they used was terrible - far, far worse than Paypal's exchange rate. It wasn't worth it at all, so I saved it for a local purchase.

        • Good point, also never use paypal's exchange rate, use your 28Degrees Mastercard.

        • +1

          @WatchNerd: Oh, I was actually using Paypal's poor exchange rate as a comparison. The voucher exchange rate I got was even worse than that. It's almost as if I was exchanging money at the airport! :)

  • I've already seen a few comments stating an error message appears when trying to checkout.

    I'm experiencing the same issue. After logging in to paypal account, it will start loading but will not direct me to paypal checkout. The paypal tab closes automatically, and the error message appears on ebay's checkout tab. What the heck is going on? Am I doing something wrong?

    • keep trying… I did for about 20 minutes and finally worked

      • I've been at it for about 15 times already, every single one gets the error message. Even went to paypal.com to find the issue, but my account seems fine. Sigh I'll just give this a pass

  • I wonder if it's limited to one PayPal account only.

    Trying to buy with another eBay account (but using same paypal) and it doesn't allow the code to be applied.

    EDIT: nvm, region needs to be set to AU lol.

    • didn't know it is possible to link multiple eBay accounts to the same PayPal.

      • +1

        I didn't have the PayPal linked to both, just using it to pay both.

        • aah, thanks mate.

          Got another 5 using a spare eBay a/c.

    • So you can apply those from second account in your main account?

  • first time buyer of ebay giftcards
    I jumped on the wagon

    • +2

      I jumped on the wagon

      Careful… with the amount of eBay Dan Murphys deals that pop up, you might soon be off the wagon!

  • Still worked for me, bought $400.

  • I’m getting code can’t be applied, using ebay app

  • This item isn't available in the requested quantity. It may have been purchased already, or the listing has expired.

  • Looking at the sales volume, eBay/Paypal basically just had a good amount of cash inflow, and made sure people will buy things off eBay instead of other platforms, securing buyers and sellers.

    Alternatively, the 10% birthday sales + this extra 10% will finally make up the 19% people wanted (in a restrictive way).

    • Technically speaking it's not eBay/Paypal directly. but the supplier InComm Australia getting the money.

      • Good point.

        But eventually InComm has to pay eBay/merchants right?

  • +1

    bought 5 just now, thanks again TA.

    Still awaiting delivery through email

  • Great way to get the credit cards spends up

    • Make sure no interest is charged!

  • Op is a ozlegend, thanks for saving me $50 on-top of specials.. that's another tinder date for free xd

  • +1

    Got 5. Will be good when getting stuff for new PC build

  • Thanks TA, just being a sheep and bought 5, now gotta think what to do with the vouchers once they arrive. :-)

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